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  1. If somehow if they release a submarine tech tree, I hope that they will give us dds depth charges and other fun stuff to lob at them. British CV are exciting, please split the British cruiser line for CA's and CL's. HMS York or Exeter would make a good tier 6 heavy cruiser.
  2. Lets do some quick math here. Daring's base gun reload time is 2.5 seconds. With main battery mod 3, it goes down to 2.2 seconds. Add basic fire training and it goes down to 1.95 seconds. Theoretically, it could send 184 shells per minute at the enemy @ 30 rounds per minute. Not to mention it has superheal, max 3 charges with superintendent and premium consumable.
  3. Time to get my Helena and Fiji out of port. Those cruisers are fun to shred DDs. Smoke? Just use hydro.
  4. Admiral_Bingo

    RN CL Dido Premium Proposal

    Just throwing ideas out there sir. How about 100000000000x DFAA for 5 seconds active time? Lol
  5. Admiral_Bingo

    RN CL Dido Premium Proposal

    Another thing to consider besides its guns and questionable aa ablilites are the torpedoes. Dido has two triple torpedo launchers. Most likely as a RN cruiser, she can single fire them. Maybe the torpedoes will have a range of 8km or similar to Leander's or Fiji's. 7km would still be great at tier 5 (similar to Emerald's). They are also triple tubes, so they reload faster than quads (most of the time). Unlike Atlanta, she has usable torps and can single fire them. She does not have to shoot them at point blank range.
  6. Admiral_Bingo

    RN CL Dido Premium Proposal

    Cute looking ship. If it gets into random battles, people will just blow it up for fun at first. I heard from others that players used to chase after an enemy Graf Spee just because of its crazy caliber trying to kill it. Maybe it will happen to Dido for a while.
  7. Admiral_Bingo

    RN CL Dido Premium Proposal

    There is a possibility of a penetration buff for IFHE if WG really wanted this to work at tier 6 or 7. WG did it to the IJN gunboat destroyers.
  8. Admiral_Bingo

    RN CL Dido Premium Proposal

  9. Admiral_Bingo

    RN CL Dido Premium Proposal

    Who said that it gets the standard DFAA? What if they get something similar to Hood's and Atlanta's version of DFAA? Like you said, WG will fiddle the stats, maybe Dido's version of DFAA will be a greater multiplier (eg. x10) like Hood's x25 and unlimited charges of it like Atlanta.
  10. Who knows? Maybe it will be confined to missions and destroyers and certain cruisers that participate will be armed with anti sub weaponry just for that mission. Either way, random or missions, I look forward to blowing something extra up with my destroyer.
  11. Admiral_Bingo

    RN CL Dido Premium Proposal

    So that takes us closer to a five second reload. With the BFT, it goes down to 5.9 seconds. That would be swell at tier 6. As a premium, WG could always throw in a ten point captain included with the ship to make it easier.
  12. Admiral_Bingo

    CV Reworks: never seen suggestion

    A large CV population is good. More planes for my aa to chew up. I find myself in many games with a dedicated aa captain with no CVs.
  13. Admiral_Bingo


    Because it was the last battleship of the RN, there could have been plans to upgrade her armament in the future if the war didn't end before it was built. Might even mount 8x16 inch guns or even 8x18 like Conqueror (but the two would be too similar). Maybe stock 15 inch with the option to upgrade to a faster firing 15 inch gun or a larger caliber? Just a silly thought: What if they made 15 inch dual purpose guns that can fire something similar to Japanese "Beehive rounds" at aircraft? Yes, the reload would be slow but it would wipe out squadrons within range every 24-30 seconds.
  14. OK, maybe I was misled by this article. https://www.pcworld.com/article/3306657/gaming/world-of-warships-adds-submarines-to-naval-combat-game.html