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  1. This event seems pretty good, especially when you can get a reward ship for free from the directives. I'm still confused on this part of the article. I know that Kansas can be earned for free but for "active players", what does it mean by "chance" to get the Kansas bundle for free? Is it like some RNG roll among players with X number of games? It would be great if someone can clarify.
  2. Admiral_Bingo

    Birthday AVI

    Lol, maybe crossing the T is the clue for bottom tier ships to win in Asymmetric battles.
  3. Not too sure about the term potato. My friends and I call our laptops potatoes to describe how slow and underperforming they are. If my team does really bad, I tend to say to myself "We potatoed". Not sure if that is appropriate to say or not.
  4. Admiral_Bingo

    Super flag/camo containers!!!

    My goodness, 1k dubs and 100 india delta flags! LOL, what a guess :) Shoot, I almost forgot that dub drops existed!
  5. What will it be, flags or camos?
  6. Admiral_Bingo

    I must believe! ENTERPRISE

    Lol, I never said that I was able to hit anything after dodging flak. And also I USED to play the UK CV's which is probably more forgiving than KM CV's.
  7. Admiral_Bingo

    I must believe! ENTERPRISE

    Eh, it won't take long to figure out. I'm a complete CV potato and even I can dodge flak clouds from an Atlanta.
  8. Admiral_Bingo

    Summer Sale in the Premium Shop and Armory!

    At least I can buy a Santa container for free LOL.
  9. Admiral_Bingo


    Poor Yorck kept getting his engine knocked out.
  10. Admiral_Bingo

    PSA about posting PSAs or DB information.

    Rip no more posts about dive bombers. Lol, jk.
  11. Admiral_Bingo

    Don't worry if you dont have Enterprise

    I'm not surprised this is coming from @USS_Saratoga_CV3 rooting for the sister ship LOL.
  12. Admiral_Bingo

    Why do the Soviets hate the Warspite so much?

    The German battleship looks like the Bismarck except it has Tirpitz AA guns. The British battleship is most positively Warspite due to the secondary arrangement not being entirely dual purpose mounts.
  13. Admiral_Bingo

    Salty Player shoots me

    Nah I had some complete idiots blast me and then proceed to spew profanity directed at me how I suck and all that. People can get ridiculously toxic and do stupid stuff like that. I usually ignore all the garbage they throw in the chat at me and smile when I end up with the most XP on my team. That being said, don't take any of the trash in the chat personally. I am always open to constructive criticism on the chat should I make a mistake but I guarantee you that when people are toxic towards you in chat, chances are that it isn't relevant to how you play unless you REALLY did something whack like teamkilling. In the end, it's just a game. Not everyone has the time to play this game 24/7 and become a unicum. People who get really toxic at players that dont meet up to their standards should lighten up.
  14. Admiral_Bingo

    Auto paying doubloons

    Make this mod part of the game and I'll be happy