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  1. Admiral_Bingo

    San Diego out of NDA: First looks from various people

    Greetings. A friendly reminder to stay on topic with the thread. If you would like to discuss other topics in depth, you are more than welcome to open up a new thread or move to a more relevant one.
  2. Admiral_Bingo

    How to take screenshots

    Greetings. Let sleeping threads rest in their place folks!
  3. Admiral_Bingo

    Favorite Warships memory.. GO!!!!

    I have one distinct memory that I will never forget: A little over a year ago, I managed to get a friend of mine to division with both of us bringing Shiratsuyu with torpedo reload booster. There wasn't anyone else that I knew at that time who also had Shiratsuyu so I recruited a random guy who was looking to division and he brought his Akatsuki. We ended up getting thrown into a tier 9 match and we ended up dumping ALL of our torps towards B cap with an Alaska sitting in it. The Alaska somehow managed to survive but we had a good laugh at flooding B cap with a grand total of 41 torps
  4. Light cruisers also excelled in doing shore bombardment due to their high rate of fire. Although heavy cruisers could fire heavier shells that can do more damage individually, the ability to bombard an area with a greater quantity of fast firing guns would be more effective for close range support.
  5. One of the first lines I grinded was the UK cruiser line which... was a mistake because of the steep learning curve I had with the game mechanics that surrounded it. However, once I got the hang of them, it helped me a lot with learning destroyers as well. For instance, knowing the appropriate situations to use the smoke consumable. A lot of times I noticed a lot of beginner players (and at times even experienced players can turn a blind eye) deploy their smoke consumable and block out the line of sight for enemy ships. It's not great for you or your team since you can't see the ships you want to shoot at. Another mechanic that UK cruisers share strongly with destroyers is concealment. UK cruisers are usually one of the stealthiest cruisers at each tier, having low detection range and the ability to outspot a good amount of cruisers. This advantage allows you to decide whether to engage the enemy ship or not, depending on situation. Similarly, destroyers with good stealth would have to make similar decisions when they outspot an enemy DD. Are there any other ships that could potentially shoot me while I'm fighting this destroyer? Can I out-trade this destroyer based on my hitpoints and firepower? When playing UK cruisers, its good to develop a mindset where you plan where you go ahead of time, what ships you expect to meet along the way, what objectives are you trying to get at the time, etc... This helps a lot with learning destroyers as deciding what objectives to go for as well as being conscious of your surroundings is very important in UK cruisers. Technically, most ships follow a similar thought process of positioning and decision making but UK cruisers are more dependent on it to be effective because of their extreme fragility and good versatility.
  6. The only way I could think of differentiating between the two situations is having the generated bug report factored in but that would only cover the scenario where the game client crashes. Network disconnects are hard to determine as it could be a result of an unreliable connection or some guy pulling the plug from the ethernet on purpose and there wouldn't be a practical way for the client to tell.
  7. I had the honour of visiting USS The Sullivans a few years ago since it was just a hop across the border for me. Great ship with lots of history around it and I think it should be recognized in game as well. Selling a bundle with USS The Sullivans with the proceeds going towards the park could be a good way to raise funds to repair the ship. I believe Wargaming did something similar back then with the USS Texas.
  8. Admiral_Bingo

    DCS Iowa vs kirov

    Aside from the Iowas being the old A hull in their 1943 config, the video was overall pretty cool.
  9. My favourite one was the convoy mode, with the idea of escorting merchant ships to their destination.
  10. Admiral_Bingo

    The Complete Catalog of Fakeblogs

    The Fakeblog is where I post strange and imaginary designs of various ships featured in World of Warships. All of this is done in a similar format to the devblog, where a ship is posted with a brief explanation that attempts to justify the design. All the models are sourced from the game client and have been edited and rendered in Blender. Below, you can see all the Fakeblogs that I have posted up to this day. Click the spoiler under each entry if you want to see a quick preview of the ships. #1. German cruiser Cöln (VI) and American cruiser Milwaukee (X) https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/251514-fakeblog-1-new-ships/ #2. Japanese destroyer Harukaze (IX) and British battleship Temeraire (VIII) https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/251781-fakeblog-2-new-ships/ #3. American cruiser Cincinnati (IX) and Pan Asian destroyer Jianyang (X) https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/251874-fakeblog-3-new-ships/ #4. Commonwealth battleship Acadia (VIII) and German cruiser Magdeburg (VI) https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/252097-fakeblog-4-new-ships/ #5. American cruiser Detroit (VI) and British battleship Collingwood (VII) https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/253586-fakeblog-5-new-ships/
  11. Admiral_Bingo

    Yamato secondary build: Change my mind

    I run secondary build Nagato from time to time and its surprisingly effective at dealing with close range DDs. The accuracy parameters on the 140 mm guns are actually share the improved dispersion that Massachusetts has. Its hilarious to see them pop off and actually hit some DD that wasn't expecting it. So if you want to try secondary speccing into another Japanese BB, Nagato is worth a try.
  12. Admiral_Bingo

    Fakeblog #5 | New Ships

    If I left my citadel behind in port, that would be great.
  13. Admiral_Bingo

    Fakeblog #5 | New Ships

    I lost it for a bit when I saw "Collingwood", "VII" and the Nelson superstructure and I thought for a good second that my edit somehow got on their drawing board.
  14. Admiral_Bingo

    Fakeblog #5 | New Ships

    Greetings, and welcome to the Fakeblog, where I post strange and imaginary designs of various ships featured in World of Warships. All of this is done in a similar format to the devblog, where a ship is posted with a brief explanation that attempts to justify the design. All the models are sourced from the game client and have been edited and rendered in Blender.  Warning: The content below might be extremely cursed. Please proceed with caution. FAKEBLOG #5, NEW SHIPS American cruiser Detroit and British battleship Collingwood are added to the game for testing. American cruiser Detroit, Tier VI British battleship Collingwood, Tier VII
  15. One thing to note in this idea is that you can also account for firing angles of the DP guns that are shooting at the planes to make things more interesting. With the current system, the amount of flak spawned has nothing to do with the firing angles of the guns engaging aircraft so the damage output without taking priority sector into account would be the same bow on compared to showing broadside to the planes. Now if the amount of flak was dependent on the gun firing angles on the DP guns, you now have a variable amount of flak being thrown at the planes; being bow in limits how much flak comes out while showing broadside can maximize that firepower. This would further reinforce the "showing broadside" dilemma that many surface ship players encounter often. Just like how you show broadside to fire all your guns at ships with the risk of eating a lot of damage, you can show broadside to maximize your AA power and flak output against incoming aircraft, but that leaves you vulnerable to torpedo and rocket payloads since those do punish broadside ships more compared to those who are nosing in to dodge.