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  1. IronMike11C4O

    Too many selfish Community members

    Or Alsace/ Jean Bart when they nerfed Alsace and gave almost all the original stats to Jean Bart is when I quit spending money. A year later I've uninstalled and am playing AAA finished games that cost less than a Jean Bart.
  2. IronMike11C4O

    Why should we participate in the sub beta??

    Ducky ain't no way I'm participating. Not with AAA finished sub games already on the market. It's a waste of time when all the cool features of the other games will be left out for Arcade trash Wegee subs.
  3. IronMike11C4O

    What is your largest single BB gun volly Damage?

    96k on a Yami in Grosser. We both types into open chat wth at the same time it was one of those WoWs moments.
  4. How about when weekend events like Jutland are not hamstrung by being tier 5 and above? Instead it's tier ll thru 6 that way its focus is actually on the ships that were in the battle. It seems stupid to play the Hindenburg on a Jutland event.
  5. IronMike11C4O

    I'm so confused WGing?

    When Brit Cruisers were in testing they had HE and a few days before release they changed the entire line. I know you were around then to remember, just saying. My point was they took HE away from Brit Cruisers for balance reasons. Ok fine. Then two years later release a very similar trait pay to win cruiser with HE and smoke. I'm trying to call them out on it is all.
  6. IronMike11C4O

    ZOUP, please don't quit

    Impartiality and sounding like a WeeGee employee is why I unsubbed him a year ago. I couldn't stand his community is messed up WGing is awesome rhetoric.
  7. IronMike11C4O

    I'm so confused WGing?

    Hey snarg how did you know I just watched that before posting?
  8. IronMike11C4O

    I'm so confused WGing?

    Minotaur is OP with HE so you redesigned the whole UK line around based on that premise. Now you release a premium cruiser with super fast firing guns with smoke. So which is it OP or Russian bias?
  9. IronMike11C4O

    Is Gearing outdated?

    Yes jump in a Daring or a Z52 after playing one you will realize how much consumable power creep has hit Gearing.
  10. IronMike11C4O

    Ships I'd Rather see than another Tier 10.

    My bad, I forgot about the entire line you created. I'll edit my post to 15 ships or lines. Do you have a copy of that Tech tree? Maybe add it to revive it. That was awhile ago you posted that.
  11. IronMike11C4O

    Ships I'd Rather see than another Tier 10.

    I just watched a documentary on them finding the Sydney and the Kormoran wrecks. Somehow some way OP of the Week???
  12. With the incoming glut of Tier 9 and 10 premiums I figured I'd come up with a list of ships I'd rather see. 1. Any of the Italian Lines 2. HMS Achilles/ INS Dehli in a package like NDJ/ Boise. 3. SMS Blucher with pre buff Yorck guns on a 15sec reload at tier 4 4. Gleaves class USS Eberle/ Greek Navy Niki 5. BB Rivadavia, Minaes Geraes. 6. Tier II HMCS Rainbow 1890's cruiser 7. Bundesmarine Zerstorer 1 yeah that's right a Kraut Fletcher. 8. A Wickes in Soviet colors 9. Any of the 5 Town class DD's in Soviet Service. 10. BB Archangelsk so we can get a Revenge class in the game. 11. Alt US BB line so WGing can quit making premiums out of what could be an entire new line. 12. HMS Dragon/ ORP Dragon same as NDJ/ Boise. 13. HMS Delhi so we can have a mid to low tier AA cruiser not named Yubari. 14. Kilkis or Lemnos. Do to them what was done to the French Tier III BB. ( Fantasy Gun refit to fit the game). Well there is 14 of the top of my head that I'd much rather see than another tier 10 premium. What do you guys want to see? Making it 15 15. The line for the Dutch navy @Lert created awhile back. waiting on link will edit. Tier 5-6 De Ruyter?
  13. IronMike11C4O

    USS Puerto Rico and VMF Poltava - Dev Blog

    Also one of those was for a time given to the Polish Navy. So we could get a Boise, NDJ deal.
  14. IronMike11C4O

    California HYPE

    Didn't know you were from Vallejo. I go down to work at Mare Island 2-3 times a year.
  15. IronMike11C4O

    USN BB's - How Bad?

    Hey Haze, I would also add learning what the flashing Sit Awareness numbers really mean. It gives so much info that after awhile it becomes instinctive as to what to do with the info.