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  1. S_I_C_A_R_I_O

    How much do you have to pay to get the new French captain?

    Got the captain by finnishing all French missions + buying 6 crates.
  2. After opening about 30 ordinary containers (not premium) I finally got mission for Pyotr Velikiy...
  3. S_I_C_A_R_I_O

    Carriers. Do they improve the game or no?

    Out of 7500 players , 73% voted CV's ruined the game. How long will WG ignore this ?!
  4. S_I_C_A_R_I_O

    The Alaska is vastly overpriced as a premium

    Got Missouri and Alaska for FreeXp ,and Jean Bart for coal... zero real money spent,and all 3 ships are absolutely great,worth the grind. Big ,big recommendation.
  5. S_I_C_A_R_I_O

    Are Community Contributors / WG Failing Us?

    One of the most respected CC's - Flamu ... who helped thousands of players to understand the game better,to become better players and to have fun while playing. He certanly did't fail anyone. Btw, worth to look at this ... majority has spoken ... you really need to be a big ignorat to not realise something is very wrong :
  6. S_I_C_A_R_I_O

    Are Legendary Upgrades Worth the Detriments?

    Got 20 Tier X ships,so really lot of grinding for legendary upgrades. Already did 10 ,and only one I using really is one for Yamato, I think is almost OP :)
  7. S_I_C_A_R_I_O

    Free Container Code

    Much appreciated ;)
  8. S_I_C_A_R_I_O

    Code for 1 Premium Day

    Appreciated bro ;)
  9. S_I_C_A_R_I_O


    90% it would be Free XP ship and will cost 750k. Tho, watching Flamu playing it,in more than 30 battles, I would never spend free XP on Alaska. (Flamu said the same) It's a nice T9 cruiser,but Kron or Musashi are just better ships to spend free XP. (or Jean Bart) Shooting angles are horrible, dispersion is meh, it's just nothing cool or fun on that ship. Hype was too much,at least in my opinion.
  10. S_I_C_A_R_I_O

    Trying to improve from Below Average Joe

    So many players improved they gameplay just by watching and implement things from Flamu videos,higly reccomendent ! He will teach you how to play different ships, basics and advance tactics,etc. Then,it's up to you. But in general, don't rush, have high map averness, think about your moves, always look at minimap,plan....learn to aim better,predict shells velocity depending of ship you play,learn about different ships citadel ,armor they have,and so on...
  11. S_I_C_A_R_I_O

    Now that we have Ranked, will we start seeing better MM?

    And exactly that is the issue lot of times. As I'm using MM Monitor, I can see statistics before every battle. And must say, so many times it's just not fair. Like 37% WR of our team against 55% WR on enemy team. Below average players against 5-6 unicum players with more than 60% WR, and so on... In that situation, no matter how good player you are, it's almost impossible to gain a victory in battle,ie, to make difference.
  12. S_I_C_A_R_I_O

    Super Tester Emails - Error

    Got the mail also,from wows@mail-eu.wargaming.net ,but as someone already said, must be some kind of mistake.
  13. 25 special flags ... ridiculous ...
  14. S_I_C_A_R_I_O

    You will have a chance to buy Flint/Black in two years?

    Got 4900 steel so far , Flint and Black are not so imposible to reach, but Stalingrad on the other hand... debatable :)