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  1. Bad premiums - are they really bad?

    I own or have owned Gallant, Aigle, Abruzzi and Aosta. Gallant is fun and has really special characteristics, as very tight turn and single torps, not bad gunship. Aigle should be an overpowered Leningrad, but could not take a good battle on it and sold it out. Varyag is fun, turns better than a Bogatyr with more guns, use manual secondaries for better effect. Aosta is a big DD, think of it as a Tashkent. Abruzzi is now my most damaging cruiser, with IFHE and DE
  2. Abruzzi AP is nasty!

    AP bounces off a lot even on cruisers, HE starts quite a lot of fires, but also bounces off or failes to penetrate. The solution: Use mostly HE with IFHE
  3. TKing accident and manners

    I have done several TKs with the 12km italian torps, but ALWAYS apologías, if U can both un chat and by personal message.
  4. Put that configuration but still had not found the situation to get advantage of it
  5. Abruzzi AP is nasty!

    I find it makes fires and also citadels other cruisers with AP, the main problem I find is that it is detected even at spawn point, before the BBs of the team, and a lot of times shot an erased by inviseble ships. It needs a radar or hydro.
  6. Just the ship, I had a 13pt captain in D Aosta already Thi ship has also an incredible capability for drawing enemy fier, my record is the 9 enemies firing at me at the same time.
  7. It find it really difficult, maybe in division could it be done...
  8. Abruzzi

    I hope so, now that "effect" is killing the fun.
  9. Abruzzi

    If there is somethin amazing about itaslian cruisers is their capability to attract enemy fire on them. You can be 2km behind a line of BBs that all fire will go on you.
  10. My crashes

    I put it here because as I have to harde reset computer can not get a crash report. Mostly happens in the second battle of the session, no matter mode, nation o ship type, and gets progressive: 1- sound gets metallic 2- turns get slow 3- shells go through target witout damage 4- computer stuck
  11. Is there a DD line that is maneuverable?

    If you want to turn on a dime, RN DDs are tour choice. Actually that means Gallant, Vampire, and the Panasian tiers III, V and VII .
  12. I have just got it and find it fun and affective. Makes fires and long range torps do damage, but has a glass chin, if a BB gets on ya...
  13. D Aosta does citadelsd when using AP, Abruzzi also.
  14. WoWs Tier 11-15

    André la the funon firing a Kalibr missile from 2000km away?
  15. Premium Ship Review: Varyag

    I LOVE the Bogatyr bug Witt the upgraded guns. Got the Oleg and hated It. Varyag os fun and can be competitive. I Will keep It.