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  1. Get it extreme: think if an unarmed recon plane, such as a Piper, Sporting targets and directing fire. Is he doing nothing? For WG yep, for the army he flies for, a LOT. There are decorated recon pilots, so any high brass agrees to that. Why take the risk of spotting for such a little reward? Thats why a LOT of DD players go bordering to hunt the enemy CV or set their ambushes instead of any teamplay.
  2. Patosentado

    DD concealment needs a nerf

    That applies to jap and some brit and others such as Haida, but french le russian DD do not fit Tere...
  3. Patosentado

    New ships for 0.8.8?

    No Ness on Leone for a long time
  4. I had god reulsts with Guepard also, but it is a second half of game player. There it excels.
  5. Patosentado

    Enough of the synchronised swimming divs!

    That can be experiments or clan member formation/training in certain type of ship. Divisions should comprise DD + CA + BB for better results and fun. CV +`French DD is very fun also.
  6. Minsk is almost useless as a DD as all other DDs detect her without any chance of firing back. Vauquelin will be the same, i am afraid.
  7. Patosentado

    The hypocrisy of WG and "historical accuracy"

    Jordan, John & Moulin, Jean (2015). French Destroyers: Torpilleurs d'Escadre & Contre-Torpilleurs 1922–1956. Barnsley, UK: Seaforth Publishing. ISBN 978-1-84832-198-4. Highly recommended.
  8. Patosentado

    The hypocrisy of WG and "historical accuracy"

    Le Terrible DID get 43knots in her speed trials in real life: And Tashkent same 43knots, only cheating a bit: But the Gato class subs depicted in game should have these values:
  9. Patosentado

    Why should we participate in the sub beta??

    I doubt that. To hunt an Skipjack sub you need a Ka25 helicopter carring suonoboyes and torps.
  10. Patosentado

    Battle Ship Secondary's

    The point is game balance. A top tier BB has the same armament in secondaries as the light cruisers of her country and tier. Imagine that working exactly same as the cruiser ones. Iowa side socondaries are a full light cruiser broadside. You could just sail away and let secondaries work.
  11. Patosentado

    Why should we participate in the sub beta??

    I want to participate to improve the sub play we will not avoid in any case. Maybe they listen to beta testers and lessen sub speed a bit.
  12. Patosentado

    The hypocrisy of WG and "historical accuracy"

    I joined for the closed Beta, I hope I get in it. Once I see it in my scren will judge, but I have always said that some kind of DD Vs Subs in convoy escort scenario would be fun. Having 1980s Skipjack subs in a WWII surface game NOT.
  13. Patosentado

    Anybody else...

    I play both RU and French DDs and feel french better rudder and turning speed. Torps are 8km range 65+knots, amongst the better in the game.
  14. Patosentado

    Seem French DDs are easy XP farming for CVs

    I play Terrible a lot, and zigzagging at top speed CV planes dont miss a single rocket. I am almost sure they are laser-guided Maverick or similar. A moving target at 40+knots changing course should be hard to hit, even for guided ordnance