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  1. Two things stand out. First, as a player who is trying to improve, seeing Fem in a BB behind me, and not doing something stupid and actually coming high up the score sheet while hundreds or more people can see me on on her screen. Having seen what some streamers do to players they deem idiotic, I was pleased with my results. Second would have to be the release of Haida, a ship I know well from it's time in Toronto and her having been captained by my Great-Uncle in the late 1950's. I've been hoping for a B hull of her rebuild AA gunned and anti-submarine equipped - maybe in time for the sub release? For the gift? Ohio, but if it's restricted then Massachusetts
  2. ekiqa

    Error connecting?

    Happening to me again - and losing the last hours of premium account from a supercontainer.
  3. Given that my great-uncle was one of her captains (3rd from left, bottom row in photo), any chance I can get a deal from WG for her? lol