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  1. Sumseaman

    Most Dangerous Ship to Play?

    Oh EC you are silly! I want you to play a fun game next time you're out in Indom.... Fly over all those BBs with those bomb laden Sea Hornets, spread that ellipse nice and wide and say 'Open up those little mouths!'. Enjoy that splash.
  2. You yanks sure love your .gif action! What better way to express emotion!
  3. The Flamu was a parody unto itself. Stupidly busted. Highly questionable. Absolutely melted. The squeals of delight. Deep down I think he truly loved CVs. Tiger is out of golf and Flamu is out of WoWs. What is the world coming to.....
  4. I do not often agree with the naughty/nefarious Killjoy however on this occasion I do. A reset on captain skills could have easily been applied instead of an auto assign.
  5. Sumseaman

    WG +1 on ranked!

    Ahhh Edgecase. Ever the voice of reason. +1
  6. Well spotted. Such a grievous error! Altered accordingly.
  7. Fear not is is simply satirical! Even Shakespeare wrote some very naughty sonnets!
  8. I loved Black Adder goes Forth, even as an 8 year old when it first aired. 'Oh you want to join the Royal Flying Corp? Oh that's an idea...could I? NO you couldn't!'
  9. Oh CV-6, I stare at you as I covet through the saltiest of WoWs minimap seas, I watch the way you splatter hot goodness all over the decks of grateful DDs, The way you insert your torpedoes into the tightest of bilge ports and ram those enormous APs into those wide funnel stacks, Your crew berthing stuffed full of the finest of seamen... (Pulled off stage by security during recital struggling in a perturbed manner).
  10. When are you going to begin the promised and long awaited 'EC's Torp Wall Pink Adventures'? and its follow up 'EC's Adventures in Orange Coop Land'?
  11. Well I have tried it now and yes, 3 points up the spout and quite a lot of time is wasted chasing down enemy flights trying to make it worthwhile. If it was a 1 point skill then yeah.....maybe.
  12. Thank you. Should be very tasty with Enterprise!
  13. Ah yes. Tell me of Interceptor. Is it truly worth the loss of spotting? I certainly could seeing it be worthwhile. So true about Dead Eye on inappropriate BBs. If you select Dead Eye in the skill tree on these ships it should trigger a 7 day auto ban. Very frustrating to see these ships waaayy back as cruisers try to tank...
  14. Ah. Yes I see that supercruisers lost much of their survivability measures. Seems that Thunderer is ever more filthy with Dead Eye.