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  1. OG_Senpoi

    Cv's suck

    ok RTS CV comeback when
  2. OG_Senpoi

    We can not allow Airstrike!

    Magazine loader? YES PLS
  3. OG_Senpoi

    Flamu on the warpath

    new theory
  4. OG_Senpoi

    Quan Rong Pan Asian skipper

    wait until Lunar New Year on 1st February
  5. OG_Senpoi

    Special captain enhanced skills need changing

    read again
  6. OG_Senpoi

    Special captain enhanced skills need changing

    put them into right place not wrong place esp players
  7. OG_Senpoi

    Not all but BB play is digusting....

    IF BB is average just play BB instead IF CA is average just play CA instead IF DD is average just play DD instead IF CV is average just play CV instead IF players are average returns to REJECT HUMANITY
  8. OG_Senpoi

    So, that toxic Gold rank...

    list your games that you have been playing without toxic in comp mode
  9. OG_Senpoi

    Improving Average Player Skill

    remove concealment from every ships in game
  10. OG_Senpoi

    Weegee MM is at it again!

    stop playing early morning or late night
  11. OG_Senpoi

    Farming Dreadnoughts Hack!!!!!

    additional by step A : range Conqueror and stealth