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  1. Jason_Sharpe_MD

    Canada Day this year?

    Ok thanks guys. I'll log on now for the stuff. Thanks for the update.
  2. Jason_Sharpe_MD

    Canada Day this year?

    Just wondering if Wargaming had anything planned for the 1st of July this year for Canada Day. If not oh well. We celebrate the 4th with the Americans I suppose. Change the stars on the flags to Maple Leafs lol!
  3. Jason_Sharpe_MD

    i need more of that luck

    Are you sure I can't persuade you to join my fledgling clan? C'mon we are both Canadian and Canada Day is right around the corner lol! I'm just teasing. Have a great day! Always glad to see your posts and out on the high seas Mouse!
  4. Jason_Sharpe_MD

    how super CV's troll the CV rework.

    You know, you actually have a very good point. lol! Thanks for putting up with my nonsense. I'm sorry. Please enjoy the rest of your weekend.
  5. Jason_Sharpe_MD

    how super CV's troll the CV rework.

    Lol ok I'll leave you to it! And ahhhhhh I'll mind my own business from here on it. Sorry to get my nomenclature wrong. I'm not a very smart fool. Have fun. Maybe catch on the high seas sometime.
  6. Jason_Sharpe_MD

    how super CV's troll the CV rework.

    What's more fun? Fighting in here about stats or playing the game?
  7. Hello, everyone. Sorry for a silly question. But are Mr Conway and Crysantos still involved with WoW? I've been away since August and the world sure has changed a tremendous amount since then. Does anyone have an update on them? Thank you. Jason
  8. Jason_Sharpe_MD

    Ranked Battles: Seventh Season

    When is 11.4 due out, if I can quickly ask? I've been away for sometime lol
  9. Jason_Sharpe_MD

    Wait, the next Commonwealth ship is Canadian?

    Mouse. How far did you get in rank btw? I didn't make it out of bronze :-[
  10. Jason_Sharpe_MD

    WG's Improved Communication vs Player Agency

    Blame it on the Bosanova
  11. Jason_Sharpe_MD

    Reset All Commanders?

    I thought they would have put that story directly in my news feed. But it wasn't and thank you for sharing the link. Seems a little bit shady. Like they don't really want to spread the good word!
  12. Jason_Sharpe_MD

    Summer Sale!

    Would you be able to give me some free crates? I have no more disposable income at the moment.
  13. Grimlock! Awesome. What about Devestator or Omega Supreme!
  14. Jason_Sharpe_MD

    ST 0.10.8, new ships

    I can't see why not! Even the tier 6 premium Dunkerque.