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  1. had luck with huange at tier 6 spec for AA add flag knocked out requirement few matches. fun boat if i had 19 pt captain could be even better.
  2. if you signed up through steam its a repeat of the best deal on doub's minus the 250 per $10 bonus they had on website. still excellent value, getting tier x perm camos for 50% basically with my doub's. some people complained because they couldn't link to their WG client and had to go through steam/WG customer service to get refund even though it states no refund on steam i think they got their money back if they didn't sign up through steam initially.
  3. yes it works but only if you signed up through steam for wows. bunch of people use steam client work around for their original WG account and it doesn't credit their account if bought through steam so beware. got the same excellent deal on doubloons like 500-600 for $1 since i had all the ships. just dont use if you signed up through WG client.
  4. Steam purchases...confused

    Bought the 'steam bundle' through website last week for doubloons then just bought the wows steam dlc texas to test whether this would work yet again since i already owned Texas. Got 5,000 doubloons for texas and 1000 for camo already owned plus captain and port slot. You can double dip on deal if you play through steam. Just dont make the mistake if you only play through WG client of trying to buy on steam since it discloses purchases only usable in steam client. So now you can get Tier X perm camos for $10 per pkg when you net 5,000 doubloons. I haven't done the other two but they should be about 5,200 doubloons each too. Got so many doubloons i am trying to calculate if i need more to buy perm camos for all the lines i want to finish. Absolutely great deal if you play through steam, you got the deal once through their website then again through steam.