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  1. Sumseaman

    "There is Australian people here..."

    'Maaaaate' When we Aussies disapprove of someone's actions....
  2. Sumseaman

    Identifying Very Important Players

    You responded! You do care....admit it!
  3. Sumseaman

    Identifying Very Important Players

    This has turned into a yummy fight! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!
  4. Sumseaman

    Identifying Very Important Players

    Nooo. Dolphin not you. Read!
  5. Sumseaman

    Identifying Very Important Players

    Delicious! If you stat shame then yes...prepare to be stat shamed.
  6. Enterprise - F6F Hellcats....need I say more? Ark Royal - Stringbags Kaga - A6M Zeros Daring - THE ultimate cap bully Loyang - THE OTHER ultimate cap bully
  7. Sumseaman

    Playing CVs and Trying to help

    Tee hee! Succulent salt... Carriers have their place and you should be nice to them.
  8. Sumseaman

    Playing CVs and Trying to help

    Sorry mate. Well done and welcome to carriers. You'll find out more as time goes on. +1 though for being a champ!
  9. Exactly. Smolesnk is a blast to play. Yes it's OP in the right hands though many have likely got it (including me) as they like light cruisers. It's something you don't have otherwise in the game unless you blow the steel on Flint. Haters be damned. Enjoy the fun.
  10. Sumseaman

    Operations channel SEA vs NA

    NA Cthulhu....they dunno what a crease is....they play baseball!
  11. Indeed. Do you know how much karma that thing has robbed me of? I dunno either but it's a lot. DDs freak and beach themselves at the sight of incoming Swordfish bombers....
  12. Sumseaman

    How do you get rare ships like musashi?

    Don't listen to this nonsense! The more of these boxes you buy...the greater your chance of winning! These sacred boxes hold the key to your dream ships!
  13. Sumseaman

    Operations channel SEA vs NA

    Sames. I get under 100 on NA most of the time which seems more than adequate. Get over to NA where you belong fellow Aussies!
  14. Sumseaman

    Enterprise? and why saipan???

    The Burns speaks truth. I'm not a great player though I can often top the XP charts in a tier X match with Enterprise. It also carried me through the last ranked sprint. It keeps your karma current too. +1s for sinking DDs and -1s...for sinking DDs...
  15. Sumseaman

    Getting agitated with the Smolensk

    Rumple has got it. Can't argue.