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  1. Patosentado

    Russian carriers are coming!

    I understand it has force fields, rail guns and automatic point defences.
  2. Patosentado

    ST, changes to test ships

    Paolo Emilio should be some kind of Kleber/Khaba with SAP and 12km ultraslow Italian torps. There are some real ships to get data. In fact the Mogadors were the french response to Capitani Romania, and Khaba some kind of uparmoured Capitani Romaní.
  3. Ia have recently started grinding the line, arrived up to tier VI (Vasteras) and I dont find the point of those ships, guns do not have punch, turrets turn like Warspite ones, and torps do little damage. I enjoyed a lot French DDs, Is it worth to continues to the "good ones" supposed to be VIII and more?
  4. Patosentado

    Tier XI

    Modern warfare based on radars and missiles would be very different, almost a new game. But if they stay outside ythe WWII maps could be OK Same for the Kilo subs actually in test (2knots submerged, guided torps)
  5. Patosentado

    DDs and spotting XP : Nonexistent

    Spotting, capping, defending bases should be far more rewarded than actually are. Points focus on damage and kills so everyone keeps back farming damage. As firing reveals your position is common that the DD gets no cover fire at all. In other games fire coverage, defending the one capping or kill an enemy inside cap is rewarded.
  6. Patosentado

    Invisible Ships

    Spotting mechanics can be difficult to understand, as they are way too unrealistic/ illogical. You can see shells coming from nowhere, or BBs undetected by as DD. Top height for USS Missouri is almost 64m. That's a 20 stores building. It is probably the highest point in Pearl Harbor base.
  7. Patosentado

    Question about the Venezia

    Amalfi and Brindisi were Ansaldo projects for the Spanish Navy, there are some drawings. Venezia I understood is pure fantasy.
  8. Patosentado

    Le Fantasque vs Le Terrible

    Is that an app? Can you name it?
  9. Patosentado

    Destroyers role

    I have done that a lot of times, and almost half of the occasions the cruiser ignores my smoke and simply goes through it. But when the teammate takes profit of it and Thanks the action I feel it was worth the risk. Lately playing mostly french and Ikea DDs so.... No smoke...
  10. I don't understand the OP, he is describing Kiev, Tier VIII in the line.
  11. Patosentado

    Destroyers How to deal with poor concealment guide

    Some text explaying the lessons, will be welcome for those who use the forum where no videos can be seeen...
  12. The only real ship is the smallest. Paper can hold almost anything.
  13. Patosentado

    Kleber the torpedo boat? New UU coming

    Can be worth a try and leave Marceau as gun boat
  14. Patosentado

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    A non asked for line split made of invented "megadreadnoughts" with glass side and eternal reload. When will be time for Italian DDs, a line than can be made of true ships, up to Tier X (Capitani Romaní). I won't spend a single second on this "new line" Seeing the game progression, it's maybe time to look somewhere else...
  15. Patosentado

    Le Terrible or 6 months Premium?

    Get Aigle for coal and the premium time to grind the line up faster, and get Marceau as fast as you can. Differences between Fantasque and Terrible are not so great as the ones between Kleber and Marceau.