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  1. Tonight when I started to play I discovered that when I click on EXTERIOR I only am show Signals and Flags. Camouflages is totally gone from being able to click on it nor can I find them elsewhere. Anyone else having this issue????
  2. I often used the auto-resupply option on certain ships while on others I did not. I like the current system and can foresee the new system being a pain in the butt for me in many instances versus the current method.
  3. dbw86

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.6

    Many of us have purchased a number of permanent camo's that have economic bonuses. Will we retain those bonuses or will we end up losing them and having to repurchase them? I certainly would hope that we will be given them without having to AGAIN purchase them, especially as many of us have owned those camos for several years.
  4. dbw86

    ASLAIN mod pack safe to install?

    It sends my security on windows 10 plus another security program I run but I've used Aslain's for years and simply disregard those warnings and continue with my download and have never had a security issue - yet! Aslain himself is extremely responsive in-person to questions, and concerns, even with bugs he will take immediate action to fix them and then contact you personally. Aslain's also has a far greater selection of mods than does Mod Station, though I do believe the Mod Station mod selection screens are superior to Aslain's. So I continue to use Aslain's and thoroughly enjoy using mods to enhance the game and provide information far more quickly, often adding it to my port screen so I don't have to go through several other screens to find the information I'm seeking.
  5. dbw86

    clan logo

    I have long suggested that the current patch offered in the Armory with your clan's name on it be added. WoWs already has a selection of patch outlines and colors so why not offer the choice of one of them instead of the single style patch and then in only black or tan background color when WoWs has other background colors available for their other patches. I believe this change could be done at little expense, design, or programming work since it is all there already, just have to add the choice to this idea.
  6. dbw86

    loss of aiming function

    I also have this problem but it is intermittent and usually corrects itself after 30 seconds or so but is really disrupting and only occurred after the last update.
  7. I'm a low stat player who generally does not do very well in Battleships, though I have a ton of them. I watched a number of the test video's and the more I watched them the more I thought it fit my style of play, sailing and shooting. I purchased it and quickly discovered it cannot take the pounding other BB's can, but it is maneuvable, it's main battery is accurate (and that from a very poor shooter in this game), and it shoots fairly fast, while the torpedoes can be deadly when in their range. I've fell in love with it and thoroughly enjoy playing it, even when sunk. I've had a 240,000 plus damage CoOp game in it so it can rack up the damage and still survive. Normally I'm in the pitiful 30,000 to a high of 60,000 damage and I'm fairly consistently exceeding that with this ship! The Micklenburg is a great and fun ship.
  8. A great many veterans of extended combat in the infantry during WWII returned to the US at the end of the war with 3 to 5 ribbons and some (my uncle for one) landed in N Africa, Sicily, and on D day and in the occupation of Germany before being returned home. I agree that many medal recommendations of medals were downgraded strictly because of race in years past, even in Vietnam. Some of the recent presentations of the Medal of Honor to some of those veterans were more than deserved upon reading their citations. In this instance after reading what is written this officer and his gun crew did their duty and fired at the enemy. No more, nor no less. There should have been no medal given. If they returned fire while under heavy incoming fire directed at their weapon then certainly a medal should have been recommended, a Bronze Star with "V" for Valor, or perhaps a Silver Star.
  9. I had never thought of that but it certainly would be a great option to have. Excellent suggestion which I fully support!
  10. They advertise these sales several times a year with different national lines of ships but I've never located the but with doubloons other than the replace a flag used option paying with doubloons in game. Very mis leading the way it is advertised. dbw86
  11. It was announced today that WoWs is currently offering Discounts and Bonuses from May 6th through the 15th "-50% to the cost in Doubloons of Equal Speed Charlie London, Zulu, PaPa, and Zulu Hotel economic signals in the game" I've checked the Armory, Premium Store, and Signals in the game. I see that in the game those signals have a Doubloon cost listed but I see no way to purchase them and have not been able to discover a way in the Wiki WoWs site either. Does anyone know where and how these may be purchased on this Discount sale?????
  12. I am delighted that WoWs is following through on restoring some of the operations back for us to play in the game. I believe that Dunkirk or Operation Dynamo would have been right below Cherry Blossom as the most desired operation to have returned, but it was not on their list of returning operations. So we can only hope it is being worked on and will be returned at a later point this year.
  13. I noticed that WoWs Mod Station is once again being pushed while there is no mention of Aslain's Mods, almost as if telling us not to use Aslain's. Was that intended, or accidental? I've used Aslain's Mods for several years and never had a problem with them. Yes, my protection programs always go off when I pull up Aslain's to load a new update but simply override them and have never had an issue with any of them. It has been my experience that when I've messaged or brought a concern to Aslain's attention he has always jumped on it quickly and provided me with an answer, explanation, or correction of a problem quickly. Aslain's has a far more extensive selection of mods to choose from so I use Aslain's. I've tried WoWs Mod Station and I freely admit that their program to select and add mods is much easier and more advanced than Aslain's. when using Mod Station I noted that many changes were much slower in being made by Mod Station and well after Aslain's had fully implemented those changes. Another thing I've noted is anytime I submit a ticket to WoW's Player Assistance it seems they almost always start with Uninstall all Mods, which I do but that never turns out to be the cause of my problems, at least not yet.
  14. I thought this was one of the best Waterline presentations WoWs has ever presented. The two gentlemen hosting this episode should be retained as both had great speech speed and rhythm making it easy to hear fully and understand what they were saying. The show was exceptionally informative as well and the hosts had a great sense of humor to the point of even joking about how badly Puerto Rico was screwed up in the Dockyard by WoWs. Please keep these two Hosts for future shows.
  15. I have the download as well.