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    Premium Ship Review: Huanghe

    took her out and like you said the guns are great for the punch on other cruisers an dd just not as fast I like them to be wished they were just a bit faster loading when you are caught out flat footed coming around a turn an a dd whas beached it can be a shock to both of us me for finding myself caught flat footed by a DD and him seeing a torp carrying cruiser coming in a turn where he has beached himself but then when your torps slam into rocks you failed to see when launching them then its down to guns an that is a bit of a scare..lol but she is fun to play no doubt about that just for the shear shock value you get from DDs when you catch tthem with their pants down.
  2. silvereclipes

    Premium Ship Review: Huanghe

    I have a feeling like you its way to nerfed it needs some buffing to maybe to get it to shine, a little faster reload plus faster turret speed plus maybe adding single fire torps would make her a good little heavy DD because really that is all she is at best but my feeling is WG will revisit it after people stop playing it in frustration and make some changes to her if we are lucky if not I would advise working with a DD to help keep her in smoke where when she is setting she can power up hers an creep out to surprise other ships and hope you don't run into a radar ship.
  3. silvereclipes

    Premium Ship Review: Huanghe

    Thanks mouse for the review,in my view it should maybe get buffed on either turret speed and maybe a little faster reload time to make it a little better of a ship but your right you need to treat it like glass that's in a shooting gallery. I grabbed it just because I love a challenge and to see if I could at least work somewhat with its weakness's which are many like you said. first match with it I was able to work with it but it was interesting to say the least another player who also bought it found out the fast way its glass an if you charge in your dead.but I was able to take down a kongo but it sure wasn't because of the guns on her not when I was getting bounces off the armour of the kongo it was the torps that gave me the advantage but barely.don't know who was more surpised me or him but I think it may have been a tie on that the friendly dd I was with at least smoked us up so we could pull that off.but if you do want to try it you better be prepared for a rough time of it since you need to be the sneakiest cruiser alive to live.