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  1. bkhorn

    Acasta Premium no free camouflage

    Ok, I have to ask. What is a tech tree ship and how is that different from a premium ship?
  2. bkhorn

    Constant game crashes

    It looks to me like there was an update overnight. We now have version I don't think that was the version when I quit last night. My mini map last night wouldn't show any islands until I launched in Safe Mode.
  3. bkhorn

    Servers still down ???

    Check under the Support area. The game actually crashes. There is an error box hidden.
  4. bkhorn

    Constant game crashes

    Had to use my cell phone to get this as once it crashes it is damn near impossible to get out of it. ctl-alt-del doesn't work. Can't get to Task Manager to close anything. I found this and I was able to close it and then the app closed.