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  1. Captian_Artyom

    WAAAGH! Orcs coming to WoWS

    Its red, of course it will be faster
  2. Captian_Artyom

    Tried to Save Him ...

    Yes it is
  3. If I win i choose extremely satisfied If I lose I choose extremely dissatisfied
  4. Captian_Artyom

    Kitikami incoming???

    Today I will remind them
  5. Captian_Artyom

    Does Wargaming not consider Canada interesting enough?

    Canada's fleet was mostly destroyers and corvettes
  6. Captian_Artyom

    ARP ships no country of origin

    They are actually Japanese ships since they count on directives like do X amount of damage with japanese ships
  7. Captian_Artyom

    Flamu's Santa Crate Reality

    I got the Makarov last time it was on sale, so jokes on you WG
  8. Captian_Artyom

    What do your stats say about you?

    That I am a potato
  9. Captian_Artyom

    Until something changes

    See you tomorrow
  10. Captian_Artyom

    Train whistles on Ocean map?

    no, that is just playes using the ships horns
  11. Already on the game, its called Detonation