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  1. Check out -V1- on your Clan Search. Pay attention to the Last Battle Played column of our membership roster. This will show you how active any clan really is. Come Join V1 Gaming Clan Today!
  2. Besides being an Active Clan, our members are a collegial group that enjoys playing together in Divisions and Operations. They even help each other grind, and regrind lines, and even division up with the new and developing players from our sister clan V1 OMEGA to help them grind and become better players. So come join V1 Gaming for Clan Battles and V1 OMEGA for new and Developing Players. Contact dbw86 or OLEME86 by message in game, or emails to the clans at: winorsink@gmail.com for V1 Gaming and wows.omega@gmail.com for Omegas Clan.
  3. Looking for an ACTIVE CLAN that PLAYS CLAN BATTLES and makes sure every member gets to play? Then look no further and join V1 Gaming Clan ToDAY!
  4. dbw86

    Anyone else getting epicly high pings lately?

    I have experienced games where my ship appears to be moring looking at the water, but it is not. After 1 to 3 seconds it will then leap forward and return to normal operation. One, sometimes twice in a single game. Also, my Ping Rate is normally in the 30 to 35 range and yesterday it was bouncing from 38 to 173 and back with numbers between those bookend numbers flashing up at the rate of several a second throughout several games. This had not occurred before. It was in the evening and I am serviced hard line by Cox in Las Vegas, NV.
  5. Also if you are a New or Developing player that wants to be in an active clan with DISCORD but do not yet have the Tier 10 Ship (a Heavy Crusier) necessary to get into a Clam Battle Competitive clan then come join V1 OMEGA Clan. Our V1 OMEGA Clan is a sister clan to our V1 Gaming clan and members of both clans share the same DISCORD and can Division up in playing regulard WoWs games.
  6. dbw86

    WGC: Log in to Experience It All

    I am by no means a computer geek, in fact I'm fairly illeriate about computers. I have used Wargaming center since it came out and have no issues with it on my ancient 2010 Apple MacBook Pro, my 2019 iMac desk top, nor my i9 gaming computer (a PC). I've found it to be easy to use with a lto of information in one place.
  7. Our Alpha and Bravo both finished in STORM II last season and our goal is to break into Typhoon this next season. We are a very active clan so come join V1 GAMING CLAN TODAY!
  8. There are times that I feel the game is "adjusted" based on the "Unicoms & Super Unicoms" instead of the average players in the game. IF my fear is reality then I think the game "adjusters" need to adjust and make changes based on the average player.
  9. dbw86

    FPS Drop in WoWS

    I can rule heat as a factor as I have 8 case fans and a liquid cooling system. I have no limiters on my FPS. Everything was fine until WoWs last update. Seems like too many players noting this problem to just rule out WoWs checking their own end of this game.
  10. Every Clam Member who wants to play Clan Battles in this clan will get to play in them, so come join V1 Gaming Clan today and enjoy the comradeship of great clan mates!
  11. dbw86

    FPS Drop in WoWS

    I use an i9 with RTX2070 video card and 16 RAM. I've run WoWs Ultra for over a year now and was playing routinely (with my upgraded cable internet "COX") at 175 FPX and now only manage 75 FPX. Everyone I've talked with in WoWs seems to have noticed a drop in game performance since this last update. A lot of of differnt players all experiencing this issue it would seem????? And I did just recently (with this update) download the game all over again.
  12. CAPTAINS - Now is the time to join V1 Gaming Clan! So come on and join, enjoy great fellowship, great play, and a super bunch of Clan Mates
  13. Bundles are exactly like slot machines. You put your money (Doubloons) in and wait and see what the gods of fortune spin out to you. But I do agree that it is incumbent on each player to understand the dollar value of the Doubloons or even FXP, they spend when buying something in this game. Then the player can make an informed decision rather than blindly spending Doubloons or FXP. Yes, we are no longer able to win ships via play as we used to be able to do- well you can but the requirements to win it have been raised to (in my own personal opinion as a below-average player) beyond the ability of most players to win them. I also agree that WoWs has raised their prices to levels I am no longer willing to pay, so I'm simply only spending when I absolutely feel I must have something and that is very often anymore.
  14. Personally I see nothing wrong with this new policy. First of all, WoWs is a company and a company has the right to develop whatever they want to develop however they want to develop it. That is a given. It is when the company puts their product up for sale, or make their first announcements that the "sharpshooting" commentary rightfully begins. When it is for sale then it is the right of the consumers to express their opinions and either purchase it or pass on it with the product having to stand on its own. Sure I'm like all the other players/consumers I want all the information/intel I can pick up, even if only bits and pieces which I will attempt to assemble much like a jigsaw puzzle without a picture, that's part of the fun of it all. But we, and the company employees, have to understand the role of the company and the consumer. Once the product is up for sale then it is WE, the consumer/purchaser who will either purchase it or pass on purchasing it.
  15. V1 GAMING CLAN Are you looking for an Active Clan? A Clan that Plays Clan Battles? Has its own DISCORD? A Clan with good players who Play A LOT? A Clan that Listen's to its Members? Then look no further as V1 Gaming Clan (-V1-) is actively Recruiting to fill its ranks to capacity! We are looking for Players who PLAY A LOT! Have Heavy Tier 10 Cruisers (but will consider other Tier Ships), a decent win rate and want to belong to a friendly clan. Playing in Clan Battles is expected of all members and our Naval Base is nearly fully built out. Look at our members roster, especially the column "Last Battle Played" as that will show how active any clan is. Not quite ready, or don't have the Tier 10 ships yet? Then join our V1 OMEGA Clan which is for New and Developing players with ships of any tier, but are active players. Both clans (part of the V1 NAVY of Clans) share the same DISCORD and we encourage members to division up and play together. OMEGA members learn how to play better from V1 Gaming's competitive players and V1 OMEGA does have a few remaining membership vacancies available. COME JOIN TODAY