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  1. Patosentado

    Good ships that you can't get to work!

    Blyskawika, Reviews talk of a Gudbote that does everything well, bu I have never done so much Zero DMG rounds in any other ship, maybe Tashkent...
  2. Patosentado

    Dynamo Bug?

    I gave up saving Parks in the other round, and it give you No reward. I have done several 5stars games, even with all other transports arriving, and no news of parks. Use the Sims or any other US DD for fun.
  3. Patosentado

    Paper Ships in the game

    Some of them as Montana were almost ready to be made, but others like Khaba are a nonsense, as a Capitani romani with much more armour than expected...
  4. Patosentado


    Warspite is a legend IRL, and a fun BB to play if you like slow BBs, compared to "Grand Old Lady" the Nwe Mexico is a racing boat, but has accuracy, is hard and makes fires. Gallant is only recommended if you are a DD main and very fan of RN DDs. It is below average in most aspects and difficult to get results or have fun on her.
  5. Patosentado

    Fleet Action Friday - Operation Dynamo

    I made a round in Leningrad that took 25planes down, that is nice. But that was once, Sims is the king here:
  6. Patosentado

    Why I run Khab.......................... in ranked

    As Khaba is still my only Tier X I got her in ranked, and a lot of times I was the only DD (If we can consider Khaba a DD) and being so big, with jke torps and being detected from far inland, the usual role of DDs in capping and spotting is difficult. If you go your way to farm damage from gun range limit as it should your teammates get really angry.
  7. Patosentado

    Average Joe First Impressions on British DD's

    Maybe a buff or refitting is on the way... It is a pity as they look nice and have a true effect on the war.
  8. Patosentado

    Lightning and general RNDD impressions

    If the Premiums already available (Vampire, Gallant, Haida, Blyskawika)) are to be the reference, we have a problem. I have really iregular results on them and much worse than on Russian or US ones. But they turn on a dime and can be fun.
  9. Patosentado

    Submarines, and Anti-Submarine Warfare

    Hedgehog Anti-sb mortar was also deployed in a lot of US and RN DDs, but usually INSTEAD or replacing one main gun:
  10. Patosentado

    Submarine Poll

    I dont see much difference between the 2 first options in the poll... I was not happy when first saw the news, but If that means that DDs will get a new role and some fun coops in convoy escort are implemented for DDs and light cruisers it will be good. I am a realistic fool (who should not be playing this arcade game) but WWII subs had forward firing torps and very slow speeds as The 18.5knts surfaced and the 7.5knts submerged of the german Type IX. Compared to that Dreadnoght BBs are racing boats. That would not be fun except for custom build scenarios on the type.
  11. Patosentado


  12. Patosentado


    I already noticed that mostrar cruisers and DDs, even the Tier Is hace already modelled depth chargescharges un them. Orlan for example.
  13. Patosentado


    Russian línea Will be supersilent and equipped with hypersonic SSMs.
  14. Patosentado


    I play mostly cruisers, mostly russian onés and Abruzzi IS my favoritos and damage grinder. Think iof a Schors that turns properly, with 12km torps and health. Good AAA Also.
  15. Patosentado

    British DD Play Style?

    I have been revisiting my Gallant, Haida, and Vampire and do not find a genreal playstile. Trying to play Gallant asa gunship is a guarantee of disaster. and still have to find a way to take profit of Haida, apart from spotting a lot for my team.