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  1. In my Inventory, under UPGRADES I've discovered an item titled "Improved Readiness Condition" valued at 2,500,000 Credits. When I hover my mouse over it it says: "Number of consumables: +1" then "Reload time of ship consumables: -20%" followed by "Priority AA sector preparation time: -20%". I did a search using that term on the WoWs Wiki Site and got nothing except some references to a French Tank. There is also a small block that is colored Red with a White Star in it. I have attached a Screen Shot of my Inventory sheet where this appears. What is this? How can I use it, and on which Ships/Commanders????? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  2. dbw86


    I also strongly agree that Hapa has brought a fresh outlook into our North American Office that has revitalized that office, while seemingly gaining access deeply into the WoWs main offices in St Petersburg, Russia, and even their cooperation and action. We are fortunate to have such a great dedicated group in our NA Office!
  3. dbw86

    Sync with Steam?

    I have two accounts, one of which is in Steam. I would strongly encourage you NOT to put your account in Steam. Once you put it into Steam it is there forever and you can not remove it from STEAM! Had I understood that I would never have started my, now un-needed, 2nd account. I did start that 2nd account as a brand new account starting at T1 and building it via playing it while keeping my primary account with tons of ships in it in the open using Wargaming Center. Other than that one restriction, major one to me, Steam works fine with WoWs.
  4. dbw86

    Hapa: Looking for update on Narai

    Given Hapa's past efforts on us, the player's, behalf I for one will be giving him the courtesy of waiting for the next patch to come out. I believe we all owe him that much courtesy and respect.
  5. dbw86

    Need help setting the Weser

    ACTUALLY I'd very much appreciate seeing how to set up all 3 of the new German carrier's that were just in the giveaway/earn them contest. I like you have never even touched a CV before and may not yet, but would like to have them set up and ready to go if I get an urge. THANKS!
  6. THANKS Hapa! You are amazing how quickly you answer things like this. I must be going blind as I totally missed that key date!
  7. I just checked and the exchange rate for doubloons for converting XP into FXP is still at 25 per Doubloon NOT 35 per the sale notice. Is this for another date and if so when is that date??? Thanks
  8. I just checked and the exchange rate for doubloons for converting XP into FXP is still at 25 per Doubloon NOT 35 per the sale notice. Is this for another date and if so when is that date??? Thanks
  9. I wish to add my THANKS and APPRECIATION to WoWs for this generous sale celebrating their anniversary! These sales are helpful to all, and extremely so to our newer players who are always struggling for funds to advance in our game! THANKS!
  10. I've been trying to figure out how to gift a ship spending my Doubloons and using a Coupon for -25% in the Armory. Anyone have any suggestions, or is this something we are not permitted to do. I should think we should be able to do so as it is our Doubloons we are spending. How about it Wargaming?????
  11. dbw86


    The current Clan Battle Season is a really bad choice of tiers to play. Tier 7 would have brought a far better selection of ships into play than tier 6 has. The reason Clan Battles was instituted was for clans to be able to play their Tier 10 Ships which they had labored to win and it should remain at Tier 10. Baring that then the lowest tier clan battles should play at should be firmly set at Tier 8 and NO RENTAL SHIPS PERMITTED. If there is a need for clans that have not yet gotten their members up to Tier 10 then form a special clan Battle League strictly for those clans at whatever level desired but again NO RENTAL SHIPS PERMITTED. Either you have the necessary tier level ship to play or you don't play!
  12. dbw86

    New sounds overwhelming and distracting

    I think this is one of the better changes by WoWs in a long time. I enjoy the new sounds, yea a couple I didn't want to hear as loudly as the others so I simply toned them down the sound until I found a happy medium.
  13. I have VOICEOVER LANGUAGE set to ENGLISH and VOICEOVER MODIFICATION set to NATIONAL. Yet I keep hearing other nation's voices/languages in the game and I only want to hear ENGLISH/AMERICAN. HOW do I get back to simply all ENGLISH?????
  14. dbw86

    GET Mr. Hyde out of the Armory !! now!!

    I also reduce everything to a US Dollar and Cents price so I can compare things evenly and make decisions on which is the best buy, especially in bundle packages with multiple different things included.
  15. dbw86

    GET Mr. Hyde out of the Armory !! now!!

    Has anyone EVER seen the many "% DISCOUNTS" change for items like; Signal Flags, Doubloons, Credits, and other such items? It is always advertised as a percentage off but never have I seen that item for sale at the noted original price before the discount. That is a practice that is illegal in many US States as "False Advertising" since the marked down price is the actual price (at least since 2017 when I began playing this game). Just an observation!