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    Grinding Russian Cruisers (help)

    I'm trying to grind Moskva before the new Russian cruisers arrive. How long do I have to grind them? I'm also stock piling some free xp to skip I hope the Donskoi. However I don't know that I'll have enough free xp to skip her by the time I get to the point that I would need to purchase her. I'm currently at T6 and have about 70k free xp, with only about 20 Papa papa left. Should I skip a different ship? If so which one? Which one is the worst one? I don't really want to spend coal on flags because I'm also grinding Georgia. Or should I screw Georgia and buy flags to skip Donskoi? Thanks!

    Concerns for future of WoWs NA

    Let's hope these stats are subject to change... a lot... WG has proven the can create a balanced ship with the introduction of the RN heavies, but this is not that. Same takeaways from the design of the new Russian CLs. Pros: Good armor penetration and penetration angles. Excellent shell velocity and ballistics. Excellent range. Good accuracy. Excellent firing penalties. Excellent turret traverse. Good brawling torpedos. Radar, sonar, and heal. Excellent health pool. Good armor. Good speed. Excellent air detectability. Good surface detectability. Cons: Average reload. Average AA defenses. Average rudder shift and turning circle. -_-

    The new T10 Moskva replacement.

    I decided to grind Moskva before she gets replaced. This way I can basically get 2 heavy cruisers for the price of one. However I'm looking for a little insight on how WG has handled this situation in the past. If I purchase Moskva will I need to re-research/re-purchase the T10 replacement, or will I just get it. In the past when Cleveland was bumped to T8 I had her as the T6 version. When the switch was made, I got BOTH the new Cleveland and the ship that replaced her at T6. I would like to know what WG plans to do here so I can appropriately divy out my credits. I.E. keep or sell Donskoi.
  4. We need a Frontline game mode (A PERMANENT addition to the game). WoT did it for a while as a time limited event. It's a mode where you control sectors that are capable of repairing/replenishing your tank, or in this case ship. These sectors also allow respawn (with a minimum wait time of something like 2 minutes). It would be fantastic. I've often told myself it will come eventually because random battles is so mind numbingly ordinary, and the game would need something of this caliber to stay relevant in the current gaming meta. Gameplay has been very uninspiring as of late, so perhaps I'll keep waiting, or perhaps I will uninstall. I just don't know yet.

    USS Albany

    And in case you did she actually gets AA defenses unlike even most T3s.

    USS Albany

    I got one too, if you look in your steam inventory you'll see you've got a second you can gift to another steam user. Happy to have her, she's gorgeous.

    5 new free weeb boats.

    Props to WG for letting us earn 5 of these suckers for free. Remarkerable uncharacteristic of WG as of late, so the proposition is more than welcome. That being said, I really don't watch anime (I might if the event peaks my interest), but I plan to earn the ships regardless, if for nothing else but to sell them (BEWARE they currently sell for 50% of their worth in credits and that lasts for 11 days). Then again, I might not sell them, I just don't know yet. Then again, I can't imagine needing 4 premium Kongos so I don't know. Are all 4 versions of the ships the same? Does any one of them stand out in any kind of way? Is any one of them more favorable because of ship lore or lore of her captain? I'm looking for a little insight on how I should approach which I should sell (if any) or which I should keep (if any). Thanks all!

    Honorable Service parts 4 & 5 HELP!

    So I'm currently on chapter 3, I noticed however that chapter 4 has a challenge that requires you to "spot" 10 ships in a CV T8-T10, whereas chapter 5 has a challenge for you to get 5 spotted ribbons in T10 ships. So what's the difference? Both are extremely easy. In chapters 1-3 you are able to re-do tasks for stars. Is that not the case in chapters 4 & 5? Can I exploit this to get chapters 4 & 5 done in like six games??

    How to lose in less than 10 min...

    Heyy! I played Narai with you like a week ago!!
  10. When does the space stuff usually start?

    Port Predicament and Discount DIlemma

    I second this.

    Im scared to buy perm camo now!?

  13. The fact that, even if you complete the entire event, you're NOT garenteed ANY of the new ships.

    How is Kaga?

    I was looking forward to getting Kaga this Christmas, she's a cool ship historically, but she was a bit of a let down because she's not as good as the Lexington, the only other t8 CV I've ever played. Man, I would kill for an Enterprise through.

    My Puerto Rico is now floating!!

    It's a shame I won't finish her.