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    Wargaming and Hasbro Collab?! WtFrick?!!

    NEXT UPCOMING COLLABS: (found via data mining) *Disney's CARS, featuring Lighting McQueen as a playable USN captain. *A tier 10 Hindenburg piloted by none other than Monty Python's Black Knight. *A Dockyard event where you can build your own battleship out of Lincoln Logs.
  2. Hasbro TRANSFORMERS?? You find me one person that saw this coming and I'll find you one liar. If not however, I would like like to see a Collab with Disney. Can we get a kremlin dressed up as an imperial star destroyer and a Des Moines piloted by Princess Leia?.. (For real though, those transformers skins are even more cursed than toothpaste flavored orange juice)

    Georgios Averof

    Forget the camo, let's get that trireme in-game!!

    Nerf the Holland AA now!

    Right after they nerf the Kremlin's sigma, the Stallingrad's penetration, the smolensk's fire chance and finally, AP bombs AGAIN. Out of everything that's broken, Halland doesn't even make top 10.
  5. Tortellini??!!! Any one? No? Okay then... I'll show myself out.

    DDs Torps need to be nerfed in COOP

    Yes, yes, very good. Nerf DDs in CoOp because they're having to much fun in the last place they can have fun. Very good, yes yes.

    What's the easiest/zero skill ship to play?

    Hanghe, yudachi, virbis unitus

    DDs and spotting XP : Nonexistent

    WG has talked about this before. They think a numeric spotting system would be too complicated for the rewards system. Despite the fact that a numeric spotting system already exists in game and is required for use by some directives. WG thinks of us as idiots.
  9. I really like your ship selection however it would probably need something in addition to just more speed to set it apart from the existing line. Like perhaps vastly increased sigma or muzzle velocity.

    What is with these new sounds

    Some of the sounds are okay, I think. The penetration hit marker sound is okay. But the hit marker sound you receive when you take HE damage sounds terrible. When I was playing in a dd I had to keep looking over my shoulder I was so confused as to what I was actually hearing.
  11. Does this mean more directives with tokens will become available in the next two weeks? If that's the case you may not need a German CV to get the 600 tokens.

    New US BBs..

    In addition to my post... I just don't understand why they look like colorodos?? The colorodo's design was obsolete, fast BBs are the new... Why not make them look like super size Montana's, at least in that case the design and astetic would be consistent with reality.

    USN Battleship Split and Friends (please support)

    Try 38mm extremities. Try increased dispersion, try increased sigma, try increased Penn and bounce, they could make those 16in guns work. Shoot, maybe even try a 3 x 3 457mm setup on a Missouri hull. They have options. Good options.

    USN Battleship Split and Friends (please support)

    Tillman was never my first choice. By Fictitious I mean made up by WG. I included it the list because it was SOURCE MATERIAL. And yes, I think the Iowa is a great platform to build a tier 10. Granted she would probably need better pen angles and better pen. I was thinking a 1950s refit would suffice. Why not have sister ships to Iowa? After a refit and a rebuild you wouldn't even recognize her. But yeah the Tillman ships are pretty funny...

    USN Battleship Split and Friends (please support)

    I mean hopefully it's not too late. I don't want to say this might be it for me, but this might be it for me. I've been looking forward to this for a long time and it's just, soooooooo wrong.