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  1. Akizuki_Kai

    Help winning with Stalingrad

    I agree with you on that one. Playing Moskva however, I'm usually good at surviving until the end of the match. Unfortunately that also meant having teammates that die too quickly and getting surrounded by the enemy.
  2. Akizuki_Kai

    Help winning with Stalingrad

    As the title suggests, I am having trouble with winning or the past 26 games with this ship. I don't think the problem is not being familiar with the ship mechanics since I have the Moskva as well. I don't think I'm not familiar with the ship since it plays similarly to the Moskva and I think I have okay stats with that one. My stats with both ships are similar in terms of frags, accuracy, average/spotting/potential damage with the exception of winrate. Also, I don't think survivability isn't the issue either since I have a higher rate in the Stalingrad (48% vs 43%.) https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1028355387,smileywarhead/ Here is my link to anyone who wants to look at the stats of both ships. Anyone willing to sit down and offer feedback and critique would be much appreciated.
  3. Akizuki_Kai

    Lag Making Game Un-Playable

    Same here with a lot of disconnected players That's just unacceptable. Team's loss btw.
  4. Akizuki_Kai

    Which DD to choose?

    I'm already quite used to the Harugumo in its cruiser style gameplay, however its maneuverability is not ideal for competitive. I have recently left my clan in a search for a more active group for competitive battles, which means I could use a more team oriented DD such as the Gearing as others have suggested. I do like the solo focused DDs that I already have, but I also want to expand to a more team based destroyer playstyle. It seems the Gearing is the choice because of its team focused versatility over the Z-52 or Grozovoi.
  5. Akizuki_Kai

    Which DD to choose?

    It looks life the American DD is the ship I'll be working towards to unlocking. Quite a few have also suggested Grozovoi as well so I might grind probably after Gearing. Thanks for the feedback guys.
  6. Akizuki_Kai

    Which DD to choose?

    Long time lurker here, I'm slowly working my way towards different T10 ships and while I've reached a variety of T10 cruisers, I've found myself lacking a selection of destroyers: just the Shimakaze, Harugumo, and Daring. As you guys can see, I've played quite a few games so I have an idea how destroyer gameplays are like. With that, I'm looking for a more versatile ship that can hold on it's own and contribute to team support than the ships I have now. While the Shimakaze did receive gun buffs, its main strength in its torpedo armament is too reliant on luck and RNG to hit. Harugumo is also not ideal since it heavily relies spotting from allied ships to output damage. Both ships aren't ideal for competitive games. I quite like the Daring, so expanding my inventory of versatile destroyers what I have decided to do. So after doing some homework, it seems my options are narrowed to the Gearing or the Z-52. I have limited experience with them, being only to use rental ship versions. Gearing shells are pretty floaty at distance but I do like the long smoke duration. Z-52 does get fantastic hydro, but its anemic smoke and HE alpha leave a lot to be desired. I have considered Yueyang, but its recent nerf made me think twice to work towards to. So I'm asking which ship you guys enjoy to play in both random and competitive games and why. I'll appreciate the advice and replies on what you guys think.