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  1. jsharpe3

    Kitty Purrfurst #4 Code

    Thanks. I wish I could be able to spot these codes. Are they something that is said or do the visually appear?
  2. I was just wondering if we get our coins back that we invested into the Halloween ship modules once they are removed from our ports?
  3. jsharpe3

    Arsonist Achievment

    Thanks everyone. I’ll give the Russian Cruiser Molotov a try.
  4. They took my ranked 2 star flags away from me and instead gave the the Argentine flag. Bo
  5. So how does everyone feel about this type of behavior? I know you can just disable the player in-game chat. But what about when they continue to send you private messages?
  6. jsharpe3

    Rank torpedoes and BB's

    This part of the issue I was trying to orate also. All I ask is for some netting much like the other modules players have. DD ie fast reloading. With the idea of smaller ships protecting the BB well that's real theory. How many games have you played where everyone does their own thing. So it would be more of a self preservation idea.
  7. jsharpe3

    Rank torpedoes and BB's

    What if I were to say that this Star Wars movie was the best of them all btw???
  8. jsharpe3

    United states ONLY

    Careful, they might sue you for defamation lol
  9. jsharpe3

    Rank torpedoes and BB's

    Where can I get this lol! Thanks everyone. I was primarily frustrated, but talking with other players and your input I have a better understanding and a different take on the issue. Again thanks for your time!
  10. jsharpe3


    I don't mind all the new currencies that have been brought forth. But I would like to be able to use them towards a discount in the premium shop. For example I want to purchase the Cossack admiral 2 pack. But it cost $117 Canadian. Why not use the Guinea much like the coupons in the arsenal to give you a further discount. I understand economic on the other end and everyone needs a paycheque yada yada. But a player is very limited and I am more frustrated that if I want just the basic Cossack. I can now buy Guineas in the shop and not earn them towards getting a free Cossack sort of speak. You get combat mission cards to play when you purchase the English crates earning you a free ship after you have completed the requirement. Which I think is great. The whole all or nothing buying option is a little frustrating and would be nice to have a chance to discount the purchase price of ships with the constant evolving in game currencies. We have, coal, copper, steel, coins, dubloons, molybdenum. It's just getting to be a very suffocating money grab of which I really like this game and I'm funneling way to much money into as I am a relatively new player. The flip side would be to just not buy and self control. I realize that. But why should I be limited in such a manner. If the somewhat very little skill I have doesn't earn me any significant chance to get a new ship or upgrades it is very frustrating. I think we would like to see a more uniformed and refined entrenched economy is this game. With the principle that skill gives you a greater discount on the ultimate goal you wish to achieve and finally be able to spend your hard earned money to purchase what you wish in the game. That's what I would like. Anyone else have anything more to add would be great!
  11. The battleship is way out gunned and hasn't got a chance in hell against a ship with torpedoes. There should be a module for BB's to have torpedo netting on the ship for 30 to 45 seconds active to give the ship a chance. A DD can take a BB down in no time. They have speed, stealth and torpedoes. The battleship is useless in this fight. If you do get a chance to broadside a dd you over-penetrate and that fails. So barring that what does a BB have to survive? Are we just suppose to provide fire support from as far away as possible and leave the capping to the CA's an DD's?
  12. Has Canada or for that matter the rest of the world been involved in a contest much like the recent computer contest just announced?
  13. I'm really looking forward to the new segment of the game. Though as previously stated I am new to the community and game. I am pretty excited to see how it unfolds. I've been in ranked matches with my only Tier X that I had to pay for if I wanted to continue and it's BB Montana. I'll be glad when this season is over and I can mothball her for a while.
  14. jsharpe3

    Anniversary Supercontainers

    I got a family of refugees!!!! lol
  15. jsharpe3

    United states ONLY

    I wonder though why we can't be eligible for the runner up prizes though?