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    steel would have been much better for most people to receive for Tier 10 reward flakes. the drop rates for ships on those $1 boxes is abysmal.
  2. WallStreetBets

    I Wonder Why No One Wants To DD Anymore??

    If you absolutely want to hedge vs CV play daring. You can waste enemy CV entire game letting them chase you and baby smoking up when they come at you. Works great in ranked you won't do any damage but you will contribute to your teams success tying the CV up or they will leave you alone which again benefits the team giving you freer reign to spot and harass enemy.
  3. WallStreetBets

    Twilight mode.

    yeah i know but only for the the first 2. seems lacking, i mean anything activity beyond breathing will get you 250xp and 500xp. why no credit beyond that i played the twilight mode for almost 2 hours and got zero daily mission progress seems odd.
  4. WallStreetBets

    Twilight mode.

    Also in the future they should allow these special modes to count towards daily missions.
  5. WallStreetBets

    Why is Queue Time so long after this lat update?

    It took me about 5 minutes the other morning for Tier 8 match and we had only 8 players each team with 2 CVs per side, all 8's so MM worked good but not full game. I then got a Tier 6 matched instantly with 12 each side so i suspect delays were related to improved MM plus Italian CA's (most start lower tiers).
  6. WallStreetBets

    PSA: Today ONLY - Earn 111 doubloons

    PSA: that is approximately 44.4 cents worth of dubs. carry on.
  7. WallStreetBets

    The Grind! The Interminable Grind!

    I keep trying but i know its in container # 24. welp.
  8. WallStreetBets

    Research Bureau Remorse

    I might be mistaken but I am regrinding for RB points because I think they will drop solid boats from it in the future. If they don't people will not continue. They don't have to be OP boats just something unique and fun to play and I will continue to regrind. I have most Tier 10's and don't feel a lot of motivation to play them that often outside of clan battles or ranked, playing lower tier's is actually refreshing.
  9. WallStreetBets

    Re-grinding lines, co-op vs randoms XP math

    I honestly find taking a line you enjoy or at least can tolerate is best option. I found CA's to be the best balance between XP for RB vs playability. DD's unless you main them can be hit or miss whereas I find CA's can consistently do damage and contribute to games at all tiers. I have most Tier 10s so for me the RB is nice since it gives me some incentive to play lower tiers again.
  10. WallStreetBets

    Are the servers having issues today?

    There is a software tool called pingplotter and if you search youtube a guy explains how to determine if its your ISP or your equipment (modem/pc) or beyond and if to call ISP or not based on results. Its a free trial for 2 weeks helped me a lot.
  11. If Dynamo or Cherry Blossom return y'all need to flag it up and farm. Even if just for the dunkirk anniversary once of year. I don't need FXP for those ships I use it skip the low Tier matches for RB regrinds and modules so I can at least start at Tier 6 where most lines are playable.
  12. WallStreetBets

    Streaks and MM

    Its truly random. Don't forget even if you are a 60% WR player that means you really only influence the outcome of 1 out of 10 games. Its hard to accept that but most days i win more than i lost i simply 'won' the coinflip and was randomly given better players. If you do your best to survive and deal above average amount of average for your ship, position well to assist team, etc.. I don't know what else you can do outside div'ng up with clan mates.
  13. WallStreetBets

    Deleting tier 10 ships good bye GK, HINDI

    They just mentioned in Fridays WoWs stream that they are looking at GK buff before XMAS.
  14. WallStreetBets

    Provision Tokens not properly rewarded

    I was on losing team top 10% but appeared to only be awarded 2 tokens which i believe is short of correct amount.