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  1. IronMike11C4O

    Any time I play, I leave feeling like I should delete the client.

    Yep Haze I have exactly 6 Random battles in the last 3 months and have spent $0 on the game. The brain dead way WGing is going I may never come back.
  2. IronMike11C4O

    Population Decline? Data shows otherwise...

    I unsubbed when he kept sounding like he was job interviewing for WGing.
  3. IronMike11C4O

    When was "The Golden Age" of WoWS?

    Dude the first islands if ice! Remember getting stuck down in those crappy little islands at the bottom? Good times.
  4. IronMike11C4O

    When was "The Golden Age" of WoWS?

    Agree anything before or around 0.5.10. The game for me has gone down faster than a scuba Diver since then.
  5. IronMike11C4O

    19 point captains

    They have the same access as anyone else. It's called grinding.
  6. Dont forget that the muzzle velocity on French DD shells is garbage as well. It's as bad or worse than US 5"/38'. So driving fast with stupid shell arcs is well stupid.
  7. IronMike11C4O

    Time to Rebuff the Khabarovsk

    Haha no, that's not even how naval engineering works.
  8. IronMike11C4O

    ST: French Destroyers

    So they get no smoke and are supposed to be gun boats with terrible guns? Sounds Dumb and uninteresting.
  9. IronMike11C4O

    Inconsistencies in anti-CV players logic

    Considering on my main account I have over 20K battles in Randoms and every premium ship in Port I have invested a lot of time and money into this game over a three year period. From time to time I drop by say a few words and leave messages on people's posts like @Taichunger I consider him a forumite friend. I literally have never heard of you and why you feel the need to chime in with a useless post is beyond me.
  10. IronMike11C4O

    Inconsistencies in anti-CV players logic

    You're not Taich, I bailed 2 months ago along with 90% of my clan. Other games we have been playing are actually more fun and don't try and bait and switch price gouge us every other patch. Oh wait the other games have competent devs who dont need to constantly band aid, I mean patch every 3 weeks. I only come back to the forum when I'm bored like now.
  11. IronMike11C4O

    "Good"-on-CV players keep deciding who wins

    Yeah let's keep catering to the 4% who actually play CV's eff everybody else.
  12. IronMike11C4O

    Azuma the new port queen

    Yeah u really need IFHE it unleashes coolness with fire.
  13. IronMike11C4O

    Azuma the new port queen

    There are about 20 of us on the server that average around 80K damage match in Abruzzi. If you know how to use her Abruzzi is a beast.
  14. IronMike11C4O

    Is the Neptune Worth Playing...

    I free XP'd to Mino on the day they were released. Then months later went back to Neptune. It has stayed in my port ever since. Love the Neptune.