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  1. SwissSteel

    Anniversary coupon

    Thanks for the follow-up Doc. But, "My coupons" also not showing there. It's ok though ---- makes it easier to hold onto the money. Whoever coded this ---- wows should take out of coder's paycheck what they are not receiving from players.
  2. SwissSteel

    Anniversary coupon

    Received the notice of 30% discount (expires in 3-days). But, cannot find it --- in shop, only seeing "redeem wargaming code". Not seeing "my coupons" Not working, broken --- too hard to find and use. Looked everywhere. Would have used on a ship if it was "easy". Make it hard to use, or just not work. Nah ---- don't really need any new ships. Yes --- frustrated to be given something, but not. Anyone up for a snipe hunt?
  3. SwissSteel

    Pink assignment

    Useless comparison. You are in the wrong here.
  4. SwissSteel

    Pink assignment

    Chat warning is a useless excuse for sending torps danger close to an ally. When knife fighting -- chat messages are last thing to pay attention too. Decided to myself go pink in a coop recently. 1st, dd sinks another allied dd with torps fired close. Short time later, he fires a spread and I catch one. Clearly a player who believes everyone else responsible except you who pulled trigger. My next salvo prevented him from doing it a third time.
  5. No accident. WG rolled this out working exactly as intended. Surely they saw enough testing game play and received feedback sufficient to know this going in. Now to see if the community accepts it. (Doubt gathering more data is the primary reason this went live)
  6. SwissSteel

    Too many carriers in co-op now.

    That's exactly what happened --- well, maybe not exactly, it wasnt by choice -- bots just steamrolled into our cap and crushed the team.
  7. SwissSteel

    Too many carriers in co-op now.

    With 2 cv on green team, and they learning how to use new cv's combined with 2 extra bbs on red --- coop is a mess. Will spend some time on the bench until things are adjusted. In one game --- one of the cvs managed an amazing 7 total damage.
  8. SwissSteel

    Operations: 5 out 9 Ops removed?!

    Same --- 1st 19pt captain thanks to cherry blossom and chapy
  9. SwissSteel

    Some Operations have to be nerfed!

    Pattern I've noticed --- Wed to Friday are days of high loss percentage for all ops. Guessing more new to the op players and, well it's mid-week. By Saturday, players are more familiar with the op and more experienced players are playing -- wins go up. I've come to avoid op's until saturday/sunday. Results much better. If I do play it earlier --- I expect a loss and dont load up my best flags. No need to nerf, players need the challenge and practice to get better. At least those able/willing to get better.
  10. SwissSteel

    supercontainers still a thing?

    Occasionally show up. I always select more resources. Week or two ago, received a super with Molotov in it.
  11. SwissSteel

    Lag spikes

    Yes --- seeing 1 to 2 second periodic screen freeze. Verizon fios. Starting afternoon of 1/1. Not occurring all the time. Ensuring all drivers are current and reinstalling wows did not resolve it. In one co-op game on 1/1, I asked in chat if anyone else was having the problem --- no one else was experiencing the screen freezes. Was good yesterday am. Reoccurred last night. Then internet went down altogether. Maybe it's verizon problem? 3 games this morning were all ok. (All I had time for before work) (P.S. couple dozen games this evening -- so far all good)
  12. SwissSteel

    Operation Cherry Blossom - a thing I noted.

    At game end -- often see balt, chappy, clevelands at top of board. Not in any particular order. Goes without saying --- teamwork, and not playing the fool who rushes in is best determination of success.
  13. SwissSteel

    Operation Cherry Blossom - a thing I noted.

    As said earlier --- a mix (martel, chappy, balt, cleveland). I bring chappy. Long range radar, hydro, good long range he, good short ap. AP not good at long range --- martel there. Chappy with rudder shift module. Combined with hydro makes torp dodging easy. Use speed flag to keep up and get 1st long range shots on myokos. Radar at beginning as soon as turrets turned to reveal dds. Love Cherry blossum -- my only (2) 19 pt captains came from cherry blossum this and last time it came around. Problem I see with losing shore installations is lack of team focus on myokos, then as the dds come in to bombard.