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  1. I have researched and bought Moskva, if I reset my Soviet Curiser line now, Will i get the coal version of Moskva at the next patch?
  2. -Soviet cruiser line is mixed with ca &cl, need a split -move Moskva to a new ca line with Moskva being top tier -found out they have to gave the new tier x cl out (and a new permcamo) as they did with US cruiser split and IJN dd split -don't want to gave a tier x out for free -*bulb* move Moskva out of the techtree -you don't have a tier x now, so they don't have to gave you the new cl -why would you want a permcamo for a ship you don't even have? -"what should we do if players get mad at the decision?" -"tell them we gave them a premium ship AND a permcamo for free, they won't remember the time and exp and credits and doubloons they spent on it." -problem solved, went public with utter joy personal assumptions based on real events