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  1. In ranked you generally can have some impact on the big picture pretty easily...not always but generally. Randoms are usually two or 3 mini games (left flank, right flank and center or A, B and C cap depending on the map) Many times you can be making a difference on your flank (or cap) and look up and the other side has completely collapsed and been obliterated before the battle on your side has even been decided. This usually results in an extremely tough situation to recover from. It is even better when your teammates go horizontal across the map at the start leaving one side outmanned outgunned. Happens all the time in random, much less so in ranked IMHO.
  2. I have been enjoying the posts, thanks zath.
  3. Yup, seems to happen to me for the first battle after I log in. Never had this kind of hangup before.
  4. Thank you OP. I have been following team avg win rates and how it impacts chance of winning for well over a year and what I found is substantially in line with your results. The one surprise I noted from your data is the number of battles where the difference in win rate is 3% or less. In the last couple of months the win rate difference between teams has (on average) been steadily increasing, at least in my battles. One other thing that is noticeable is how a significant difference impacts a battle when it is found specific to ship types (when looking at specific win rate). If you see a large disparity between either the CV or the group of dd's assigned to a team (as opposed to the other team) that often skews the result of that battle. For example, if the teams are 52%v48% but the 48% team has significantly better CV or dd's that is when I tend to see the 48% team prevail. Not saying there is much to be done about this, but it is interesting.
  5. Couldn't one simple answer be that there be a chance that planes on the flight deck be damaged or destroyed? If someone is raining he on the flight deck, like from a harugumo or Worcester, it would seem like that would impact the ability for planes to keep launching unhindered or to not take damage. Kind of like destroying aa and secondary modules.