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  1. Paolo Emilio was a real ship, saw combat in WWII, and served with upgrades well into the missile era
  2. Patosentado

    The New DD line are NOT DESTROYERS

    Same as Khabarovsk or Kleber.
  3. Patosentado

    Premium Ship Review: Florida

    I am comparing it to an Amalfi, and it is supposed to be a BB
  4. Patosentado

    Premium Ship Review: Florida

    Just got her for a 3day trial. Really sucks. Makes Italian cruisers Tanky in comparison.
  5. Patosentado


    If you just sail bordering the edges of the map, you will crash into most of BB and cruiser players.
  6. Patosentado

    Possible upcoming tech line

    That's the point.
  7. Adding Tier VI and VII would add a lot of real combatants to the game mode. The Russians in the list were launched after the war, it was Gnevny class the only real combatant they had, apart from Tashkent. Tier VII would also add italian cruisers.
  8. Patosentado

    Warships at 100 hours: A newbie review

    Very good description of the game. Leave or take it. Since last captain changes I play rarely and don't miss it at all. Rediscovered Scifi series and Lego.
  9. Patosentado

    One Salvo and I'm Dead

    That's cruiser life. Stay always on the move, dodge, kite, hide, use your concealment.
  10. Nice review. I still remember when RN line came into the game and for weeks tier I was Black Swan Cup. Tier I ships are strange, as the russian one, mounts the same turrets as Tashkent...
  11. Terrible is very good against DDs and BBs, but struggles against british cruisers
  12. Patosentado


    WwII ASW warfare would be nice, in a convoy protection environment, but we will get 1980s subs (35knots submerged, homing torpedoes) in the main game.
  13. Patosentado

    Game fun is 6-years low.

    Took a 2week rest in game, got back, 3 detonations in a row and rest again. This time don't know how long. I am not missing it.
  14. Enforce team gameplay. Things such as killing an enemy defending area, kill an enemy saving a teammate and caps should give more points. That's not new, other games feature this