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  1. Hiro804

    Well, this is new??

    Yikes, looks like some sort of Peloton torture device aka an anchor. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Can't offer information about the issue you brought up but it's sure good to see you in the forums again. I always enjoyed your posts!
  3. Saw that article myself. IMHO it's a good idea since that part of the World maybe be a significant threat to the US in the coming years. Good to have an armed ally nearby. It's a positive step to help offset the long distances in the Pacific.
  4. Hiro804

    Never seen a MM like this before in Co-Op.

    Definitely rare. Can't remember an all Cruiser battle but maybe 7 max. Spawn point sure sucks. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Hiro804

    Do you Brawls?

    No. Since I lost weight I don't need a brawl any longer. Have fun though
  6. Hiro804

    Azuma - A comprehensive ship guide

    Thank you for the great review +1. I have an Azuma in port so I must have received it in a Santa Crate, but not sure. Your comprehensive review has me thinking about getting her out for a spin.
  7. Hiro804

    Where submarines come from.....

    The first thing I thought of was the famous Doodie scene from Caddy Shack. I re watched and realized that it never submerged until somewhat later. Subs = Doodie? You decide.
  8. Hiro804

    Schrödinger's Yueyang

    So Funny! Here Kitty Kitty....oops. Wrong observer.
  9. Hiro804

    So, How's Your Day Going?

    Just taking it easy and playing a few games to relax. Here in Phoenix the high is going to be about 67 so I'm not complaining. Definitely got the TV ready to watch those Bengals!
  10. WOW! But the idea of living on Taco Bell hot sauce (which we have many little packages in our refrigerator) makes me cringe and clench. I guess I'm safe since I'll never ever take those little packages on a ship. I promise.
  11. Hiro804

    Dasha presents. 12.0

    Nice, but I'm sure someone will think that 12.0 introduces flying submarines that will hurl themselves into ships like kamikazes. Let the whine begin.
  12. Hiro804

    Rolled the Dice

    I almost always choose more coal when I'm getting a container. Today I thought what the heck and rolled the dice for a super container. Shazam...I got a super container with 1,000 doubloons. Thank you Santa!! No, I won't shoot my eye out.
  13. Hiro804

    At LAST! Mission accomplished : ))

    Well done Col. Impressive!
  14. Hiro804

    "Everybody was Chung Mu fighting..."

    those kicks were fast as lightning Oh yeah!
  15. I had a crappy day at work. This is the first forum post I read when I got home and had a great laugh. Thanks I needed that!