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  1. OG_Senpoi

    Deadeye is gone, how about the rest?

    the rest is players
  2. OG_Senpoi

    thanks for the GRIEF WG

    when you got rickroll by WG
  3. OG_Senpoi

    One Salvo and I'm Dead

    JUST DODGE!!!!
  4. it's no one problem it's someone problem not mine are members in your clan having problem shaming stats in your clan by clan's member? i dont think so if they shame someone stats their problem
  5. stats nothing to complain anything otherwise it's player complains player only not stats complain player by stats
  6. having a problem with BB shooting? JUST DODGE
  7. OG_Senpoi

    Kansas And Minnesota Are Ruining Battles

    Kansas and Minnesota need engine boost 150%
  8. OG_Senpoi

    Logic WG whit the SLAVA !. Slava need BUFF

    if you can't do damage your problem is your eyes then you may see a doctor