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  1. Think they end at the same time - so you can't get any containers. Believe those are saved for people that buy the exeter only.
  2. Featherdustr

    Amusing game start

    Looks fixed in 8.0.4 >>> v.8.0.0 #04 (01-02-2019):- updated sea simulation (it should fix issues regarding them, i.e infinite loading)
  3. Featherdustr

    Amusing game start

    Using the resmods uninstall file resolved the issue to default. @Deno - now that I know how to resolve it, will attempt to recreate and submit to him as you suggest.
  4. Featherdustr

    Amusing game start

    Thank you digitaljustice for reply. Yes - had the (approved) aslain mods installed listed for 0.8. Did the verification of game to purge the aslain but seems that doesn't work. Still fiddling. Using it from Steam so the WG gamecenter is an option (or wasn't when I last looked - accounts don't transfer between the two).
  5. Featherdustr

    Amusing game start

    Having fun trying to CV play this morning. Can't get out of submarine view. (Apologies to my teams as I've tried to fix this - including game verification). Sharing for the amusement value. Note all the planes that "launched" when I did the torpedo's.
  6. Featherdustr

    Giveaway code - HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

    Worked for me but didn't see what it 'added'