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  1. Patosentado

    Tashkent — Soviet Tier IX destroyer.

    I had it in my EU account and have reached her in the NA just yesterday. It is a cvery fast cruiser with accurate guns, NO concealment (you will be detected by inland statinons since the very beginning of the game, has [edited] rudder and bad gun rotation, so its state normally is detected and on fire.
  2. Patosentado

    What is the best Tier 4 Destroyer?

    Izyaslav has 5 guns that can be accurate at bigger distances and 3 sets of torps not so different from the rivals, and with 5km, better even than Minsks` ones.
  3. Patosentado

    game sounds suddenly "tinny"

    It happens in my computer sometimes, normally when I am about to crash. After restarting it goes well
  4. Patosentado

    French Destroyers announced

    I tried to play LT as a RUDD the days I had it rented, but the floaty shells and the bad angles of the guns prevented that. I logic the Leningrad class was a copy of the french fast contretourpilleurs, but in the game it is not true because the Minsk has flat firing guns with much better angles of fire than LT.
  5. Patosentado

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    I is also competing for the USNavy FFX program.
  6. Patosentado

    What premium ship tops your wish list?

    Gremy, I arrived late.
  7. Patosentado

    NA user playing EU ?

    I am an EU player that has an NA account. You should make a new account in the new server, you can use even the same email, username and password, but the new account will start from ZERO, with no access to the premium contents you have in the other server. It is a good chance to start straight grinding a line
  8. Patosentado

    French Destroyers announced

    Most have spees under 37knts, thats nothing to write home about, with no smoke... I understand they should be played RU style, but the floaty shells will make it more difficult than RU ones, anyway, I am excited to start grinding them.
  9. Patosentado

    Your MOST played Premium ship?

    Duca D`Aosta and Aigle.
  10. Patosentado

    Full French DD line

  11. Patosentado

    Tips for DD Duels

    Know thestrenghts and weaknesses of your DD and the enemy one and use them in your adavantage. If you are in a RU DD, with guns thar go fast and accurate over 8km and your torps dont go over 4km, use that distance. If you have slow, floaty shells but 7km torps, tyry to close range if you go on an US or RU DD.
  12. Patosentado

    DD mains - Think CVs are your worst nightmare?

    I had a game recently that a Gangut wiped us 2 DDs with surprisingly accurate main guns fire, but main problem for DDs is not teamwork but "no spot, cap" whining.
  13. Patosentado

    Błyskawica Buff When?

    Blys came out years ago when stealth firing was available. In actual conditions it is an italian cruiser (that can be fun and effctive) but it is not a DD.
  14. Patosentado

    Smoke a damaged BB

    Since I satarted on this game I understood that one of the roles of the DD is setting an smoke screeen for friendly ships. Sometimes, when I see around me a BB that has pushed (something exceptional, asyou all know), and is receiving a lot of shell, I try to sail alongside him and set an smoke screen to let him recover from hiswounds. some of them say thanks, so I understand Is a good thing, but is it really useful? Thanks
  15. CVs can be annoying but my main complains as DD player are the same having CVs or not, the lack of team support.