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    just about done

    War in the Pacific is an excellent game agreed! With regards to the OP...Why regret your experience with WGing? I've spent much more on one trip to Vegas... I've enjoyed the game in the past too... not as much lately. No I don't regret anything. Why even post here to the fanbois… what do you think that will accomplish? Just move on to other things... no one in this forum is going to GAF. I don't even think WGing GsAF for that matter. Especially with their spreadsheets telling them that their decisions are fun. This is not a brand with a great track record on good decisions... WOWP WOT come to mind. No this is more like Vegas... you either enjoy it as entertainment whether you win or not... Or you stop going. I think it's ridiculous that a persons opinion means nothing to the fanbois simply BECAUSE they spent some money on the game...Therefore their opinion means nothing... there's a special kind of thinking going on there. So only the free player counts? The customer who pays for premium or a few ships is being an "Entitled Person" if they don't enjoy something? That's a twisted idea of consumer support.. or what a game's forum is about. When players keep posting over the past year that they are leaving and the same people on the forum consistently tell these players "who cares..." well there is a unique kind of thinking... I don't think I need to use any other adjectives. It's plain to see.

    Infinite UK early access TOKEN bundles! Really?

    That's wonderful Burnsy… but the return still does not compare to the American cruiser event in any way does it? Does it cost WGing anything to make an event more beneficial to the player? I guess it does doesn't it? That is why this event blows chunks compared to the American Cruiser event... WGing does not want to reward the player in the same way as before... Because WGing wants the player to buy Flags and Camo now. That is a cash grab is it not? WGing is going the way of EA and Bethesda whether someone wants to admit it or not. The bait and switch is occurring... enjoy the game! o7

    Infinite UK early access TOKEN bundles! Really?

    KilljoyCutter You are spot on with your evaluation of the new events. What is getting missed by most who argue against you is there is no comparison between this event and the events of the past. Comparing British heavy Cruiser event to the American cruiser event and the payouts is like comparing apples to lumps of coal... no lumps of granite. ( No coal is being dropped either) Whether or not they want to believe it... the lack of payouts does very much cost the players more. If you play 10 20 or 30 battles to complete a mission using Camos and flags for ONE CAMO or FLAG in return it certainly does cost the player money! Unless these players don't plan on replacing their inventory of said Camos and flags. The Italian and British Hvy Cruisers cannot compare to the second American Cruiser line in any way. "Players cried that they wanted easier events?" Bovine Scatology! Players were disgusted with the PR cash grab! The American Cruiser event paid handsomely in comparison to the PR event... the Italian early access and this pitiful British heavy Cruiser event. The American Cruiser event was a challenge not easy. WGings Fanbois will always defend. As for me I'll just take a break and grind the lines like any other or simply forget they exist at all. crapships are not worth even taking port slots.

    Why cant there be a option to turn off chat?

    How funny... Don't like in game chat? Too many salty bastards? I'm selling scotch tape and a square of paper. For 1.99 I'll send you a fool proof app for turning off chat. Once you get my app you simply tape the app over the chat box on your monitor.... and IT"S GONE! Here's what some of our customers had to say after purchasing my chat blocking app.... Jimmytheinsulted "It's like chat vanished!" SensitiveSally "Wow this really works!" Yourmamasbigtorpedos "nobody listens to my insults anymore...(sniff)" Tired of spamming WGings programmers for an answer? Try my Chat Blocking App Now! Make your paypal credit card or snail mail payment of 1.99 and we will send you the Chat Blocking App Fedex...Or you could simply learn to not give a damn what salty bastards say

    My Pound of Flesh...

    What WGing has done is to simply solidify the fact that "what they say" can NEVER be trusted. WGing has cemented within a great number of it's customers minds that they are liars and deceivers. WGing's responses to the event have in my mind illustrated the character of it's management as dismissive and condescending with statements which sounded to me like "If we loose players we will simply get new players..." So WGing if that was your intention... message received.

    PR event calculator?

    WG CGF!!!!!

    Refunds for boosters?

    No Refunds for you! Now off to gulag!

    A hypothesis for this pr grind

    In my best Rod Serling voice from Twilight Zone. "Picture if you will an employee of WGing in charge of writing the Puerto Rico Directives getting a pink slip for Xmas" Television begins to focus.....

    What exactly am I doing wrong with the Belfast?

    Smoke changed from what it used to provide....stealth firing went bye bye.

    The hypocrisy of WG and "historical accuracy"

    Oh come on you guys! Your forgetting your history..... Your WGing history that is.... the CATAPULTS throwing fireballs will provide ASW for the Cruisers, Battleships, and Carriers. This game has turned into a Russian fantasy about naval warfare....Wait until the RUSSIAN Subs are released, that will be a Friggin joke! Yes the famous Russian submarines of …. oh nevermind.

    Are You Looking Forward To The New Game?

    Arma 3 has everything I need and a sandbox with an editor to create whatever I wish.... oh and more maps on demand! No loot boxes required, no credits, no Camo, no Flags, for a one time purchase that I own.

    Rooting for WOWS to Fail

    Oh look it's Zoup again....WGing must have sent him flowers and chocolates recently.

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?


    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    No remorse, just a bad weekend in Vegas...I enjoyed the game as long as I enjoyed it and spent as much as I spent. But now, I'm out...