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  1. Which nations would get Subs first?

    I vote for Columbian Subs that pay High XP dividends and huge credit gains.... most profitable subs in history.
  2. Why do you call Yamato "Yammy"?

    Harugumo = Hairy Gumbo
  3. CV Rework Feedback

    I think the majority of the 5% of CV players will hate it. But in the long run I think more people will enjoy the new idea and more players will play CVs. That is WGing's goal.
  4. Stalingrad taken from my port

    ^^^^ This! ^^^^ lmbo!
  5. Supply Lines Event

    I just hope next weekend is more successful with logging in. :)
  6. Supply Lines Event

    ^^^^ Yes, I have walked many through logging in to Wargaming then following the link to the Proships.ru site then a refresh and some still cannot log in. Mind you these people are not noobs, a couple have been playing quite a while and used to the occasional glitch.
  7. Supply Lines Event

    Well Supply Lines is having glitches galore. I logged in fine, scored no problem. But many of our clan cannot log in. If they have logged in, the battles they have played are simply not registering. No amount of refreshing displays the battles at all. The whole thing is a tacked on mess. Scoring and monitoring progress on another site is ridiculous. Plug it into the game and do it right, monitor it through the port.
  8. No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    If your in a Clan and an officer, I suggest writing a heads up on the chat board for your clan members before they play a couple games and get no credit. This has been happening for a few hours.
  9. Have been doing the Mission of the Week...

    Good luck, My Division mate in a DD was spotted by nothing and the bot DDs were still pounding him...He had not fired and was well outside of detection range. No planes anywhere close to him. The mission is hosed IMHO.
  10. Wrong Answers Only: 08

    Jet ski manufactured by Yugo....
  11. ^^^^^ This ^^^^ What is the point of the skill? Simply to seal club new players who don't have a 10 point captain yet?
  12. Achieved my first ever Solo Warrior...with Mikasa!

    Holy Mikasa Batman!
  13. wth is wrong with izumo's gun

    Izumo...I ground it, moved past it, and dumped it for credits. There are better ships to play.
  14. Future Line Splits

    PTs and MBTs E-boats with ONLY four torps period....fast with nimble with 20 and 30 mm guns. Coastal Monitors! Island invasions covering landing craft from LSTs! Blend WOWs with WOWPs...in ten years maybe? Eh just dreaming.
  15. Wallet Warriors