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  1. Sumseaman

    As a DD I now feel sorry for CV's

    Don't feel sorry for CV players. The balances are quite fair. My last game with a red Saipan (which is 'supposed to be crap') in it. Caused utter mayhem. Like DDs they take a bit more skill than the average BB driver but they manage. Oh and if you say 'Yeah but Saipan was top tier' the Kaga can manage quite well too even when in a X game.
  2. Sumseaman

    automate DD gunnery

    @LoveBote haven't you ever heard of automation induced complacency?! Besides haven't you downloaded Aslains 'Dark Net' mod package? It does all these things you wish for and more going on for some time now. Did you really think when players called hax on others they were kidding? Illegal modding is the only way to get a +50% WR in WoWs. I just press the right mouse button at the start of the match then go have some coffee for instant Kraken goodness.
  3. Just remember .8.0.3 has just been released. In the right hands DBs can be just as effective.
  4. With all the controversy with the recent push/pull in the patches in regards to destroyers and carriers along with all the attention they seem to get in regards to performance (or lack thereof) I was wondering if it's true that less of the player base play these ships due to this reason. It seems no matter the balance changes these two classes, while less in number on average in any given match, do seem to get the most attention in regards to success or failure. I for a time thought each ship was equally influential as you would see a variety topping the xp charts though many would argue cruisers and battleships can't 'carry' the way the others do despite the fact, especially with carriers, that they are no longer a direct counter to each other. Is this the reason these ships are truly quite MM limited as opposed to the others? If you include the split lines destroyers are the most numerous tech tree ships. I'm really rather interested in what draws a player to a certain class and funnels them into a 'main'.
  5. Poor Zoup. I do wonder why he bothers to post his vids on the forums with all the negative reception they get. Positivity is often a good thing people!
  6. Sumseaman

    Wows nightly news 8.0.3 crisis erupts!

    I got downvoted! Serves me right though for using such a poor form of humour as sarcasm!
  7. Sumseaman

    Wows nightly news 8.0.3 crisis erupts!

    Oh I agree. I only downvote the ones that are trying to help balance the rework!
  8. Sumseaman

    Wows nightly news 8.0.3 crisis erupts!

    Thank you! I simply don't have enough downvotes to go around these days with all these players trying to provide feedback!
  9. Sumseaman

    Wows nightly news 8.0.3 crisis erupts!

    Haha nice! We need more of this stuff on the forums. I'd give you a smiley but I used up all my emojis on downvotes towards posts that were providing constructive critique that I didn't agree with.
  10. Sumseaman

    Upcoming CV Changes

    I knew RPF on CVs was going to go. Probably a good idea.
  11. The lead varies from carrier to carrier. Basic rule-of-thumb, more lead with IJN than US. Half a ship length at least for IJN whereas a quarter will often do for US. Brit carriers seem to be easier as the medium level bombing style allows you to begin your run much earlier.
  12. Depends if you are using HE or AP DBs. Attack run and drop depends greatly on target type too. Altitude of the drop effects AP more I would think if you want to cit. High and down the length of the ship targeting the funnel stacks for BBs, especially for those turtle backs. With HE you can drop super low on DDs. Right in their little face if you can.
  13. I certainly hope they don't nerf it. It's exactly how a real aircraft perform an attack run even to this day (pre stealth anyway). Mainly against land targets though. Vomit all over the canopy? I can't see the ground! Then it drips on you when you roll level again. I've had that happen though it wasn't my puke...
  14. I love the pic there @LoveBote! 'Billy? Would you like to come up and draw how you would perform a rolling pop up attack on a surface target?'. Seriously though spot on. It works superbly against heavy AA ships. Especially US BBs. If you can just drop torps after clearing the island with a good solution they never seem to be able to get out of the way. Good thing is you don't have to roll inverted coming over the top like you do IRL!
  15. Sumseaman

    Have you sold your Saipan?

    Saipan enjoyed a period of strafing domination for so long perhaps it had to fall. Seriously though I saw a player kraken/confed/cailbre with tier IXs in the game. It wouldn't have been the first time they did it either. I imagine the Tiny Tims are a bit more cruiser oriented. I only used those things in the pts so haven't had much experience.