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    Hey WG Fix "Resource" Containers PLEASE!

    Resource containers are the most popular by far. If anything, WG will find a way to nerf them. More resources from resource containers would be nice, but I would sooner expect to see the exact opposite.


    Petro can bounce 20in shells relatively easily, let alone, 18in shells are just a normal day at work. Also, Musashi has always had wack dispersion. It's the only thing realistically (in game) keeping her from being a Yamato clone.

    Best Game Mode Ever : Kill the CV

    Sounds fun to me but I'll do you one better. Because cvs are usually the last ones alive anyways, a best of 3 would take an eon. Instead rename the super battleships to "capital ships" and let them be the objective. One per team. AA buffs for the capital ships would probably be in order to ensure CVs don't end the rounds to Early. Respawns and all the stops would be nuts.

    First time for everything

    Those are some serious digits.

    Revert rocket bork, or revert DD aerial spotting....

    Because hydro and radar that can penetrate solid earth is fine. This makes sense I agree. Largely agreed upon as the single greatest detriment to dds in the current meta. This is even agreed upon by the devs, read the description of the hybrids. Ever played a Venezia in any of those 1600 battles? BBs can do exactly what they do to cruisers the same they do to dds. Forget about HE. A good portion of my dev strikes are against dds in my BBs. Harugumo and kahba are CLs. Change my mind. DDs got more responsibilities than everybody else. More is not necessarily welcome. Smoke firing penalties, stealth firing removal. Removal of deadeye. I have more games in BBs than in any other class. By far. In the case of dds last I checked I had well over twice as many bb games.

    Revert rocket bork, or revert DD aerial spotting....

    How about neither? Radar, hydro, cv spotting, CA/CL sap, BB alpha, gunboat dds, Subs!!, the list goes on. DDs got it tough as is.

    Delete Operation Newport Station. Please

    I enjoy all the operations and have five stars in all of them (except for the missing ones🥲). Most people in these forums would give an arm and a leg to get those operations back. But by the way things have been moving I suspect it won't be long before operations are removed all together. As for 5 staring Newport, get a team who knows how to position for the side objectives. Then it's a cake walk. Did it not long ago in a hatsuharu(spelling?).

    Desired changes for WoWs.

    1. Remove the "in battle" requirement to go back into battle. Makes grinding faster. 2. Remove post battle service costs from the game. Taxation has no place here. 3. Increase accuracy across the board such that dispersion is more consistent. Good aim should be rewarded. 4. Redesign the ranked star system so that the players who play well earn stars. Not only the "winners". 5. Raise the citadel on the Petropavlovsk. 6. Redesign the Russian CVs. They're heal makes them nearly invulnerable to AA. 7. AA rework?? 8. I've always wanted to see a game mode that incorporates respawn of some kind. Brawling 24/7 kind of thing.

    Schooling Fools On The Minotaur!

    If you really want to get the blood pumping go with double rudder mod and radar. She'll skirt better than most dds.


    It's true. Unfortunate for the Hindu.


    There's never been a swastika in this game. WG and other companies only do this because of international law and interest, even if it's a bad idea. Even if this symbol does offend people, it's more important that people know why and where it came from. It's an important (though terrible) part of history. Those that don't know their history are bound to repeat it; those who reject it, are certain too.

    When does Lenin get removed?

    Also, should I pick to get her or Asashio? I've got my coupon ready.

    Detonation should still give flags.

    Unfortunately I'm using my credits to currently bid for more coal!😂🤷 And the missions to get more signals give signal containers, so the signals you'll get are random. Albeit those containers are pretty handy for the occasional coal and oil.

    Detonation should still give flags.

    I ran out of detonation flags yesterday in my kitakaze. Detonated at 20k hp :( my first thought was "really?? I had so much HP!!" Next was, "well at least I'll get flags." Followed by complete, thorough, dissatisfaction. Careful everyone, once your out of Det flags, you're out ... Have fun detonating, or use your coal. Thanks WG😒