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  1. Even better than Public Test is volunteer to participate in one of the period events where volunteers are called for to act as; Pirates, Leperchauns, or at Halloween. If selected you will receive a fleet of nearly 400 ships with 19 point captains, tons of Signal Flags, and a massive amount of CREDITS, FXP, and even doubloons to allow you to experiment with captain and ship builds and to equip all your ships at no cost to you. I prepare a list of all the Ships I'm interested in playing and then keep track of them rating them for my play after each battle. By the end of the event I have a solid list of ships prioritized in the order I'd like to acquire them.
  2. I also have been having it occur randomly, both on the account I have mods on as well as another account I have no mods on. It is especially bugging to me as I copy down all stats into my daily Battle Report I keep so I have to simply input "?" in each black space around 12 spaces. Pain in the butt.
  3. This is a fabulous idea and long over due recognition of a group of players who give of themselves and their time to keep so many of the things that are absolutely vital to our game. Without them we would not have a WoWs Wiki site which is perhaps the most valuable asset, in fact I Calle it the game's Bible or Encyclopedia, every player of WoWs has access too. It answers nearly any question a player may have, tells new players how each line within a nation will play to aide them in deciding which lines to grind. It helps us as we equip our new ships and even how to build our captains. These unsung heroes labor out of sight because of their love for our game putting in countless hours typing, writing, researching, and then proof reading. All I can say to them in an effort to praise them is the very simple and old Naval Phrase - "WELL DONE" to all those volunteers and fly your flags with great pride!
  4. dbw86


    I also had that just occur. In fact it caused my game to freeze up and I had to leave it at which time the download commenced.
  5. dbw86

    PTS 0.10.5 BUG REPORTS

    When I attempt to click on Play Button on Wargaming Center to go to Public Test a maroon bar appears at bottom of Wargaming center with this message in it: "Unable to connect to the update service. Please check your internet connection and try again. My Internet checks out as working correctly with strong signal. This has been occurring all morning?????
  6. I recently added my 201st ship to my fleet and received my new reward which depicted a set of beautiful pins/emblems (whatever they call them now). They put me in mind of the old ones before WoWs changed to the modern nondescript emblems they now use. They are a horrible design and no way reflective of the time, work, and yes money all players invest to expand their fleet to the level they are comfortable with, but especially those with larger fleets. We are deserving of a worthy emblem such as WoWs displayed at the bottom of our award - so come on WoWs make that happen. I would also suggest that the Collector's flag be changed into a series of flags denoting the level of each collection rather than the current single flag obtained at 50 ships. As for the number of ships in the game I know they are in excess of 400 as the recent Pirate volunteers were loaned 400 ships and we did not have any of the Research and other unique ship, though we did have a most of the premiums in the game. I've noted some ask why have so many ships? I still play in Clan Battles and at all tiers in random and CoOp and it is really helpful to have a variety of ships that can fulfill a requested need in a division or clan battle. They even help you if you play a lot of Operations. I have 3 cruisers I use primarily for Operation Narai as they are fast shooters and maneuvering ships; Atlanta, Helena, and Fiji. Having a large number of ship, though work, is a real earner for players when snowflakes season is here as well.
  7. Yesterday and today on all 3 of my accounts in the Armory for the Daily Allowance it states "OBTAINED" but I cannot find that I received anything on any of the accounts yesterday or today??? Any assistance would be appreciated.
  8. I don't watch a lot of these video's but one I have come to enjoy is Carbine Carlito as he is very through, polite and gentlemanly in his speech with out all the theatrics.
  9. I'd like to point out the enormous amount of prior planning, getting over 600 volunteers through the initial process (once selected) over 2 or 3 days during which a password and Pirate Game name is given that is unique to each of those 600 volunteers. Once they have their "credentials" they have to set up a new account on the Wargaming Center and then they find in their new Port around 400 + or - ships. There is also plenty of a camouflages, signals flags, and 21 point captains (one of those captains for every ship). So just as we all do with each new ship we add to our own ports the ships each pirate selects to play must be set up, and the captain build of skills completed. Some don't bother very much with this, others do a few and then do each ship just before they play it. I'm of the school that prepares a list of ships I want to make sure I play. Why? It is a great opportunity to test ships I don't have in my fleet and think I would like to have. This give me the opportunity to play them several times in real games to evaluate if they fit my play style and I do keep notes on each battle, simple notes but they are used in my final evaluation (also computerized into my records on this game). Then I begin installing the upgrades, came, pirate flag, came, and captain build on each ship referring to the WoWs Wiki Site for special recommendations and Little White Mouse Reviews (which I have in a binder). Literally this takes me nearly a full day to do but it speeds up my play making it easier for me to complete the necessary 65 games (again being a bit anal I do over that for a pad in case some are not counted because of my mistaken play; wrong tier at wrong time is most common error. Happa is our Chief Pirate in charge of the whole contest and the pirates. He is assisted by a large number of "volunteers" (and I suspect most of his staff at WoWs NA). A special DISCORD is set up for this contest for all the Pirates, Hapa and his assistants and it is used to pass messages along to individual pirates as necessary, or generally. Happy, himself, is readily available and reads all his messages replying as needed and I've found very promptly. His staff works literally around the clock as the contest runs around the clock. So next time you play, or decide to [edited] about the contest and its participants, pause a moment and consider all the labor, hours, dedication, and work that is freely given by the volunteer assistants to Happa, Happa himself, and those who provide mobile targets for you to sink and win a prize! They are all there for you - the WoWs player's fun, enjoyment, and we hope a few prizes as well.
  10. dbw86

    ST. " Convoys" Game mode.

    FIRST IMPRESSION is that rather than an operation it is to be a game. Is this a step towards killing off Operations? I, for one, would hope not! In fact I, and know many others, would still like to see the promised return of Operation Cherry Blossom and Operation Dynamo. Both were unique. CHERRY BLOSSOM because it was Tier 8, started at night time in battle supporting a landing by Marines and then fought across a large map against air attack and sea attack while having to sink an escaping ship and finally destroy the land airports of the enemy force. DYNAMO because it required Allied Forces T7 DD's to play and was the Evacuation of Dunkirk, complete with minefields, German "E" Boats and other craft along with air attacks while the DD's evacuated troops from the beaches, protecting civilian rescue ships on the voyage back to England and safety. Both were challenging and highly enjoyable to play. WoWs needs to expand the Operations selections but I can foresee this as a good game as well, just don't use it to kill operations please.
  11. I was born on the 24th of May 1941, same day as HOOD was sunk by Bismarck with over 1,300 men aboard. There were 3 survivors, 2 civilian dockyard workers and a young Naval Boy. YEP! I came into the world a catastrophe and have been one every since! BUT I do love to play Warships!!!!!
  12. dbw86

    Gaming the New Penalty System

    When I said zoomed in front of me I was speaking of the game not motor vehicle law. BUT under most states motor vehicle law a car zooming out in front of you would have come from off of the highway, or another highway, and thus had a legal obligation to Yield the Right of Way and to enter the flow of traffic in such a way as not to interfere with any approaching vehicle's legal passage. In other words the highway is like a pipe carrying water. Any other vehicle entering that flow of water may not cause a ripple of change in the flow of the water and zooming out in front would certainly do so. An analogy I often used when Teaching Traffic Law at the police academy and in courts for traffic charges, or jury trials for civil suits resulting from accidents and never loss a case.
  13. dbw86

    Gaming the New Penalty System

    I was fined for firing on a friendly ship. I was in binoculars and a super fast DD zipped in front of me as I fired. More the fault of the DD than my aiming carefully to put down the attacking ship, yet I was fined and not the DD. That is just wrong.
  14. dbw86

    end of game issue

    I keep detailed records of every battle, ship, and commander and I've also had the no score issue after games and get the same error message as derf20 showed. I'm running an i9 with an RTX 2070 Graphic Card so I don't believe it is my computer or graphic's card.
  15. Thanks for the replies. I keep computer records on all battles I play, Inventory of my fleet of ships by ship, same for Commanders, etc., etc.. The word "Anal" is sometimes used to describe that in me but I enjoy doing that as well as playing the game. So I was a bit concerned when I couldn't record these gifts but now you captains have resolved that issue. SINK THE ENEMY!