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  1. Yelirious

    Rewards for Public Test 0.9.8 Participants

    Hello! I completed the three Directives of the Summer Season, and I got the 2x Five Epochs of the Navy containers of current update, along with the usual rewards for combat misions (signals, Type 6 camo, WG containers...). But I'm missing the summer emblem (2 directives) , and the flag, patch and Premium Ship VI container (3 directives). Those awards were supposed to be credited at the same time as the other rewards, or should I wait before contacting support? Thanks in advance! Update: The emblem, flag, patch and container have arrived, thanks!
  2. Yelirious

    0.9.8 PTS Bug Reports

    By any chance, did you had the November Foxtrot flag? 1. Description November Foxtrot (-5% reload time on all consumables) doesn't work. It only modifies the HUD timer number, but you can't use the consumable until the end of the non-modified time. 2. How to reproduce Put on November Foxtrot, use any consumable, wait until timer gets to zero press the consumable key frantically until consumable activates. 3. Result Check that the consumable only gets activated when the original (unmodified) cooldown is finished (So November Foxtrot is broken).
  3. Yelirious

    Public Test 0.9.8

    I can't enter the dockyard, goes to eternal-anchor-wheel mode (AKA Loading symbol). Radar timer on Nevsky, using November Foxtrot: The cooldown last longer than displayed. Apparently the flag seems to modify the cooldown timer display, but not the actual cooldown. Assymetrical battles are really AWESOME in concept. May lead to some sort of "Random + Operations", where: - Some USN cruisers deal with a IJN DD flotilla, all manned by real players. - KM surface ships try to break free into the atlantic, the RN fleet is there to stop it. The main problem with nation vs nation combat was that the ships weren't balanced on a nation vs nation basis (imagine radar vs no-radar, or CV vs no-CV). But now this problem is gone, considering the differences in tier and number of ships. Bonustrack: Submarines don't feel balanced or fun enough for randoms, and you already invested a lot into them? Transport convoys vs U-boats!
  4. Yelirious

    Rewards for Public Test 0.9.7 Participants

    I've completed all the 9.7 test server missions, but I didn't got anything so far. The popup told me that the rewards have been credited, but they are still missing. I exited and re enter the game, just to check, but they are still not credited... Checked also on https://worldofwarships.com/en/userbonus/ they aren't there. I got my rewards for 9.6 test, so it's not mail issues. Do I have to wait? (Looks like I'm testing the test rewards system :P) Update: I checked now and got all the rewards. Thanks!
  5. Yelirious

    Mouse's Morning of Testing

    You said the most important word on this discussion here. "External". I understand that hitting a turret should somewhat also do damage to the HP pool of the ship... It's more or less logical: If i got a pen, I want to see damage done. BUT: If torpedo bulges are external, why that should do damage to the ship? The easier solution is to don't give ribbons to bulge penetrations. Only give ribbons for actual contact with the ship, and not to external stuff.
  6. Yelirious

    Next ship to grind?

    My vote goes to Richelieu because the previous ship is fun. Technically it's not grind if you are playing with The French Shotgun, AKA Lyon.
  7. Yelirious

    The Current State of IJN DDs

    Yes Ivar, paragraphs will get you far.