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  1. I was just wondering for completing all the tasks in the Dutch Cruiser event. Is there enough free Dutch Tokens to earn to be able to unlock all 8 bundles or do we have to purchase the 1000 doubloons bundles for tokens? I would like to get all the permanent camos without having to purchase anything. Or if we don't get enough free tokens this event, will the second part allow us to earn the respected amount of tokens to complete the bundles? Thanks
  2. Off topic but what Cagney film is your avatar from? That's coo! Also I haven't got my container yet but would like more and more steel!!!! lol
  3. Jason_Sharpe_MD

    Steam login and acquirement of items (ie flags etc)

    Yes that is what I have tried. It seems to on and off help from time to time. Today's login was very normal time and didn't seem to slow. So that was good. Thanks for you help!
  4. Ev1n I've been robbed. I purchased 40 India Delta flags with coal and coupons. They haven't showed up in my inventory. Customer service is arguing with me saying I got them. I took a screen shot of my inventory and asked them to cross reference the time frame of the purchase to the screen shot time to see if it was even possible to play 40 rounds or if I even hit the battle button 40 times. They wont look customer service and I'm still out my flags. I sent a DM to the Senior NA manager, but I wanted to make you aware as well. I hope you are well and now have bought a ten gallon cowboy hat that you are now living in Texas. I don't know if anyone told you but you have to own one. It's the law! lol


    Jason Sharpe 


  5. For the past two weeks I have had issues logging in to WoW through Steam. It seems to take for ever to which I hit my windows key and open up some other programs and then click back into the WoW tab and it finally gets me into the daily reward screen. I seen that some other players were having issues yesterday during the European stream. I am on the NA server. Also, when I claimed Dasha commander today as well as purchased flags through the Armoury today. They didn't show up until I exited the game and restarted. Has anyone had this issue and had it solved that could help me out? Thanks Jason
  6. Jason_Sharpe_MD

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    @LittleWhiteMouseSo how come we can't get my ideas of the HMCS Ontario (Minotaur) and a CV HMCS Bonaventure. We need some high tier ships. We aren't a one trick pony for a country. It would be a nice band aid fix for the moment till they at Wargaming focus on us. All I get from people when I bring up our importance in the war is "well ya know" no one cares about this country's contribution or take our place in history of saving the world as nothing more than a mere footnote. Whatever the politics of creating paper ships real ship what ever. This game goes from the far edge of reality to close to historical specification as possible. Then when we as Canadians ask for a slice of the pie. Sit down and shut up. But according to my steam account payments to this game. I have never been once denied a chance to give money. All $11k plus. Of course Canadian funds. And I know there are people who have spent a hell of a lot more than me. But I understand you. There is only so much you can do to continue to be polite in the face of opposition towards your ideas and suggestion. I wish someone would rehash a new model of this type of game and launch it if this is the narrow scope of views to our country. I take this actually very personable coming from a family that served in all three services and all three wars. But since I can't fight on the battlefield in honour of their sacrifice. This is my battle to help disperse the ignorance towards a nation of people that are kind, and come to the aid when called upon when the world has needed us. Yes wargaming is a private company. But you can't waive the flag and once players of a nation want better representation. You scurry to the it's a free game and private company. Poop or get off the pot. I don't know who the puppet master is behind this whole franchise is, but someone better get them out of their ivory tower and either have a genuine vested interest in this game. Or just say it like it is. It's all about the money. So if you want it to be about money. Then make it about money. I want a ship. Let me pay for it. Someone can't get it. Give them away to earn it in some economic way to add to the coffers. AHHHHH why do I care. I'm getting to old for this. It's just the world works. I'm a group of a few against billions! Keep up the good fight Mouser! I got to go lay down!
  7. Jason_Sharpe_MD

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Got to say it like a Bostonian
  8. Jason_Sharpe_MD

    Update 0.10.6, balance changes

    The Queen is finally being able to turn her guns a bit quicker. This calls for a celebration!
  9. Jason_Sharpe_MD

    Fair Winds and Following seas.

    All the best and enjoy life my friend! That's what we are all here for!
  10. Jason_Sharpe_MD

    Wows Culture

    My uncles last name is Butt, can you say donkey bum instead?
  11. Jason_Sharpe_MD

    All time highest stats.

    Does Wargaming or anyone else have a "hall of fame" of all time highest stats for each of the ships and attributes to go along with it? ie what is the ship or play who has the highest potential damage in a round. The most HP scored in a rounds etc etc. I'm just looking for the all time highest. There over achievers and jaw droppers!
  12. Jason_Sharpe_MD

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Listen, I would love what you have said. I am 100% behind you. I have asked numerous times for the HMCS Bonaventure CV and the HMCS Ontario a Minotaur. Both British ships but let us put our names on them and have them in the commonwealth tab. Sure it's cheezy but at least we in Canada can have our little ship fleet with a little gimmick that makes it Canadian. I'm cool with that. But this is your battle, which is our battle as our Canada
  13. Jason_Sharpe_MD

    Update 0.10.5 - Bug Reports

    Thanks for the update! Appreciate it! Have a great weekend!