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  1. It's no more complex than normal shells. The mechanics is just different. With increased AA damage due to AR, you have a increased chance of shooting down planes.
  2. There is no need to buff CVs, as they are the most OP class in this game. It's nice enough that WG is not nerfing it
  3. As we all know Adrenaline Rush works for both main armament and secondary armament That means: main guns, torps, secondary batteries. Why is the AA guns excluded? Ships lost AA mounts as the game progresses, and the AA guns are the easiest to destroy, so there would not be much left in later games. Many AA guns are dual-purpose guns. They have increased reload for anti-ship, so why don't they have increased reload (damage) for anti-airs? EDIT In case you guys don't know: AR even works on planes. You get shorter (better) aircraft servicing time on CV with AR.
  4. Konig Albert is a mistake

    T4 has the best MM. T3 and T5 are just inferior in MM.
  5. Worth Buying?

    I live in Perú. How do you get the discount? Those ships are really expensive for me.
  6. Konig Albert is a mistake

    It’s a good boat for collection. The stats are OP, but stats do not translate into actual good performance in game, mainly because of MM. You get uptiered 75% of the time, in which you are just another regular BB. It is less terrible than other T3 BBs, but it is still just a decent ship compared to other T3 BB s$$$$ts The Gulio at T5 is way better than this ship at T3, though they both suffer from MM.
  7. How about this. You want this ship for collection right? Sell this ship to you, but you can only use in non PVP games. It’s just too broken in fandoms
  8. This is a good suggestion, but WoWs is an international game. Many parts of the world do not go by 3 digit separation with comma on numbers.
  9. My bet is ASIA wins with 9:0. What about you guys
  10. Haida: updated on Facebook

    Or you can say the HE DPM is only 0.006%n higher than Kidd/benson check this full preview
  11. Haida: updated on Facebook

    She is not competitive when uptiered. Plain and simple
  12. Haida: updated on Facebook

    Are you sure your Fire per minute calculation is correct? The Cossack gun fire chance was nerfed (Chance of causing fire is decreased fro 8% to 5%. May 23 balance change). In addition, the torpedoes are very bad. 1x4 with 8km range and 1.4km detection (increased from 1.3km) So far the worst torp at Tier VIII and average gun power among T8 gun boats. Again, nothing good here. You knew about the gun arcs, above 8km they are worse than USN 127mm.
  13. Flamu is good. Notser not so much, a bit racist in fact.
  14. Hindenburg nerf

    You don't get to be a BB at high tier with 25mm bow armor
  15. Haida: updated on Facebook

    You have to understand that I have been keeping track on this ship since their first announcement. There have been so many bizarre changes, hydro?? perth smoke??..etc and she was finally viable but still balanced at T7 with 8 gimped guns, short range 4 torps, and trash smoke. But moving uptier is the most direct nerf so far.