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  1. This points out that the Clan Commander and Deputy Commanders bear a responsibility in taking actions when reports like this are forwarded to them. I recently was in a battle when a member of another clan began shooting at our own team's DD's. Several of players on our team mentioned having just been in another battle with this "Pink" player and he had done the same thing in that battle. I looked up that clan and sent an email to his Clan Commander. I received a prompt reply asking for everything I could tell him about what had occurred and once he read my reply he apologized. He stated that was not acceptable conduct for any member of their clan and he would be taking appropriate action. Commendable Clan Commander!
  2. I don't profess to be a skilled player but I have attained a number of T-10 ships. I found all of the above comments to be valid and valuable. I would add that I ground cruisers and battleships of the US, German, British, Japanese, Russian, and when the French line came in I ground it as well. I didn't like the British BB's so quit at King George V (but have started trying to finish that line as well) and I quit on the Russian Cruiser line at Tier 4. I then went back and ground to Tier 10 as well. Now I am beginning on the Russian BB and up to Tier 7 already while I'm also working now on DD's slowly. I found once in a Clan, which I do recommend that you find a clan you like and join as soon as you can, I found the costs of Tech Tree ships was greatly reduced and other players helped me grind. Clans find players who have multiple lines and classes of ships, especially cruisers and destroyers (often clans prefer their Team Leader in Clan Battles play a Battleship) make you more valuable and able to provide the ship needed for the team. One of the greatest aides you can have in grinding is Premium Time. If you watch for sales you can pick Premium time up at reasonable costs and the return back per battle is like watching a slot machine payout in credits, XP, FXP, & Commander XP! Sink the Enemy and build your fleet!
  3. dbw86

    Clan treasury feedback

    It is a great idea but needs some way for Clans, and even their members, to be able to earn, or transfer into it; Doubloons, Credits, XP, FXP. At present in its current form, it is practically worthless and a great disappointment to Clan Members.
  4. dbw86

    Mistakes of Guadalcanal

    You Sir are spot on. From my readings and talking with a few Sailors and Marines who actually fought there this was the first major conflict between the pre-WWII BB Admirals & Captains who dominated that era Navy and the WWII era Admirals & Captains who embraced new tactics, RADAR controlled Gunfire and Naval Aviation. The night Admiral Scott and Callaghan went down with their ships, both gallant officers, sadly was perhaps one of the most glaring examples of this split in the entire history of the USN!
  5. It did it in Ranked, Co-Op, Operations, and Random in the same exact way.
  6. 1st game I sailed to an area of the map (strait) and fired several volleys with my main guns, then a volley of torpedoes, followed by a heavy hit from a Russian BB. Then I attempted to fire another volley and found with I hit the key on my mouse (left click) I instead got a computer program on my computer, nor could I fire using any other key. I also had no game controls that functions so my ship (Galissonniere) continued sailing in a straight line until it was routinely sunk by enemy fire. My total volleys fired were 10. When the game was finished all game controls worked once again. Also when in port no matter how I arrange the Carousel only the single Tier 10 ship is shown normally. All others are faded, or subdued. Additionally the bottom row, no matter if I select 2, 3, or 4 rows to be displayed barely shows the ship and not its name. I've switched the display in settings several different ways but there is no change to this. Also after the US ships, the Black Swan is displayed followed by the Japanese ships. It is the only ship out of it's nation order.
  7. I have long thought this is an excessive charge, as Re-Training as well.
  8. For DD the T-61, Cruisers the DeGrasse and the Atlanta. As for Battleships, it has to be the Tier 8 Massachusetts.
  9. The XP we all build up on ships once we have ground past them is a major item that needs some attention. The fact this ships XP can ONLY be used by spending Doubloons is far too restrictive denying their use except via large outlays of hard currency. Credits would be a strong possible resource to use for these exchanges or increase the amount for doubloon exchange to at least 35 per doubloon with sa!es of 50 per doubloon or even doubling that to 75 per doubloon. At the current rate, it is excessively expensive in real dollars/Euros/Rubles/Yen, or whatever other currency used. I'm confident 80% (perhaps even high) of the current WoWs players have tons of XP sitting locked up on elite ships! Another possibility is to permit players to donate this Elite Ship XP to the Clan Treasury and for the Treasury to be able to use or donate them to their members for use in some manner.
  10. Kami I have viewed you as a breath of fresh air into our game with a pro-player bias until now. Only an employee ordered, with the obvious effect of not complying being dismissal from their job, would attempt to present this ill-conceived horrible change as a "great new and challenging experience for every player of WoWs!" Kami wake up, read the countless posts on every possible input into WoWs from the enraged player base singularly shouting not only NO but HELL NO to this thinly disguised highway robbery attempt by WoWs on we - the players! KILL THIS ENTIRE CONCEPT!
  11. I'm retired and have played this game for 2 1/2 years. I don't play golf and spend 4 to 8 hours daily playing WoW's or working on my fleet, mod's, captain's, and all the detailed (yea I'm a bit anal about records) I keep on every facet of my play and fleet. I've purchased Doubloons, Premium Time, Converted Elite Ship XP into FXP which I used in the game, a few Signals, and a number of Premium Ships. Every item I've purchased I've reduced to a per dollar basis. To date, I have spent over $2,000.00 into this game, and another $2,000.00 plus on a gaming computer, monitor, gaming headphones with microphone, gaming keyboard, and mouse, not to mention an L shaped desk to hold my gaming computer and my Apple iMac. I even purchased an upgraded chair for better comfort, as I play, or work on the modules, flags, signals, commander's, camouflages and every other item affecting my fleet of 100 ships, of which 6 are Tier 10 with several others very close to that tier. There are a number of premium ships being sold that I am interested in purchasing, and even more in the testing and development stage, I am keenly interested in purchasing as well. I play daily anywhere from 4 hours to 8 hours, and even a few ways that were longer. No, I'm not a great player, instead, I am a below average player per my stats and personal knowledge. I truly love playing this game and derive untold satisfaction in my daily play of World of Warships. The entire idea of adding this Naval Training Center into our game obviously was dreamed up somewhere in the cocoon of WoWs either by well-meaning technical and game design technicians or from a demand from the financial department demanding new increased flows of money into WoWs. It is very easy to become insulated from reality in labs and hopefully, that is what has occurred in this instance. If so certainly the outcry that has erupted across every input available to players to express their dismay and outrage at this proposal should be heeded at the highest levels of WoWs and immediate action is taken to give a quick burial to the Naval Training Center after it's cremation! IF NOT, then this player will regretfully be forced to find another game for me to play and spend money on.
  12. As ALWAYS Little White Mouse speaks the unvarnished truth fearlessly on behalf of every player of WoWs. I'm retired, don't play golf, and this game has been my passion and joy for the past 2 years. I'm heavily involved in the leadership of a clan. I'm not a whale but I have spent over $2,000 on; Premium Time, Doubloons, Converting Elite Ship XP into FXP, a few signals, and Premium Ships. I have not spent one penny on Containers of any kind! There are ships being tested I am keenly interested in purchasing. BUT if this Naval Training Center is imposed on the game and we - the players - then I strongly suspect [edited] will gain a player that WoWs loses when I depart. I doubt I will be the only one taking their wallets and walking!
  13. I have read the article 5 times. Several things hit me hard. 1. To do this regrind of a specific nation we are to sell every ship of that nation "according to the standard rules" which I am assuming means at 50% of the cost we poured into them. Then we purchase them all over again at 100% price. Certainly not enticing to me, nor do I suspect will it be too many others in the game. 2. "In clan competitive modes, the possible levels of bonus/improvement that can be used in combat will be limited. Levels that exceed this limit will be inactive and not applied in competitive battles." Why re-grind only to have the newly gained added powers excluded, or reduced? 3. "To achieve 3 levels of improvements/bonuses for one ship, a player will be required to participate in several seasons and will likely have to reset progress in branches within that nation multiple times." We have Ranked Battles, Ranked Sprint Battles, Public Test, Clan Battles, monthly Missions, Operations, and many other time demanding events and contests and now we are to restart all over again? I've finally reached Tier 10 in both US CR & BB lines, RU Cr, German Cr (knocking on the door of BB), French Cr, (knocking on the door of BB), IJN CR and at T8 BB and now you want me to sell all those off and start over? I think NOT! I seriously doubt I will be the only one making such a decision. This puts a halt to my plans fo ship purchases from the WoWs store, purchases of Doubloons, and Premium Time until this very hazy idea/picture is clarified. Hopefully with some degree of sanity returning to those making these questionable decisions about a game many of us love!
  14. Truthfully this is not my cup of tea type of battle. BUT it is a gold mine for generating Elite Captain Skill Points so I am playing it to increase that invaluable and hard to attain skill points.
  15. dbw86

    Division: What’s the difference?

    It is also excellent training for Clan Members preparing for Clan Battles as it acquaints each other with their play styles and gets the coordinating their play for the to come clan battles.