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  1. Tashkent: A little OP or is it just me?

    I made a lot of battles in it this week and seriously, I not get results or have fun. My life is going in advance to spot or cap, being detected by the hole enemy team, put on fire and sunks, longest life 30secs. I have fun and get results on Leningrad and Kiev, and I think differences should not be so great. I understand Trashcan is really a fast cruiser, but so much?
  2. World of Warships Blitz

    I have tried it but really cant get used to the tactile mechanics. I find it difficult even at Tier II
  3. Tashkent: A little OP or is it just me?

    Rushed aovr it in my way to Khab, now trying to recover it. I noticed in this post: That the Tashkent is even longer than the Khab, and similar in size to some tier VI cruisers...
  4. Bogatyr!

    I like low tiers, straight and simple, and more collaborative and agressive game. Bogatyr is a keeper, a good DD hunter, and even a BB rival, nice against other cruisers also. I love it!!!
  5. Hot or Not: Spanish Heavy Cruiser Canarias

    We Spanish would love to see her in game...
  6. Is Espana too weak for tier 3??

    We Spanish player would be proud to sail it.
  7. Most cruiser and BB players camp behind islands and snipe at long distanges not worrying to cover their DD mates, so after dying alone while capping DD a lot of times player balls start to swollen
  8. All the responsability and fault of a team defeat is on DDs, Even if everybody is camping behind an island and giving NO cover fire.
  9. Beautiful Screenshots

    USN BB63: Missouri...
  10. Aigle is Fun and Engaging

    Have bought and tried it, and the first impression is no good, turns like a cruiiser, with turrets turning like a british BB, detected at the same range as a Khabarovsk. I hope with captain skill will be a little better but not a marvel.
  11. I wish I would have the option to keep Seagal or not, I am tired of all that Feminazi dictatorship. He can be replaced by a decorated US female soldier (oh wait they dont have Lili Litviaks or Ludmila Palivchenkos) or... forget it. Tashkent is capital city of Uzbekistan, can fit.
  12. That goes for certain Russian ships such as Kirov or Tashkent also?
  13. Normally that`s the life of the Russian DD, specially top tiers. You get around cap where your "teammmates" (Emphasis on caps) tell you to go, get spotted by the whole enemy team, on fire and incapacitated before even turning around and out, Meanwhile your "cover" (caps again) is hurrying behind an island trying to keep unseen.