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  1. Anyone else having this same issues? This happened with the past update. I've tried everything that I could. Reinstall etc etc....
  2. jsharpe3

    Steam: Mod Station Dynamic crosshairs showing up

    Yes it does work in the normal version but I am having no success with my steam client game. Which I prefer for playing cards.
  3. Hello all, With the latest update on my steam client of the game as of today, the modstation dynamic cross-hairs are no longer active. The mod station is stating the are active. Anyone have any quick fixes or does this have to go back to the creator of the mod?
  4. How long with the Santa containers be in the shop for?
  5. jsharpe3

    The Captain's Logbook

    I wonder if this is a sign that those of us who have not been playing the game since day 1, might have a chance to collect previous items that are no longer available? With the HSF being re-released that could be a great sign.
  6. jsharpe3

    Ranked promo video

    I just watch the video of the upcoming 14th Ranked season and the narrator stated that the 14tf season opens at the beginning of November. I sure could have used those extra weeks to try and rack up some victories for steel, lol. Just thought I would point that out.
  7. jsharpe3

    Jingles spotting enemy.....

    Thank you for the information. I appreciate that.
  8. jsharpe3

    Jingles spotting enemy.....

    I really don't know why I even bother. Hell what is the point of living. I'm so very sorry for Crucis for wasting your time to have to post such a derogatory comment on the absence of my intelligence and ability to determine every single aspect of Jingle's streams, videos or whoever streams or places video on this game. I see you are a veteran of this forum. Maybe having a little patience for those who aren't up to the mark of your intelligence. That would be a kind gesture. I really wish players of this game who make comments such as these along with those who feel the need to berate players who they feel need to stop playing actually did stop playing this game. Then the remainder of the elitists may have their precious game and then we will see how much development of this game progresses in the absence of sales with those of us who add dollars and cents to the publisher. What I was commenting on, was purely to see if it was a mistake, that's all. Not in a lesson of what this man does and how stupid I am. I know how worthless of a human being and waste of space I am. Whenever I play this game I am constantly reminded of my disabilities of a human being I am. Please accept my most heartfelt thanks to help remind daily how life and this game would be so much better without me in it.
  9. jsharpe3

    Jingles spotting enemy.....

    Hello all. I just got Commander Jingles and the past couple of battles when enemy ships are spotted. He states "Enemy submarine spotted" lol. Then I click the menu to actually see if subs are in the match but no they aren't. Now I have just added the Jingles voice over from the settings menu and wasn't actually using The Jingles Commander. Not that I suppose that would make any difference.
  10. jsharpe3

    Nomogram Crosshair is gone?

    Well as we are all aware by now! The crisis is over and more over we even have a modern sight to boot! Lord this truly is a blessed day! lol! Now let's get back to enjoying what we all love to do! Thanks again to all those who contributed to this post and the developers. Dr Peppers for everyone!
  11. jsharpe3

    Nomogram Crosshair is gone?

    This is great that this post has started a great discussion on all sorts of topics, views and opinions. But if I could just ask and if you are out there Nomogram crosshair developer reading this post? Could you for the love of god please make haste in upgrading you sight. Having to try and relearn to use another crosshair has made the past two days miserable. Let me give you an early thank you and high praise for all that you've done to help us improve our game.
  12. jsharpe3

    Nomogram Crosshair is gone?

    That is the crosshair Douglas. It's two in the same.
  13. jsharpe3

    Nomogram Crosshair is gone?

    Ok well let's hope the author updates it as monpetitloup has indicated. Thanks for that. I have updated my mod-station so, I suppose or I hope it's on the author.
  14. So I see the Nomogram crosshair has been removed from the ModStation. Do we have any official reason as to why?
  15. jsharpe3

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    250 with the Ohio being the latest!