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  1. Hiro804

    When you peal away the cat mask....

    Wish my da*n teeth were that nice
  2. Hiro804

    Best (most OP) premiums currently available

    I really enjoy my Tirpitz. I put my first 21 point captain on her. I play mostly PVE and she can be a real bully if you've got the secondaries tricked out.
  3. Hiro804

    An Oldie but a Goodie

    LOL well done! I don't recall if Black Swan or Erie was my first ship but I think I'll gas it up and drive it around the block for fun anyway.
  4. Hiro804

    My Best U -96 Impersonation

    Thanks for this video @Lert. Besides the original soundtrack I really enjoy the techno versions
  5. Hiro804

    I love Texas!

    Nicely done! It's great to have a battle like that
  6. Hiro804

    It's gone Jim (and now it's dead Jim)

    C-130 you are absolutely correct and I had forgotten that Scotty, survived a red shirt wearing. Speaking of Scotty, now there is a fountain of memorable quotes, which I'm often inclined to invoke as I pound W or A or S or D to the breaking point.
  7. Hiro804

    It's gone Jim (and now it's dead Jim)

    Now when you actually explode, you can say "He's dead, Jim"
  8. Hiro804

    USS North Carolina vs mighty napkin navy

    Can't quite make it out but is that a RNLI Shannon class ship?
  9. That is an excellent book. I'm currently reading "Indianapolis" by Lynn Vincent and Sara Vladic. So far it's terrific.
  10. Hiro804

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    Agree. The history aspect can get a few of us riled up. Perhaps, instead of using real ship names, just make up names? for example the Oompa. Or the Groan or even the Rash? I predict people will be lined up at the premium shop to buy the Rash.
  11. Interesting but isn't that an example of false equivalence? "False equivalence is a logical fallacy that occurs when someone incorrectly asserts that two or more things are equivalent, simply because they share some characteristics, despite the fact that there are also notable differences between them"
  12. Hiro804

    My weekend with the BB Mass

    I play almost exclusively coop now with some ops mixed in. I average about 70k damage with my Mass but here's a screenshot for coop where the stars and bots really aligned. I do enjoy collecting ships and enjoy my Mass in coop. Full secondary build.
  13. Hiro804

    I want one of these

    Well I would pay $$ for the SS Minnow if Mary Ann was the captain.
  14. I got frustrated with having to do the calculation of MM to inches so I made a little chart with the common gun sizes for my ships. Keep it near my keyboard and I'm a happy camper.