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  1. Sumseaman

    Tiger goes...Grrrr.

    Indeed! Soshi just sleep with that thing and get it over with.
  2. Sumseaman

    They cheapened my Missouri...

    My naughtiest @Ensign_Cthulhu and @Burnsy, do you not remember the little Steven Seagal cook practising it’s kicks on the deck when Missouri was in port? It is what we should miss. Sometime after it would enter a hatch and be gone from sight. I actually did remember scenes from Under Siege when I once flew close to HMAS Adelaide where I was ‘locked up’ in order for crewmen to train on the CIWS.
  3. Sumseaman

    Why are CVs the teams scapegoat?

    Few like a flyboy.
  4. Damn what a knobhead. Capitals and lower case letters are all over the place.
  5. Sumseaman

    Who have you seen in game

    After all the positive posts, I finally saw @Soshi_Sonein the Tiger 59. MM screwed us. It was all MMs fault!
  6. Oh I too feel an obligation and again agree that yes, it's likely that not all do. Basically....I feels ya Will you help me overcome my need to ram an Alaska as close to a cap as possible to radar caps early game? My desire to avoid chat rage and ping spam is almost what you could call a fetish...
  7. Well said Skpstr. The mechanics prior did indeed give this seeming obligation to CVs. Now all types with a capacity to counter DDs can share the mutual burden.
  8. Sames. I would fear a Russian radar cruiser many times greater than any carrier. Again one of the big problems here is players channelling themselves too much into single types so they react harshly to any changes to any single type.
  9. Sumseaman

    Mouse Chills with Two Tribal Proposals

    This is a line more practical and historical than Russian CVs. We've seen interesting examples with Druid and Tiger '59. Commonwealth could be lesser armed utility ships with improved ASW capabilities.
  10. Sumseaman

    The CV's revenge

    So many have taken the bait! Just lead!...dodge!.... PLAY THE FOOKING GAME MY WAY! (up ends desk) There's a 'Boi' in there some where.
  11. Sumseaman


    Like the Tone, I wouldn't think it's a hybrid that makes anywhere near the difference that a carrier would. Apparently its aircraft pack the Tiniest of Tims, which haven't done well lately it seems. The Dutch cruiser line would be of more concern as they will spread between the 7-10 range.
  12. I am the obvious choice for a the elite Commonwealth commander. Usable in carriers only...
  13. Sumseaman

    The Better CV Always Wins!

    Agreed little Snarg. Unfortunately this goes for all types. DDs blocking a cap will never see the XP gain. 'I suppose it is all in the victory. You must cherish that.
  14. Sumseaman

    high tier problem

    Sorry that was a joke.
  15. +1 for something positive. For all the negatives regarding the attack aircraft's rockets, the gun runs look superb.