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  1. Being Japanese makes me somewhat biased but it was what you asked for so got it for you. I am a student also so know how difficult it can be to spend money on non-necessities so try to help. when have a little cash laying around. Have fun if not at least learn from the experience. . 

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    2. MzFortune2001


      From Tucson AZ going to U of A there. Yokosuka, Kanagawa-shi JP. but was raised in the USA. Grew up 5km from Mikasa park. Been In US since I was 9 years old. even my Japanese very rusty. A friend died so went back a few weeks ago but have no plans to return. No never was into ships tell Miki-san took her life. left me all these ships and her account for Worlld of warships. history, not a major interest until recently. Life changes we learn as we go. I no want you to miss something you wanted that I have that I did not even desire. The guilt made me feel poorly so you helped me. by taking her. I have no family in Japan or here so no ties to anywhere.Try to help if I can. 

    3. RADAR_210


      Damn...I'm sorry about your friend. If there's anything I can do to help let me know.

    4. MzFortune2001


      It is sad for those left behind. She suffered greatly and I believe she took only real choice she had. We do not choose our birth but our dearth is up to us. Miki-san died well lived the best she could. what more can anyone do? Thank you for your concerns.