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  1. SiIo

    My reaction to Devblog 377

    With all this talk of data and WG being a data-driven company I would really love to see the data that made them put out this devblog. But I have a feeling that data might run contrary to a certain narrative.
  2. SiIo

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Fatesim Azuma is pretty good, but it takes forever, I'd probably move on to PR3 and revisit her later, also, you're still gonna get some Azuma researches anyways, even when switched to PR3.
  3. On the one hand, I am kinda sad that the visual side is being discontinued as I rather liked the portraits, but on the other hand I can totally understand that you only have so much time and need to focus your efforts. Looking forward to the quick command overhaul! Are you going to continue supporting the crew name tool (not that it needs work right now from what I've noticed, I haven't seen any wierd names pop up in game)? In any case, thanks for your work and keeping us in the loop!
  4. Welcome back from the mod archives, I am so happy to see you back in action. And thank you so much for your continued work after all that's transpired, you are awesome! Can't wait to check the new update out!
  5. Because the Roman numeral system is what the RAN uses when they want to distinguish between several ships of the same name, so in a sense it is the "actual" name of the ship (for reference: https://www.navy.gov.au/hmas-vampire-ii). As you can also see in the link the numeral is normally written in brackets though, so really it should be "Vampire (II)". Why wargaming decided to follow the Australian's practice instead of just keeping to their own inhouse naming scheme I can't tell you, but imo it's a nice albeit confusing touch.
  6. SiIo

    Thunderer and Stalingrad Nerfed Again

    No it's actually not a good analogy. In one case it is a material good, in the other it is a digital good. In one case it is a paid for base product, in the other it is a freemium "upgrade". In one case it is a type of product where downgrades to goods after the fact are uncommon practice and thus should not be expected, in the other it is a product where such changes are common, both for the "manufacturer" itself as well as the industry as whole and as such are far from unexpected. In one case the manufacturer didn't state that changes can and will be made as seen necessary, in the other case the "manufacturer" did state so. In one case the performance of the product doesn't affect other customers, in the other case the performance of the product very much does. So in essence, this is about as far from a good analogy as you can get. It's apples and oranges. It's actually worse than apples and oranges since they are comparable.
  7. SiIo

    Deadeye needs to go

    This Roma with Deadeye basically gives her guns standard battleship dispersion, which is a huge step up from "hitting that general area over there".
  8. That sounds promising, looking forward to it! Also a small thing I noticed is that WG renamed the Pan-American folder to Argentina, so the name tool doesn't work on Pan American captains anymore. This is obviously a very small issue, but could you update the names tool to account for that (if you find the time)?
  9. Thank you for your continued effort, you are awesome!
  10. SiIo

    No gunfire sound in Key Battle

    Got the same issue, also I believe no torpedo launch sounds on Gale. Seems to be that main armament just doesn't have sounds at all.
  11. SiIo

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I would absolutely recommend doing the coin researches, at least if you are doing the 10/12h commission on a very regular basis or have another steady stream of coin income. It is costly, but it also gives you a lot of blueprints, and with the aforementioned steady coin stream you won't really drop in coins, just not really be gaining either. If you have the cubes to spare I would even recommend the cube researches, but only if you have a surplus of quite a few hundred cubes of course. Personally I actually shy away from doing the ones that cost plates, but that is only because I have that stupid notion that I want to have all my ships equipped with upgraded gear (and yes, I know how hellishly uneconomic this is compared to switching gear).
  12. SiIo

    WG is working hard to ruin Wow's

    No problem, I think a lot of people don't know about that option sadly, since it is rather hidden.
  13. SiIo

    WG is working hard to ruin Wow's

    You can turn all of what you mentioned off by using the options to the right of your ship carousel: (I know this screen doesn't show the anime ships, but there is an option for them as well) If you then select the National or Standard voiceover you will neither have to see, nor to hear anything anime, or otherwise displeasing you.
  14. This is in the end what bugs me the most. I LIKE the collaboration stuff between WoWS and AL as well as other franchises. Why does WG make it so hard for me to actually support it in good conscience (and thus ensuring that it continues to happen)?