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  1. ouch4me2

    WG, your mercy rule sucks

    Yes, and this same Colorado can finally get into battle, only to have the game end with 2 red ships left to fight. The Mercy rule could still apply if only red left is a CV, although some people probably prefer getting the extra XP and credits - not to mention getting revenge on CVs.
  2. ouch4me2

    Anyone else a Downton Abbey fan?

    Is it a continuation of the series, or just a 2 hr edited version?
  3. ouch4me2

    Picture your Pets - 23rd - 29th

    My Terrier Kia and Russian Blue Casey, which we got from a local shelter after a hurricane.
  4. ouch4me2

    9/11 Boatlift

    What a great clip. Thank you for posting.
  5. Ha! I am the worst player in the history of WOWS. And I challenge anyone who disagrees to a duel - loser takes all.
  6. I ran out of up votes - consider this a +1. I really think this should be posted on the developer's walls at WOWS headquarters.
  7. My favorite has to be the USA Dasha - she looks like she could build the ship first, then kick butt commanding it
  8. ouch4me2

    Why Is This Community So Toxic?

    Nonsense. I myself raise the average age of the entire player base by 2.7 years.
  9. ouch4me2

    get ready for a whole new batch of hash browns

    This reminds me of when I used to visit my elderly parents who lived in a small town on the way to Padre Island. Even one pair of out-of-town young adults at the local McDonald's would cause them to panic about "Spring Breakers" and go right back home.
  10. And the Academy Award for trolling goes to...
  11. ouch4me2

    Senate Bill to Ban Loot Boxes

    I hereby demand that a beuricracy take away your personal right to choose your own music, books, films, clothing and coffee because I find your choices to be based on "scummy companies, abuse and psychological tricks" of your weak mind. Virtue signaling is fun.
  12. ouch4me2

    Senate Bill to Ban Loot Boxes

    The enthusiasm with which some people eagerly embrace beauricrats controlling people's freedom of choice astonishes me. How is this different from a kid babysitting or mowing lawns and then spending the money they earned on rap music or skateboards? Virtue signaling by advocating government dictate is appalling. The pursuit of happiness is what separates citizens from peasants.
  13. ouch4me2

    Alita arms for Tilly

    Now I can't shoot boats because of water eyes. +1