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  1. IronMike11C4O


    Dude, your first two sentences have me rolling man 11/10 😂😂
  2. IronMike11C4O


    Bwhahaha Lol No. If coming out with the worst BB tier for tier was the end goal. Mission Accomplished
  3. IronMike11C4O

    Quick Review of the EU DD line 5-9

    Could have saved u all that writing They Suck Balls The End
  4. IronMike11C4O

    WG...go back to co-op

    You realize there are thousands of git gud videos there is no excuse for the level of recent play.
  5. IronMike11C4O

    Make DD play great again

    Good idea fairy here, How about instead of making consumables specific to one nation how about the DD player gets to pick from a list of consumables based on the tier. So for tier 2 and 3 the DD player would get his choice of any of the consumables already in game but gets to pick and then mount only 2. As the tiers go up they get one extra slot til all DD's max out at tier 10 with the same or maybe one less than the Daring or 52 has. Power creep solved level the playing field for DD against DD action while making them a little more interesting in the varied choices. Jumping into a Gearing after playing in the Daring is enough to let you know the power creep is real when it comes to consumable choices. This could make some DD's have a little more diversity in some of the things they can do to help the team win. Just an idea
  6. IronMike11C4O

    Dear WGing

    Next time you send me an Coupon offer for a bundle for a new line. Make sure I don't play the Tier 5 first. Good bundle deal Crappy ship makes me say Ill pass. Signed Target Whale.
  7. IronMike11C4O

    Visby torpedoes are damage monsters

    Haha lol, no. You sound like you are trying to polish a turd.
  8. IronMike11C4O

    Visby torpedoes are damage monsters

    I just look at it this way. Yay a free port slot. Cept now I have like 43 empty slots with 225 ships in port. So not really a silver lining as much as it used to be.
  9. IronMike11C4O

    Visby torpedoes are damage monsters

    Except flooding got nerfed LOL nice try though.
  10. IronMike11C4O

    DD Visby can someone explain?

    Imagine if they just left Pensa alone and dropped it as is to tier 6. I know you been around a long while remember trying to play Tier 7 Pensa back in 2015? Then it got buffed to comfortable, then slayed to drop it to tier 6 even though it had just became actually fun to play.
  11. IronMike11C4O

    DD Visby can someone explain?

    I think you are on to something
  12. IronMike11C4O

    DD Visby can someone explain?

    Oh man the tier 5 isn't even Meh its just straight up Donkey crap. As a rule I don't play any Cruisers with over 13 second reload. Its just the Meta ATM. The only exception being the High tier Italian CA's.
  13. Can someone please explain to me the detection on this DD? 5 years ago when I started playing the game it made sense. Now the Tier 5 at best without captain skill ship HP pool of 9,600 with a best concealment with perks of 6.6KM with no smoke seems retarded at best. So if you can make this ship work with its terrible hitting torps and mediocre at best Tier 3 hitting guns then I salute you cause you area Rockstar;)
  14. IronMike11C4O

    these european DDs are trash tbh. they COULD have been good, but

    I got the tier 5 yesterday. Its HP pool is tier 2 level and its guns seem like Blyska but hit like V-25 88's. Im not even gonna worry about the rest of the line. Im an RU DD main and I thought these would be similar but not with those craptastic guns.
  15. IronMike11C4O

    WG: just for your information

    Im in Potato's clan Taich, we lost two guys we have been playing with for 4 years over the PR/ CV/ Lies about 18inch guns recently. Its sucks I loved Div'ing with those guys.