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  1. dbw86

    Improving Clans

    Currently, in the Arsenal, we can purchase a patch background with our Clan's name embroidered on it. But there are only 3 colors and the shape is limited as well. Yet player's have a number of patch shapes and colors to choose from in designing their own patches. Why not provide all the colors and shapes, already designed and available, for adding Clan names to on a patch. I'm sure you would sell a great many more of them than the currently restricted 3 colors and a shape.
  2. dbw86

    Improving Clans

    This is a good idea that needs exploring. I would propose providing each Clan Commander the ability to assign titles on their Clan screen that would accurately reflect their own clan's organizational structure. For instance: Our Clan in addition to it's Clan Commander has - Commander of Operations, Commander of Admin, Commander of Training, with subordinate commander positions such as - Commander of Recruiting and in the future - Division or Squadron Commanders and Type Commanders (Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships, and Carriers). By allowing Clan Commanders to assign the titles to their Clan's screen in WoW's every clan's command structure would accurately be displayed. If this is something that WoW cannot do, or does not wish to do, then perhaps utilizing the Naval Command and Fleet Structure from the top down to Ship Captains of the WWI and WWII era would work as a standardized format.
  3. dbw86

    Sportmanslike behaviour

    It is so easy to tell the player who receives the Pink for no fault and beyond their ability to control because of an inflexible rule. But to the player who receives it is, and always will be, an unwarranted, unfair, and unjust punishment/penalty that is arbitrarily applied by a computer program that is incapable of adjudicating as a human has the ability to do. That is the reason we have court, judges, and juries to apply justice to the law that is adjusted to fit the crime. Excuses and reasons can be put forth but none of them will stand the scrutiny of justice!
  4. dbw86

    CV Rework Feedback

    I commend WoW's for announcing that MAC OS will not work in this testing. Let's hope they continue to make such announcements in everything they do! I still believe that WoW's should work to include MAC players in every phase of the game and that has not changed!
  5. dbw86

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    A very clear and outstanding explanation by LWM on what I believe most of the playing community of WoWs is struggling with right now. Without information, it is like being blindfolded and playing pin the tail on the donkey. So I'll save my FXP, Coal, and Steel, along with my money until we are provided with clear information on those other ships in the works!
  6. dbw86

    The Russo-Japanese War

    Right after WWII we had moved into a home in SW Missouri and while exploring the attic I found a bound book titled, "COLLIER'S PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE RUSSO - JAPANESE WAR" It is about 18" x 30" and is primarily photographs which I still have. Some really interesting photos in it, including the only photo I've ever seen of a Female White Cossack Officer mounted on a white horse with her male aide, also mounted on a horse behind her. Her command presence is not only impressive but intense and foreboding as a person you would not wish to confront. A little know war today.
  7. dbw86

    PSA: Mouse Droppings!

    And P.E.F. is which ship! Sorry, not as quick as many of you out there.
  8. dbw86

    PSA: Mouse Droppings!

    Does this mean that Little White Mouse's excellent Ship Reviews will no longer be available as they were in the past, but only to Patrons? I've always found her reviews to be the best, and just about the only, written reviews which I actually prefer to video reviews. If the answer is yes then I wish to THANK her for all the great unselfish work she has so freely given to all players of WoWs through the years and wish her the very best in her future endeavors!
  9. dbw86

    Update 0.7.10 Bug Report

    It would be reassuring if WoWs would advise the players that they are aware of the issues and are working to correct them and provide a target date they hope to have it all resolved by. Silence when problems are known I've always found to create voids where rumor, misinformation, and even deliberate misinformation spreads to fill the void creating a highly negative perception. Just from my own experiences in 77 years of life!
  10. dbw86

    Critical error

    Yes, I play on an Apple but since the last update, I've really been hit by this exact thing hard. When I force quit I find there are two "Wargaming Client" shown as running on my computer which I don't understand. There are far too many people complaining (PC's and Apple) about this issue since the last Update from WoW's yet all we hear is silence from WoW's. I've deleted all WoW's and Wargaming Center files from my computer well over 5 times and downloaded fresh new game and center files with no improvement what so ever. I used to be able to play 18 to 20+ games a day and now can barely play 5 to 6 complete games, even with my quitting and restarting the gaming center and game after every game. I've also found that I can no longer locate the game files on my computer (apparently they are in the wargaming center) to be able to load Aslain's Mods onto as I was able to do before this last update. HELP!
  11. dbw86

    hows the helena?

    Helena has been one of the most enjoyable ships that I've played. I find my self going back regularly to play games with it though I have the Wooster now. It seems to be able to create and influence enemy ship movement through harassment fire, even destroying them in the process. Very fast and maneuverable, capable of withering fire that is very accurate. Yes, it is fragile but I really enjoy this ship.
  12. dbw86

    Update 0.7.10 Bug Report

    I've been a staunch supporter of WoWs Staff and the game. Many a time in the Forum I've seen a rapid response from WoWs staff shutting down topics so it is evident that they do closely monitor the Forum comments. That begs the question of why has the WoWs Staff failed to acknowledge this issue along with a clarification of what they are doing to correct it for their customers? In response to a ticket I filed with WoWs their response was "we don't support " Apple/Mac's AND then suggested I try a link. It was to a 2016 article about the "new" Wine Wrapper, which is long outdated (to the best of my knowledge). Before I had to delete WoWs and Wargaming Center I had the game downloaded separately from the Wargaming Center. But when I clicked on the Wargaming center to start the game it opened the game already on my computer. I have been unable to find any place where I can download ONLY the World of Warships game for Mac and THEN download the Wargaming Center. Even to get the Wargaming Center I have to download it from World of Airplanes. Does anyone know where I can download ONLY World of Warships for MAC's?????
  13. dbw86

    Update 0.7.10 Bug Report

    Every day the game freezing problem worsens. Couldn't even return to the game (got back to team list screen) and just froze up after 3 attempts I shut down everything and restarted my computer. Worked fine for 3 games and again froze up so I quit entirely. Returned later in the day (after about 3 hours) and played for 4 games before problems returned and was unable to get back from force quitting to any game. Did manage to get to Port but the moment I attempted to enter a game it froze. It has become so bad I am afraid to division up with anyone and hurt their chances of winning in operations or in the game. HELP WOWS! I did file a ticket, downloaded their "Check tool" which won't open.
  14. dbw86

    Tier 8 Cruiser Thoughts

    I will observe a ship in battles that always seems to be a monster winner. But when I manage to add it to my port I do lousy with it and the grind to the next tier is rough and no fun at all. But once the grind is over and I go back an play that same "horrible" ship it suddenly easily plays like magic for me. I don't know if I try to hard when grinding, or simply am relaxed after the grind, but I've had that occur in nearly every nation's line of Cruisers and Battleships. I'd be hard pressed to pick a national line of cruisers I like best as I've had great luck with the German, US, French, and my Duca d Aosta. The Japanese have been a notch down for me while the British I wish I had never spent a single credit on! I have the worked up the Edinburgh but really have not enjoyed, or liked any of their cruisers or battleships. Even with my own below average to average playing ability, I've found that adding the IFHE Captain's Skill to my cruisers, especially those below 8" is a major plus factor for getting increased damage. My first try with it was my Seattle. Our team did a lemming train to the west side while I attempted to do a defense of the right side cap and a fighting withdrawal. Another ship on our team hid in the far corner away from all action but near the end of the game was really raking me over the coals. Then an enemy captain defended me by messaging (right after he finally sank me) with, "Seattle guarded your spawn and annoyed hell out of me whole match with damn shattering HE!” To my surprise, I amassed 92,825 in damage in that game. If you haven't tried IFHE, or are unsure I'd recommend watching this excellent video by Flamu on IFHE; There are a number of excellent video's but this one really explains it step by step using a training room.
  15. dbw86

    Update 0.7.10 Bug Report

    The game freezing continues today but even worst - nearly every game. I went back and reduced all my graphics settings to their lowest possible level, after having been able to raise them making the game far more enjoyable and beautiful after originally having downloaded the Wargaming Center. But that has not helped the least bit. I formed a division of clan mates and took us into the Tier 3 Halloween operation. When the "Team list screen" came up my game froze! I force quit and began reloading while remaining in contact via DISCORD with my division/clan mates. After 6 minutes I finally got back into the game, or course with my ship sunk, a fine of 2,700 CREDITS and 1 game PINK! I don't like losing Credits ever but there is something drastically wrong with this new update as my computer is working fine on every other program running on it. My internet service is well upgraded and checks out as delivering a fast strong signal up and down. HELP!