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  1. Hiro804

    New Year's Dress-Up: Camo Marathon rewards received

    I received the rewards sometime Friday. I noticed them when I played Friday evening. The way I could tell was I looked for the 5 Tokyo Game Show camos.
  2. Hiro804

    Dumb co-op questions...

    I have no evidence to back this up but I think the AI is dumbed down a bit in the lower tiers. It might be subtle but I think it's there - I just played back to back coop games in my T9 Fletcher and T3 Vampire. Maybe a slight delay in dodging torps, etc. Thoughts?
  3. Hiro804

    Clan battles season

    We're having the same problem. Multiple tickets submitted from our group but no answers. We had the same problem Thursday as well. The problem last night was different. For example, 7 of us were ready, the schedule said 3 hours left, and the battle button was just dead. After messing around with it we ended up doing a few ops for fun.
  4. Hiro804

    Can't Go Fullscreen after Most Recent Update

    FYI, after the last Wows update I had to reconfigure my in game graphics settings. I finally got it back to where it needed to be. It seemed to be something with the game update not my Win 10 update. Sorry I can't be more specific but it definitely happened after the last game update.
  5. I'm exclusively WOWS so this is potentially a nice plus. Thanks for the tip. Happy Paddling.
  6. Hiro804

    Ouch, A Costly Blunder

    Sad for Norway but sounds like a cluster all the way around.
  7. Do not question Haida magic. Just don't.
  8. Hiro804

    The Last British Battleship... The Mikasa (video)

    nice. I spotted a Zulu signal at 2:03
  9. Hiro804

    Roy Clark Dead at 85

    Both Roy and Glen Campbell were great pickers but somewhat unrecognized. RIP
  10. My grandfather in France in WWI My Uncle in WWII with 2 purple hearts. Take a moment to consider, reflect and honor.
  11. Hiro804

    Little White Mouse

    Mouse has a Patreon account https://www.patreon.com/AprilWhiteMouse I would encourage everyone to consider supporting her The contribution she makes to the game is immeasurable.
  12. I knew just enough about the battles to know I really knew very little! I thought this was very well done and a great read. Kudos for the artwork and map. Can't wait for the next one.
  13. Hiro804

    People playing rank AFK?

    Have to confess, I had an AFK in a ranked battle yesterday. No nefarious purpose behind it other than just misadventure on my part. My wife inadvertently unplugged the power supply to my laptop and it just shut down right after the start of the battle. Normally i would get a warning but if it did I couldn't see it in the game. It went dead. Ok, it's my fault and I let my teammates down but there was no other purpose such as cheating or trying to throw the game.
  14. Hiro804

    range and dispersion

    I watched the How it Works video this morning on dispersion. They don't address this question directly but based on the example provided I would assume it scales and you would have greater dispersion at 14km than you did at 12km.
  15. Hiro804

    Regarding people who unnecessarily charge in

    Perhaps once we have this as an achievement, you get to have your horn sound "Leeeeeeroooooooy Jeeeeeenkiiiiiiiiins" Just sayin.