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  1. metameta1

    What's your birthday wish? - 16th - 22nd

    Fav memory solo carrying ranked game to finish season. would love a Lenin.
  2. I was on losing team top 10% but appeared to only be awarded 2 tokens which i believe is short of correct amount.
  3. metameta1

    8.4 same old

    They play the tanks portion of [edited]. Half our clan no longer logs in. DD mains are about finished with WoWs. I still play but harder to div up now not brave enough to play solo with MM teams.
  4. metameta1

    8.4 same old

    A large portion of my clan is now playing [edited] because of CV rework. I struggle to find div mates in discord even our clan leader is on [edited] with them. Sigh.
  5. metameta1

    Wait Time For CV's

    Exactly i asked a good twitch CV player what ship i should play in ranked he said dont matter i am gonna crap all over you no matter what you pick, have fun.
  6. metameta1

    Weekend spree

    Div more if possible. I have all but stopped solo play. I check discord if no clan mates to div with i pass. tired of putting in solid effort for team to fail us.
  7. metameta1

    Match making for clan wars.

    we had the same issue. we played top 10 clans they were all purple (typhoon?) while we were bottom of storm and lost 8 straight matches. this happened even early in season in gale/squall played all storm league teams. i just think there are fewer clans to match at appropriate level so the top clans just farm all of us that are not at their level. their incentive to keep playing is high since they rarely lose a match and their entire clan can just farm everyone below them for max level steel.
  8. metameta1


    I believe if you ranked out you start at rank 10.
  9. metameta1

    Can We Talk About YueYang?

    if no one plays the boat they might eventually roll back the nerfs. heres to hope.
  10. metameta1

    Tier 10 Matchmaker for Random Battles

    I stopped playing solo because of poor MM. I div up now almost exclusively. 55% WR solo, almost 80% in last month with Div mates. I enjoy the game more with other people to play with on discord too.
  11. metameta1

    Clan Battles Matchmaker is Broken

    100% our experience too this season. Last season we got all of our steel missions in storm done with a win loss cycle, just played enough and won 55%. This season we got knocked down by teams 2 leagues ahead of us. lost 8 in a row at one point to hurricane and typhoon clans while at bottom of storm league. no one wants to show up now. Yes someone said 'well good opportunity to learn from better clans' but after losing and losing we didn't learn much since we were trying to rotate some of our weaker players in and got clobbered by the slightest mistakes since we were severely upscaled against top 20 clans.
  12. metameta1

    No more Twitch containers?

    but it costs them nothing but in game pixel rewards and could help support wows streamers which could only encourage them to continue streaming and possibly earn a little more too. hard to see the downside for WG even if it added little to numbers in game.
  13. metameta1

    MM rework POLL !!

    i gave up hoping for this i just div with clan mates and win more now. no more solo for me MM is too hard on me. hoping for skill based MM is just that hope.
  14. metameta1

    MM Rant, Yes Again....

    use discord, div up with clan mates, win more. i just wait until i have clan mates on to play each day now. i am 55% solo, 78% in div's last month. i only play with div's from now on. tired of being tired of losing. we play all tiers and rotate who can pick a tier. CV's no CV's no matter. i got tired of putting so much effort in and losing through no fault of my own. now i can play more aggressive with 2 other quality players on my side. i use MM monitor and we carry about 1/5 to 1/4 games with our 3 man div. we are not unicum solo players so i recommend div's to anyone suffering poor teams.
  15. metameta1

    Captain respecs should continue to be free

    play one clan battle each season get free respec. so every 3 months you can get full free respec for only a single battle of the clan. if your clan does not participate find one that does even if only once. even wolf clans do clan battles.