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  1. Yelirious

    0.7.12 Public Test Bug Reports

    Spanish version, Mission 1 Task 1 from Monsters of Steel have a "%(count)d" instead of a number.
  2. Yelirious

    Mouse's Morning of Testing

    You said the most important word on this discussion here. "External". I understand that hitting a turret should somewhat also do damage to the HP pool of the ship... It's more or less logical: If i got a pen, I want to see damage done. BUT: If torpedo bulges are external, why that should do damage to the ship? The easier solution is to don't give ribbons to bulge penetrations. Only give ribbons for actual contact with the ship, and not to external stuff.
  3. Hi! I didn't get anything by pushing the button. No mission and no container. I can help you fix this in any way?
  4. Yelirious

    Next ship to grind?

    My vote goes to Richelieu because the previous ship is fun. Technically it's not grind if you are playing with The French Shotgun, AKA Lyon.
  5. Yelirious

    0.7.8 - Public Test Feedback

    UI Scaling Some players -like myself- do not have a good screen resolution (mine is 1366x768), and it brings some problems: In some ships that have lots of different consumables on the same slot, some are inaccesible because are off-screen. This problem appears in spanish, I've tried the english version and it enables me to access radar, but not premium radar on Edinburgh. There is also another problem ingame when you collect too many different ribbons, and they end on top of the priority target indicator, so you don't know anymore how many ships are targetting you. Can we please have a Decrease UI Scaling? The actual only goes above 100%, and cheap computers/laptops needs tops 80-90%.
  6. Yelirious

    The Current State of IJN DDs

    Yes Ivar, paragraphs will get you far.