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  1. wth is wrong with izumo's gun

    Izumo...I ground it, moved past it, and dumped it for credits. There are better ships to play.
  2. Future Line Splits

    PTs and MBTs E-boats with ONLY four torps period....fast with nimble with 20 and 30 mm guns. Coastal Monitors! Island invasions covering landing craft from LSTs! Blend WOWs with WOWPs...in ten years maybe? Eh just dreaming.
  3. Wallet Warriors

  4. Well another Operation Missions buffed to the max

    Okay just my experience and humble opinion here. Hermes is in it's original state. Ran it twice9 (*Correction now 3 times*), 5 stars each time. The cruisers that rushed the red spawns got killed by focus fire, but that was always the case before. Atlantas and Belfast need to breath once in a while. Continuously firing drew too much attention and they wander away from the group. From what I saw the cruisers that stayed close or, returned to the group survived to the end. Belfast having no heal is the greatest challenge of coarse. That's not to say that the MOTW could fluctuate between a normal and harder setting from game to game, I guess it's possible. As I said I ran it twice, with random teams too. The timing and pace seemed the same to me. *Note 3rd timed 5 starred this mission with all cruisers* Pensacola was the only cruiser that didn't make it to the end.* Just reporting o7
  5. Get used to blowing up.... a lot! WHEN, you get pissed off and think your loosing too much.... WHEN you think it isn't fair... Go to Google and look at the list of ships that have been sunk around the world from WWI and WWII. Then take a deep breath and learn from your mistakes and try again.
  6. MM should include balance of captain points

    Totally fair...same ships same ammo. Oh and no Captains points at all.
  7. MM should include balance of captain points

    It's been done before......It still wasn't fair, Dad always figured out my strategy!
  8. MM should include balance of captain points

    The OP is just a sign of the thinking process of our times. "Everyone should win a trophy at soccer..." It's laughable. As a new player I expect to loose quite a lot at first to players who have been gathering knowledge and experience for the past year or two. That knowledge and experience is reflected in their Captains is it not? It is apparent when I first run a high tier ship against someone who has been using their high tier ship for months before me. The idea that I should never run up against a ship more powerful than my own, or for that matter a player more experienced than myself is pitiful. I suggest anyone feeling like this is a good idea to buy themselves a game with an editor and enjoy creating scenarios where they can't loose. Enjoy as long as you can until you finally get bored winning all the time. Is WOW a wargame, or a social experiment in making a better world? Because if it's the latter, if it's about making everything fair. I believe the game will be abandoned eventually. Those who believe everything should be fair will have quite an interesting answer staring them in the face.
  9. PT 0.7.4 Notes thoughts

  10. I'd like this better if I could play it in a window

    Smart phone?
  11. What line would be good?

    IMHO, German BBs. That said, the game is designed to work as a team. Watch videos if your interested in learning more, just a suggestion. Why do I say German BBs? They are a tough line and with developed Captains you can access that line's characteristic of brawling. Secondary's which aid in finishing off targets at close quarters. Just know this, going off on your own, even as tough as German BBs are. You may find yourself being whittled down by Battleships, Cruisers and Destroyers from many different directions quite a lot. Don't mind the flak posts...You may not realize it now but your question is like asking how to play chess using only the Queen. BTW there are plenty of clans to join that are not playing Clan Battles. Some simply play co-op together to learn the game and benefit from the discounts the base can provide. Bottom line enjoy the game and don't pay attention to the salt that gets thrown at you from time to time. Cheers ImperiumDylan!
  12. Really lame logic... so let me get this straight....I'm sailing my BB into a cruisers smoke...in front of the cruiser that is firing and it's the cruisers fault that he hits me? What Bovine Scatology....the cruiser is supposed to notice my stupidity of coming in front of his line of fire on the enemy in his smoke because I want to cut him off in my BB? Obviously gamers with no tactical knowledge of anything remotely logical in a battle environment. It's his fault he didn't look at the mini map? Ridiculous! He is targeting, leading, aiming, waiting for a broadside to be presented. What is really going on is the BB is trying to cut off his line of fire and take the kill, and he doesn't care if he is in the way, because it's a game and the BB player won't pay the price for his stupidity. Do it in combat. Your gonna tell me the gunner of a tank leading a target is supposed to open the hatch and make sure none of the infantry are stupid enough to run in front of his gun before he fires again? No way I'm buying that.
  13. Pink Players and Poor teams

    I find the whole topic humorous. In fact I've almost caught myself having the same perspective concerning controlling others. When I sit at a table in Vegas and a little old man takes my card and the dealer beats everyone at the table, yeah it costs me. And such is life. I get torped by Noobs and reach for that report button and stop, and remember. Then I look at their stats and realize they have 6 ships and a few hundred games. Really, if I can't handle catching a torp once in a while from a green ship I should move on. I was in a Sharnhorst 1/4 speed at the edge of an island, fired torps. A DD from my port side did a U-turn in front of my bow to try to slide inbetween the island and my ship on my Starboard side and caught my torps. Do I care? Do I care if anyone agrees with me? Do I care if I'm pink? lmbo and I was supposed to hold fire because God forbid now if a green ship is ANYWHERE within my torp range EVEN BEHIND ME, it's my fault. lmbo? If your mama taught you green lights mean you can cross the street without looking well there you go. You might be right, but guess what, your in the hospital or dead under a car. Oh yes yes yes, the driver is responsible for watching out for you. When I catch a green torp, that is my fault and I laugh at myself for forgetting that there are new players learning new ships, and sometimes buttheads just wanna torp me from my team. But what really makes me laugh is that the community believes WG is going to ban what 100, 300, 500 hmm maybe even 1000 players that could potentially spend $500 to a $1000-or more a year just to please their sense of fair play. It doesn't happen at Vegas kids. The little old man will continue to be able to sit to your right and take your card, or the little old woman will take the dealers bust card. The casino is not going to ban them because your pissed. Because the casino wants everyone's money. To think, just because you've played longer or understand the rules better than this noob, that WG is going to ban every noob that doesn't realize who you are, or that your there at all, just because you lost a .50 worth of camo and flags? If Vegas lets that little old lady blow your hand worth $2000 without banning her, do you really think WG is going to ban every noob that sends torps into your butt over .50 worth of camo and flags? o7
  14. Harbor is Complete... Now what? Modules?

    How about a commissary? Once every current facility is unlocked with oil a commissary is bought that provides a percentage discount on Camos and upgrades for the clans? Clans that continue to earn oil are playing the game regularly and, are obviously earning WG money. The commissary building would supply a % discount above the premium shops prices on Camos and Flags for the clan. The ability to purchase camos and Flags could be with oil earned or Free XP. It helps to create another reason to keep on sailing. Just my 2 cents Salute!