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  1. Berlimawurst

    CVs are Still Overly Effective in 8.2

    I strongly doubts what you are saying here. How are you guys going to do with all the premium CVs you guys just sold?? Please, we have had enough empty promises.
  2. I'll just bring the charts and data. When you look for the highest XP, you will find that an average CV player can get as much XP as a top player who runs a Stalingrad/Bourgogne/Alabama ST. Not sure if this is working as intended, because the even pre-change 7.0 CV average data is not as good. You may argue that they do not have the top damages, but the reason they can get so much XP without a lot of damage is that they are too effective against destroyers. (Knocking off 50% health from a DD is almost as effective as taking 50% health off a BB when calculating for XP gain. ) Is this change really working as intended? Giving an average CV player as much power as a top CA/CL/BB player?
  3. The Tier 10 DD gameplay fell around 1/3 after American arc as supported by server overall data. I did not bother to investigate other tier though.
  4. Berlimawurst

    I see why cruisers are so OP now

    The only OP class in this game is CV
  5. It's no news that DD number in tier 8-10 plunged recently, but I noticed that during this weekend, tier 5-7 has even less DDs. I ran my Indy and Pepsi several times today 2 out of 5 matches has no DD, while the rest of the matches have 1-2 DDs, and they die in the first 5 minutes. It bizarre given there is no cruiser mission going on, and the # of players who got their 10km radar at tier 7 are still small yet.
  6. That cv player in that battle has 73% WR on his GZ his WR on Ryujo 47% Taiho 57% Shokaku 51% Lexingon 47% etc,,,he is an average CV player, yet he can rock with GZ. Our CV is not bad, but unable to play against GZ 52% WR and 74k dmg
  7. So you expect a competent friendly CV on your team?
  8. I have discovered many OP design of GZs in the past, but here I found a new one: One squad of the GZ bombers can dealt 7300+ damage to a tier VIII DD with defensive AA on? Is the defensive AA useless against those bombers? When WG staff explained why they gave Asashio only deep water torps, he said that "we do not want to confuse the players with what type of torps are being used so players know whether they can hit them for sure" But look at GZ: HE bombs, AP bombs, regular torps, DW torps, two load out, etc... It is interesting how a ship that only went on sale once can bring so much anger to many players.
  9. You cannot mitigate the lack of IFHE with skill.
  10. IFHE is more important than CE on this ship
  11. Berlimawurst

    Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    You are welcomed.
  12. Berlimawurst

    Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    Thanks. I will take the better free Gadjah instead.
  13. Berlimawurst

    Zerra: The END of DDs is Coming

    Your top 5 most played DDs averages at tier 7. Most of your T10 DD game play are soviet DDs. Your least played class in the game is DD (except CV of course). My argument stays the same. If you want to make a point with personal experience, you have to be "experienced". I do not play DDs often, so I do not draw my personal experience. Instead I made my point by illustrating the aggregated stats about DDs.
  14. Berlimawurst

    USS Helena - Destroyer killing machine

    Boise is better. You've got tier X 9.9km radar at tier 7, and your HE can wipe 50% of DD health in one volley.
  15. Berlimawurst

    Zerra: The END of DDs is Coming

    Your top 5 most played DDs averages at tier 7, and they are all under 100 battles. I am not suggesting that 5-9 face no radar, but tier 7 ships encounter less radar in terms of numbers, range, and duration. At tier 7 only premium ships have radar. Again I am not a DD main either, but I can say that currently higher has more radar issues, and your background is not convincing enough.