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  1. I forgot the Iowa only had 1 aft and not 2.
  2. HEYO19191

    What are your WoWS goals for 2021?

    With MatchMaking in the ditch this game is really dropping off for me. I seem to die in the first 7 minutes in the round and if I live it's always me and 2 other guys against 7 of the enemy team. It's not my fault Matchmaking decides to put low winrate players with low winrate players and high winrate players with high winrate players. Honestly the CV update wasnt the kicker for me, it's just how awful the matchmaking service is.
  3. How about a tier-9 Iowa BattleCarrier? There were plans to convert some of the Iowa-class Battleships to BattleCarriers by removing the Aft turret and placing a runway and hangar deck there instead. Never happened unfortunately.
  4. CV counterplay has to be one of the easiest counterplay to achieve. Here's a step by step guide on how to prevent you from being nuked by a CV. Step 1. Stay in groups of ships. Step 2. Profit
  5. To be fair, that alaska couldve full reversed and full port ruddered, which wouldve placed them behind the island they were camping and minimize bomb hits. The Iowa, on the other hand, had alot less options. He went to a stop when he saw the planes in an attempt to avoid them, but because the Netherland's Captain failed to properly tell where that Iowa would be in ~20 seconds, this didn't work out in the Iowa's favor, and most of the bombs hit. That's just bad luck.
  6. I beleive another poster mentioned it in a well-compilied evaluation. You have 3 "plane warnings". 1. The appearance of planes on the minimap. 2. The appearance of 12-36 aircraft above your ship. 3. Your AA guns begin to fire.
  7. How does any of that have anything to do with the 20 second forewarning. It doesnt matter what the CV player's doing, it doesn't matter if the dutch ship is concealed. You can see the planes with your [edited] eyes. You literally have 20 seconds from the planes being spotted from the bombs hitting your deck. After reading the rest of the man's posted I have concured that Bandi is an absolute idiot. You don't consider dodging ordinance counter-play? Fine, use DFAA then. Not like the planes will try to turn away.
  8. You get less of a warning on torps. Also, have you not met those people who ALWAYS stick their bow towards the enemy and charge halfway across the map? You can't do much to them. As he said, its mindless gameplay.
  9. This isn't Chernobyl, this is some tiny unexploded ordinance in some French feild. Again, the strikes load one after another.
  10. WG is stupid, but they aren't stupid enough to make the strikes reload concurrently. If they did, then there would be no reason to save strikes (unless you were expecting another, better target to appear). Instead, the strikes reload one after another, meaning another triple strike could be available in 4 minutes. Also, yes, all charges are loaded at the start of the match.
  11. HEYO19191

    Lets talk Columbo

    It would seem that I had forgotten that sigma existed when creating this post.
  12. HEYO19191

    "Innaccurate" BBs

    Ah, that explains it. Thanks.
  13. HEYO19191

    "Innaccurate" BBs

    The descriptions for Italian and German BBs are that they have innaccurate main batteries, but if you look at the statistic for shell dispersion, they both have the lowest dispersion of all bbs in the game (251 and 266 respectively if I remember correctly). Why would WG put in the description of those bb lines that they're innaccurate if it's completely false?
  14. HEYO19191

    Lets talk Columbo

    Why is it that the description for the italian bb tree says that the ships have low accuracy when the Colombo LITERALLY has the best accuracy of ALL tier X bbs?
  15. HEYO19191

    Mouse Presents: Screenshot Theatre

    Not a screenshot, but a video of pain World of Warships 2021-05-12 21-35-43_Trim.mp4