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  1. After playing a bit on the test server, I am finding that the American ships have much greater damage output, especially when played by the hard to come-by competent player. On the other hand, the Japanese aircraft do less damage, on the whole are not very fast, are fragile, and have low ammunition capacity. Premium carriers have been rebalanced, and while Saipan is not as wholly overpowered as it used to be, it's still recognizably its former self, and Enterprise has become debatably even more powerful than Saipan. Enterprise now has full t8 aircraft, not t7-6, which, with its massive squadrons with high bombloads, make it extremely op. Kaga, on the other hand, has been nerfed to a playable, if underwhelming state, with even more fragile and slow aircraft compensated for by large squadrons, with the relatedly long reload times. Has WG favored the American carriers? Leave your opinion below or in the poll.
  2. well, I think that as newer players get used to playing the reworked cv's, the problems that they tried to solve will come back, just less noticeable.
  3. FirebirdXIV

    Why Remove Bogue

    No, it was removed. Langley is t4 now. But bouge was a crap ship with crap planes and I like the game better now that bouge is gone.
  4. FirebirdXIV

    USS Wisconsin (BB-64)

    if it was a premium, it would be a wallet warriors dream.
  5. FirebirdXIV

    What makes Arizona so much stronger than New Mexico?

    Or will she? West Virginia fires 4 16in shells from the front or rear which if they do max damage (ap) can inflict 49600 for 4 shots. Double this number for a broadside salvo. Arizona fire 6 14in shells from front or rear (double the result for a full broadside) for 61800 damage assuming all hit and do max damage The ships have ranges that are only .06 kilometers difference and AZ has a better sigma rating. Although AZ only has 1.7 rpm, I think it will remain dominant throughout the duration of the sale of west virginia
  6. FirebirdXIV

    Wild Speculation about American & Japanese CV re-balancing.

    Report post #1 There seem to be several problems with this idea, of which I will list a few. -Why do you put Yorktown at tier 8, when the Lexington was bigger, more heavily armored, and just as fast? It was older, but being based on a battlecruiser made to rival HMS Hood in size and firepower sure gave it a large hangar and even larger deck. Heck, if we buffed the aircraft and how many were carried, we would actually have a pretty decent tier IX ship. -Wasp and Shinano are carriers that I really want to see in game, but where would we put them? We have carriers at tier 7 and 8 in the American line, so I guess that putting one at tier six would not be a problem and yet create one just by being there. Having so many premium carriers is probably not what WG.nt want, because too few people will be spread through to few ships. Also, bouge is somewhat of a transition ship from the similar in capacity but significantly faster Independence, which in itself is a transition ship to the much larger ranger and the full size American Cv's. Doing away with Bouge will not help the higher tier carrier players not be noobs. It is a valuable transition ship from the old and slow Langley and the similar in playstyle Independence class. This also is the same case for the tier 5 Japanese carrier, the Zuiho - Akagi would not be a bad ship to be at tier 7, but its superior armor, firepower, and it's double hangars would make it a capable tier 8 (with appropriately buffed aircraft) aircraft. Maybe you support it or maybe you don't. But I think that the idea of dropping bouge would not appeal to WG, and so I think that the main part of the rework would go to the aircraft and not the ships and their respective lines.
  7. FirebirdXIV

    What premium battleship should I buy?

    true, but I've had an account loaned to with genisenau and tirpitz as gifts from a friend, as well as the atlanta and prinz eigun. genisenau is a good ship, but people say Scharnhorst is very different.
  8. absolutely right. However, most people who do the last 4 thing are usually around my age (10-14) and short tempered noobs who just failed their way up to tier 10. on the weekdays when they are all in school, the somewhat more controlled 20-year-olds start playing and are somewhat better, both at the game, and at being good natured, to each other. (Disclaimer: This only means that this is less frequent and less heated, but not gone altogether)
  9. that's because wg.net need a little chuckle before they hand you a Yamato.
  10. FirebirdXIV

    What tier XI battleship would you like to see in game?

    actually, the first missiles came around just when Forrestal was in her early build/late design stage.
  11. FirebirdXIV

    How about a tier IX premium?

    probably, good point what about the uss united states supercarrier? lots of planes, a few guns, but somewhat less (6-155mm) armour
  12. Hi guys! I was wondering, now that I am on a historical streak, whether to buy one of two iconic world war 2 ships and which one. The infamous Hms Hood, the ruler of the seven seas for the British navy, but sunk by the mighty Bismarck by a hit to her aft magazine, or the Scharnhorst class battleship, with those rapid firing (for a battleship, at least,) 12 inch guns. Both seemingly potent tier 7 battleships, but which one is better? what are the pros and cons? you tell me!
  13. FirebirdXIV

    How about a tier IX premium?

    One question. If I wanted to put a tier 9 battleship in the game, wouldn’t that end up in the battleship section? I’d like to see it as a ship you buy directly from the store or tech tree. Hopefully it will end up just as overpowered as the rest of the higher tier American premiums. I’d like to see Saratoga, all her 8 inch guns in glory, maybe with buffed hangar space so she can compete with the other tier 9 carriers. Hopefully she will cost not much more than 15k
  14. Hi guys, I was looking through possibilities for a tier 9 premium ship, one in the 15-20k doubloon range. I found two carriers with very similar stories that were yet so different. I hope you will share your ideas in the comments (that’s what they are for, duh) and that you will like the interesting ships that I would like to see in game. The USS intrepid was an Essex class carrier, the fifth to be launched. Commissioned in ‘43, she served in most major surface action in the Pacific until the end of wwii, most famously Leyte gulf. Her reputation as “unsinkable” was bennifited by surviving multiple kamikaze attacks despite serious damage. Used as an auxiliary carrier throughout the late 40s she was overhauled into a slant deck carrier, serving a substantial second life in Korea and Vietnam The USS Saratoga was a converted battlecruiser, capable of carrying over 100 aircraft, and having a spectacular armament of 8 (4x2) eight inch 203mm guns and 12 5 inch guns as well as over 100 small caliber machine guns and 20 or so aa cannons. Serving in the pacific, she arrived in midway just in time for the Guadalcanal campaign. After serving in support of several island hopping landings, she was retired for use as a training ship and was eventually sunk at operation crossroads in 1946 I would like to see one of these craft in game, though both would need some buffing and nerfing to end up balanced-ish, but both show real promise. Let me know what you think in the comments down below