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  1. I, like many it appears, never read the forums and paid little attention to the news for quite a while. Then when I hear rumbles about a cruiser split in the American line I started searching for info and was amazed at how much information was out there. Now the 1st thing I do each morning is read all the new news on the WoWs screen BEFORE logging into the game. Then I read the Forum entirely, often following links to the EU forum and other sites. As a result, I feel I am fairly well informed and YES the notice was posted in several places by WoWs that all unspent tokens would end with this update and be automatically reimbursed at the rate of 15,000 Credits for each token. One thing I do, as I've found it semi hard to relocate WoWs News later on, is I copy and paste into a document format in my word processing program and then print it out and keep them in a notebook. Especially contests, update information, prizes, sales, etc., etc.. All of that information together is a great planning tool to maximize the economic returns to my benefit and the advancement of my tech tree ships. The often repeated "suggestion" that WoWs badly needs to review their written descriptions really does need to be reviewed and "updated" by WoWs as I do often find a very convoluted explanation to justify a poorly written explanation by WoWs when challenged. But in this instance, I really commend WoWs for the red box notice of the impending Update as it was an immediate attention getter and should be utilized more in the future.
  2. I can't watch long streams like that - 30 minutes maximum. Would it be possible for a synopsis in written form be posted for us to read at our convenience?
  3. Free Camo Code

    Just tried it and got "Invalid Code". I'm sure it was working so THANKS a million for alerting those quick enough to respond to receive them.
  4. Does T8 deserve protecion?

    Do I like having my T8 sent into a game with an overabundance of T10's - NO! But this is a Naval Warfare game and the reality of all combat is you are often sent against or attacked by superior forces but you still must do your best. It does make you think a great deal more about how you play.
  5. Expensive Weekend

    When I first saw the sale notice I worked out on paper all the required moves and purchases. Got the WORCESTER, F DER GROBE, ROON, and purchased the T-61 (after watching Flambu's video recommending it). Then I mounted all the Consumables and filled the Upgrades on each one. Finally, I had to transfer 3 Captains in my US line and 5 in my German line, plus recruit a new Captain for the German line. I've learned that at 77 I have to preplan and put down on paper to make sure I don't make costly mistakes, a lesson learned the hard way in this game. I also snagged another 10 Port Slots. GREAT SALE WoW's! Much appreciated by many of us.
  6. Always nice to hear from a resident of the Goat's Quarters - Chief!
  7. I learned from the old WWII and earlier Marine veterans that any enemy can kill you so quit worrying about that. Instead, have confidence in yourself, your training, your weapon, and your fellow Marines and together we'll win! I think that works very well in WoWs as well!
  8. I have long wished, and felt, that WoWs need to provide players the ability to select which turret is to fire. There have many situations when I could have effectively used this ability and real ships could do that. In fact, real ships had the ability to assign different targets on either side of the ship to individual turrets to take under fire. I understand it would be more complicated but I do believe it would be an advancement in the game. I've also felt that in nighttime battles our cruisers and battleships should be able to use their searchlights as was done during WWII until RADAR controlled gunfire came into being. If you recall the numerous battles around Guadalcanal the Japanese effectively used spotlights and the USN ineffectively used them, but did eventually master the art of RADAR controlled gunfire and devasted the IJN from then on. So why not bring RADAR gun control into the game as well? What so you fellow captains?
  9. I love cruisers, with exception of the British line. But Helena is a ball to play and very productive. The German & French line (I'm only up to T8) have all been good and each Tier better than the previous and all fun to play. The only Japanese CR I have really enjoyed, and thoroughly at that, is the Mogani since I put the 8" guns on it and all the things to give it DD like rudder. In the American line they have all been fun, but so far Buffalo has disappointed and I'm just beginning to get the hang of the Seatle and beginning to have fun with it. The DesMoines I am having a horrible time learning, but I know it is me and not the ship which is obviously one of the better ones in the game. The DeGrasse is one of the best all around do anything cruisers in my fleet as is the Duca d Aosta. I got frustrated at the Russian CR's at T4 and sold them all off. Then went back and have ground them up to the Chapayev and from Kirov on have really enjoyed being an arsonist with them, but they are like eggs they are so fragile. But their guns are so sweet. I'm really looking forward to completing the grind through Seatle and getting the Worster into my fleet as it looks like an Atlanta on steroids! The Hipper was my main Cr up to rank 15 in Ranked battle this time and really did a great job for me becoming one of my favorites.
  10. Had a horrible time with German T7 BB, but after I got Bismarck and went back and played it suddenly it clicked. The one line of ships, CR's and BB's I wish I had never put a single credit into was the Royal Navy. Kept hoping each tier would get better, instead, they seemed to get worse! I've had good luck with USN, German, French (love their cruisers), Japanese (though don't care for their BB's), and the Italian Premiums. Have only ground the USN DD's up to Farragut, which I actually play more as a cruiser like my Atlanta. But when I'm brutally honest I believe for the most part the bad grinds have been my poor play of them more than the ship. They all have advantages and shortfalls and learning and mastering them (I'm still working on the latter) is really reflective of the individual. For far too long in this game, I've simply played to shoot, sail and have a ball with little regard to anything else, especially not to stats. As a result, my stats are lower than they should be. But since joining a clan I've begun to apply myself towards thinking, learning and team play far more and am still having fun! After all WoWs is a GAME and games are for fun!
  11. XVM Prevalence

    THANKS for the responses. I'm always trying to learn more about our game and obviously have a great deal more to learn. I really enjoy playing the game, though occasionally get teamed up with some unpleasant people and have to really bit my tongue to remain quiet.
  12. XVM Prevalence

    Please enlighten me = What is XVM? Whenever using initials one should first spell it out, for instance To Be Determined (TBD) then everyone knows exactly what you are saying from that point on. I enjoy reading the players input in the forum but often don't have a luce what is being discussed because of this practice.
  13. [ALL] ModStation (beta)

    How about a button for Apple players?????? Thanks!
  14. I have all nations, except Pan Asian, up to level 7 in CR & BB, with a number at T8, several T9, and 1 T10. But, as I suspect many do, I jumped in an played the game. At about T5 I started reading the Wiki site and discovered the brief description of each nations ships and how they play. Had I know that when I started I would not have pursued at least one nation saving tons of money. Wiki is a gold mine of information for planning and the best way to advance up lines is by solid planning. I research not only the ship next in tier but those that follow and push the line that best fits my style of play. Then I put on paper the total cost in XP and Credits to research & purchase plus the cost of fully purchasing and mounting all the Up Grades and the follow-up cost for modules. Then I know exactly how much Credits and XP I'll need to spend. I also prioritize the order to purchase the modules per Wiki's article on that specific ship. Finally, I list the numbers assigned to each system on every ship I am considering (Survival, Artillery, Torpedoes, etc., etc.). All this combined on paper will usually clearly show the path I should next take. As for learning about future ships, I read the Wiki descriptions of every ship and any written reviews I can find (Little White Mouse is the leading producer of in-depth written reviews on testing of ships) and even have printed all of them out and filed in binder tabbed by Nation, Class of Ship, and then in order of Tiers with Premium Ships filed in their tier. By now the word "anal" is beginning to float in your mind and I probably am - to a degree. But I like to have information before making a decision and this is my method. I have purchased Credits, Doubloons, even Economic Signal Flags, and some Premium Ships from the Premium Shop as well as Premium Membership. I try to purchase permanent camouflage for each ship as it is a big assist in the grind, speeding it up for me. When word on the USN Cruiser line split began to circulate I read everything I could find and focused exclusively on advancing up the old line so I would obtain a Buffalo for free and was successful. Again reading and planning made it happen for me. I consider myself a below average to an average player which made this even more critical to plan ahead. So my advice to new players is read, learn, and plan before you sink credits, XP, and even doubloons into ships of nations only to discover later they were not the best choice to have made.
  15. Alaska

    Had Little White Mouse on our Random Battle team the other day playing Alaska and our team was horrible and lost badly. She ended up #2 on our team and the ship looked really powerful in her skilled hands. Then yesterday played two Random battles with Alaska in it with same Testor playing it and again it was very powerful. It has 12-inch guns on a tentatively slotted T9 ship (according to Wikki). Yea I really want this one badly!