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  1. ranked.....?

    progressing but bad teams are really bad you cant carry them good teams are so good i don't help them they just win just playing roulette hoping to float to R1.
  2. Ranked tips and tricks

    took me 5 tries to get to Rank 12 i am 50% WR and lost 80% trying to get to irrevocable 12. got to 10 this morning stuck in 11 after lots of games. Unicums on my team won the match each time. I had zero impact on 20 games i played good or bad. Counted up unicum clan tags if we had more we won 90% of the time. OPG, CUTE, etc on your team? good you win.
  3. Premium Ship Review #108: T-61

    the ship is fine, reload on torps good but in only two matches i was uptiered to 8 in each and i felt like i couldn't help as much if teams were tier 6-7. radar heavy tier 8 hurts. i feel it would perform well in tier 6-7 match.
  4. Credits

    try to kill DD's and cruisers you probably farmed BB's which rewards less if you peck away at one then switch as total % dmg is low you get low credit for it. I do this often without thinking about it and have similar credit outcome.
  5. So what happens when everyone...

    it will likely shift after day 15 when those on sharks from beginning shift to eagles to start getting those tokens for loyalty. if you ride it from sharks to eagles after day 15 and that happens with a reasonable amount of play you get the 4 containsers, max tokens available from both sides, 1 for being top 1000 (not hard) and 1 for winning (if majority rides that way). 6 containers a day almost guaranteed, max tokens too.
  6. Why are the Sharks Winning?

    this could be blowout of sharks winning each day since most picked them and will stay through 15 days to get max tokens for loyalty then switch and eagles should then win everyday until it ends. if everyone follows that path we should all get 5 containers per day min.
  7. Where is Eagle/Shark prompt?

    wondering myself logged in but no option to choose team didn't want to start playing either wanted progress to count.
  8. Blacklisting

    as far as i know yes. i thought it prevented them from being on my team i was blacklisting left and right and then saw them back on my team so i was told it just stops messages from them.
  9. what is nice is at least you get server bonus 100% even with a loss
  10. looks like 300% first win bonus for today in compensation works now.
  11. if you need a special upgrade this lets you pick which one few days of regular containers should get you the additional coal needed to purchase. i wouldnt mind getting this i need those special upgrades.
  12. Cherry Blossom can't enter

    i use steam and it wont work. if you have steam client do not play scenario until they announce fix/update. i turned pink for 4 games after failing to load 2 times. had to force quit game to get out too.
  13. had luck with huange at tier 6 spec for AA add flag knocked out requirement few matches. fun boat if i had 19 pt captain could be even better.
  14. if you signed up through steam its a repeat of the best deal on doub's minus the 250 per $10 bonus they had on website. still excellent value, getting tier x perm camos for 50% basically with my doub's. some people complained because they couldn't link to their WG client and had to go through steam/WG customer service to get refund even though it states no refund on steam i think they got their money back if they didn't sign up through steam initially.
  15. yes it works but only if you signed up through steam for wows. bunch of people use steam client work around for their original WG account and it doesn't credit their account if bought through steam so beware. got the same excellent deal on doubloons like 500-600 for $1 since i had all the ships. just dont use if you signed up through WG client.