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  1. Thinkweis

    Ship launched into the air 100 feet

    I too would like to see this added as a feature!
  2. I just think they play them because it's almost impossible to die early or at all, so they never have to feel 'bad' about dying. Yet, they have good games, and feel like champions. I think it's a cowards preferred class, but WG gets sad when i say this, so I'm chat banned 50% of the time. They are really acting like getting rid of the people criticizing their unearned promotion T-10s are going to get rid of the problems that unearned promotion T-10s cause... which is they ruin the game. Get a simple 3 tier rating system. If it's slow gold can combine with silver or silver with dirt, but dirt can't play with gold.
  3. Thinkweis

    control help

    Keys usually will pop off your keyboard. At least I would use a dinner knife or something flat to get under the key a bit and pull it up. Flip it over and blow air into it. If it's really old, I recently got a Razer Ornata Chroma mechanical keyboard and i don't think I could go back to a non-mechanical.
  4. What hellhole did you grow up in where that is a phrase people say? Also, you acknowledge that something that was broken was changed, and use that as your argument that something broken isn't important. You can cover yourself in goats blood before you fall asleep, but you could just sleep in the barn...
  5. I didn't know I was ever forum banned. I get banned from game chat all the time because I use words that are on the naughty list, but that's in game chat only. I do occasionally try to be constructive, but the core of this forum, especially the people that respond immediately have never found a single flaw or improvement that could exist. That's why you kinda have to go to page two to pass up the people that work this forum for a living.
  6. What is the point of AA when they can send 139 planes in a single match??? I was in the mix for the whole game, but when numbers dropped a bit, their CV / plane production factory decided to take another run at one of the highest ranked AA boats in the game and got 2 dive bombs to hit on a single squad while I focus fired and used my AA boost premium consumable. Now, if you look at this and think it's fine, I have to assume that you are a WG shill, or as incompetent as WG was when they decided that this was the right mix and balance is good enough. 100% ruined what was a good competitive game we were all having. 70% of the user base hate CVs. If you are going to gouge the playerbase you should have the money to put a couple devs on it and at least experiment with some changes. Where they hell does all this money go anyways?
  7. If you have been reading the thread, you have a child's reading comprehension. I think you should practice. Use books with a lot of pictures, that way you can use the pictures to help you figure out what the big word is without having to ask.
  8. "World of Warships - The thinking man's war game"
  9. Why do I turn every hobby into a job?
  10. Pretty sure you just entered politics.
  11. Limit the scope of their effectiveness. Reward smart play, punish what should be bad play, and allow other classes to play their game closer to normal. i like hate CVs, I just don't want a single player to have the ability to skirt AA to spot DDs for SAP rounds, blow into AA and still be effective with minimal downside, especially during the beginning of the match where a 1 or 2 ship advantage can mean an open flank and a massive disadvantage, and I don't want to have to wait for a complete collapse to give a little meaningful payback. i also want good CVs to have a major impact when they commit to an successful attack. I really just hate doing things right and getting wrecked on a no talent play. It's a moral killer to lose 50% health because it's great XP for a plane to hit me.
  12. The idea would be to decrease damage done when suiciding 6 planes to take a single shot at a dd in good AA cover, while rewarding a cv that risks more planes to attack an open target spotted by their teammates.
  13. If their damage was not adjusted to account for the changes. Maybe not though, as you can increase your attack size, and that might lead to good CV players recognizing opportunities and really capitalizing on them. That's why there is multiple testing phases before release.