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  1. Even with radars or CVs, playing DDs is still worth It. Keeping half the enemy team off a cap with a single ship has no price.
  2. Patosentado

    Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Destroyers

    Expecting the true ones... placeholders are great!!!
  3. Patosentado

    Kleber is just trash now

    I have recently played Khaba in another account, and Kleber turns, switches rudder and accelerates better. They do they same task bug Kleber does It better. Khaba was brutally buffed and renamed Smolensk
  4. Patosentado

    ST, ships balance changes

    With Kleber and Smolensk the líne between DDs and Cruisers was erased.
  5. Patosentado

    Le Fantasque vs Le Terrible

    In recent duel rankeds I used only Fantasque and Terrible, with similar overall results, but Terrible performed better against BBs due to HP (I used mainly Snackbar torpedo attacks) and Fantasque better against CVs. Once I put 46planes down and won by CAP points.
  6. Patosentado

    ST, ships balance changes

    I was a main RU DDs player that got recently to Kleber, and It Will be much better than Khaba even after the Nerf. Better concealment, turn-rudder shift, torps and damage manage. Khaba still needs a Buff or de-nerf...
  7. Patosentado

    If 1 v. 1 Ranked is done again, which tier?

    Tier V to VII would be nice.
  8. Patosentado

    What 1 vs 1 Ranked shows about CV's

    Yesterday in a ranked in a Fantasque against an Enterprise I put 48planes down, and won by cappping points, surviving by moving fast.
  9. Patosentado

    Seem French DDs are easy XP farming for CVs

    Yesterday in a ranked duel against an Enterprise my Fantasque put 48planes down...
  10. Patosentado

    Tier 8 Sprint

    Fun and fair. No one else in team to blame. Fantasque handles quite well...
  11. Patosentado

    Phew....HAHAHAHA what are the odds (with vid)

    I won a Fantasque Vs Enterprise match. 26 planes down.
  12. Patosentado

    RN DDs Need Buffs or French Need Nerfs?

    They mean completely different ways of play. A well played Cossack can destroy 2 Terribles without being seen a single second, but if detected... Is done by gunfire.
  13. I hace recently bought an ongoing car for 100$ leds, driving It home. It is true that later required extensive repairs, but anyway 500$ is a lot of money.
  14. Patosentado

    Suggestion: New Game Modes and Modern Era equipment

    Nope, an electronic warfare Su24 passed by and Lost all electrónics for a while.