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  1. First, let me add my personal condolences to the aggrieved family, friends, and clan mates of the murdered WoWs Player. The Clan Leader reached out to WoWs and the answer he received back was obviously from an employee who failed horribly to grasp the sensitivity of the request when more properly he should have forwarded the request up to his superiors. I am confident that a supervisor would have instantly grasped the possible precedent that any response would be setting for WoWs in all future such requests. That, in turn, would have drawn in some of the very staff members whose replies I see above with due consideration and sensitivity due to the original request. Sadly that failed to happen, but we can only hope that the lessons of this "mistake" will be studied and an appropriate set of protocols established for such future requests of this nature, or any other sensitive nature. All deaths are mourned, though some give ample warning of their impending finality, while others don't. But those that are totally unexpected and sudden are extremely hurtful and the most hurtful of all is when the death is a result of murder or other violent means. Having made far too many death notifications as a police officer I can assure you there is no written manual that covers every possible situation an officer faces when making those notifications. Generally yes, but each one is unique and must be addressed with compassion, sensitivity, empathy in a manner you would like to be treated yourself if the roles were reversed. It does seem that higher level staff of WoWs are now aware of the reply and are attempting to make honest amends while also addressing the points I made above. It is far to easy to jump on the bandwagon and criticize but only drives the knife deeper into the wounds already inflicted in this instance.
  2. dbw86

    New Ship

    The USN in WWII had some great AA Cruisers, many with RADAR controlled guns. Though sunk at Guadalcanal when fighting off an IJN BB, CR, & DD attack the Atlanta's massive amount of firepower thrown out at the IJN ships was heavily reported in their after action reports.
  3. dbw86

    What would you like to see in WOWS?

    RADAR controlled gun fire for main batteries. Making all the currently available patch shapes and colors available in the Arsenal for purchase via Coal with our Clan Name embroidered as currently available in the one shape with 3 colors. After all, they already exist so this should be simple to accomplish, and I'm sure you'd sell a great deal more of them than currently are sold.
  4. dbw86

    Deputy Commander Question

    BUT where is all this written down about How Many Deputy Commanders and Recruiters and what exactly powers do they have? That is the question that needs to be answered. Otherwise, we are simply going on well-intentioned, perhaps spot on accurate, information but with no documented basis, or support. It is hard to believe there is not a set of rules for Clans that lay all this out clearly.
  5. dbw86

    [ALL] ModStation (beta)

    It would be nice to see a list of the mods in the pack before downloading them.
  6. dbw86


    Let me start by saying I played on Apple in the past and only recently broke down and switched to a gaming PC. I used the WGC on Apple which greatly improved all the major problems Apple users incur with WoWs and are ignored so badly by Wows. I am not as computer smart as most of you are, but have experienced no issues with WGC on either of my computers and like having the ability to so easily switch between joining Public Test or WoWs regular games.
  7. Really seems familiar to me since I live in Las Vegas = you know slot machines which always win for the house!
  8. I'm 77 years old and a retired 1stSgt and police officer. What was acceptable as the norm in my early life would have rejected any reference in the slightest degree to drugs. BUT today Marijuana is legal in a number of states for both medical and, in some, personal enjoyment. Cheech and Chong made movies about being "Stoned" on weed back in the day that was highly controversial at the time. My best friend and his wife from High School have terminal cancer. The only relief they have from the horrible pain is via Marijuana. They are able to legally purchase it here in Las Vegas using a card issued by their cancer doctor certifying it as part of their treatment plan. There are names in our game that I don't particularly like. But I don't jump up and complain about them, and I certainly would never have complained about this Clan's chosen name. Yet it seems that WoWs summarily removed this Clan's Name because of a "complaint", though they had used this name for over a year in WoWs with WoWs approval. Come on folks grow up and save your complaints for cheating, or attacking another player during a game. I've watched other players openly conspire to complain about another player simply because they didn't like their play. YEA! It really happens and you, WoWs, encourage it by making it so easy to complain by simply a single click. I highly suspect that the person(s), who made the complaint against this Clan's name choice (after a year with approval from WoWs), probably has a personal thing against that clan or a member of it. Hey, that's being human. But it is not OK to take an action on a "personal dislike" and even worse to "punish" on it. We all enjoy the WoWs videos showing the many employees working in Wow's main offices. Certainly, their attire is not the norm in many businesses for business attire. Just as their tattoos being openly on display might offend some people, or they're not speaking "our" language, or simply because they are of a different nation may be offensive, all of which could result in complaints. I think we would agree that is silly, yet isn't that the same as removing this clan's name? I urge WoWs to review this complaint using real people, not computers, or other automated processes. NO decision resulting in punishment should ever be made without a serious and careful review by humans! As an investigating police officer, I would ask and consider the following points; 1. How many complaints were made? 2. Was the player(s) making the complaint a frequent submitter of complaints? 3. If 2 is YES Were any of those complaints against this Clan, or it's Clan Members? 4. Are player(s) complaining fellow members of another clan? 5. If not, do they frequently play together in WoWs? 6. Have the complaining player(s) been the subject of other player's (particularly of the Clan they complained against) complaints? 7. Given the growing movement towards legalizing Marijuana use in many places does this clan's choice of name (remembering it was used with WoWs approval for over a year) rise to the level of being so shocking it is offensive to the majority of people resulting in an outcry in protest against this name usage? Once the panel has answered all the above questions then they should, as a jury does, vote in secret on their final decision to; !. Uphold the name's removal OR B. Set that action aside entirely, or C. Modify it all in the name of fair and equal treatment of every player and clan. WoWs might also conduct a blind poll of a randomly selected percentage of Clan Commanders. The question to them would be; "Using today's norms should the clan's original name be permitted or not!" This action I believe does beg for review as it just has a noxious ordor to it at present, though without any intent on WoW's part other than to act upon player's complaints. BUT the right of the complained against must always ALSO be protected in any findings.
  9. dbw86

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Wows offer us a patch with our Clan's Name embroidered on the bottom. But you only offer a selection of a single patch shape with only 3 background colors - Black, Blue, & Tan for 1,000 Coal in the Arsenal. Why so limited? You already offer a large choice of patch shapes and colors for each player to choose from to build their own in-game patch with a center design. So you have already done all the design and technical work necessary to be able to offer the same choice in the Arsenal. At least it seems to this old man to be a very simple thing to offer the same but with the addition of our Clan's Name embroidered on the bottom for 1,000 CiK. I highly suspect a great many more players would be snatching these up IF you offered all the shapes and colors but with their Clan's Name embroidered onto the bottom. Personally, I use the 7 sided background in Red with white trim and a Raven in the center. Come on WoWs this could be a great money maker for you!
  10. I've said it before and will again. RADAR will not penetrate land masses and shouldn't in our game. Likewise, radio waves do not penetrate land masses and should not in the game. But DO NOT remove them from the game as they were used extensively in WWII. Instead, expand RADAR to WWII use levels when we had RADAR controlled Guns, even AA RADAR night fighting carrier launched planes. You might consider only showing a dot for ships identified by Radio Detection or RADAR and not the ship, type of ship and name as we currently can see. Make the size of the dot relative to the type of ship and then leave the rest up to the players to determine. Leave all the rest of ship identification as is when by the line of visual sight.
  11. dbw86

    Seattle — American Tier IX cruiser.

    OK, I'm a below average to a poor player and when I first got my Seattle I said the same thing all of you are saying. Then I added IFHE to it and suddenly it clicked for me and has become a real economic generator for me. It has become fun to play and once when a teammate who hid in the furthest corner of the map the entire battle was berating everyone, especially me an enemy captain defended me. I had been the sole ship on the east side of the map where the enemy team seemed to spawn so I kited all the way across using islands when possible and tons of maneuvering while firing my IFHE at the lead ship a Montana. I farmed slightly over 100,000 damage (exceptionally high for me) and kept that Montana on fire. It was the captain of that enemy Montana who defended me by saying, “Seattle guarded your spawn and annoyed hell out of me whole match with damn shattering HE!” His comments gave me a new appreciation of this ship's ability to kite and of IFHE added to it. I now add this to all 6" gunned ships in my fleet. Using WoWS Stats & Numbers site here are actual Stats for Seattle against other T9 Cruisers: Win Rate 51.92% 3rd, Average Frags 0.61 9th, Average Damage 48,327 9th, Average Experience 1.430 3rd, Average Aircraft Destroyed 1.75 4th, and Kills 1.11 8th. I like Seattle and still it is one of my best ships to play with a lot of enjoyment.
  12. dbw86

    Admiral Hipper: what can I expect?

    Of all my cruisers the Hipper came the most naturally to me. I used it in Ranked Battle a year ago and had excellent results for a below average to a low average player. Her guns are spot on accurate, excellent range, great maneuvering ship, and can brawl or kite when necessary.
  13. dbw86

    3 day switch for clans

    I switched clans a year ago and the 3-day cooldown was not a big deal in any way. I fully support it as it does make members stop and consider before quitting a clan as well as gives that clan they are leaving an opportunity to resolve the issue that caused that player to depart in the first place. Keep the 3-day cooldown period, and if anything extend it more!
  14. dbw86

    How to Republique (Tier X French Battleship)

    You need to become one of WoWs Tester/Evaluators and begin publishing your reviews on those ships to we players. Your review is right up there with Little White Mouse level of reviews and one I've printed out and saved.
  15. dbw86


    Any group of players can manufacture Karma and drive each other's Karma higher and higher. I recognize that WoWs injected the Karma rating into the game in an attempt to drive down all the nasty and negative players who effect on the other players is more volume than substance. But in all honesty, I don't believe it was a good idea and needs to be scrubbed. I don't like censorship but there does need to be some effective method to identify those players who repeatedly disrupt the fun of the game through hurtful, negative, and personal attacks while hiding behind the curtain of a game name. It is one thing to look another person in the eye face to face and speak in that manner but cowardly and unmanly to do so when hidden. Sadly some of the worst offenders play together most of the time and enjoy denigrating the play of others who are playing for the enjoyment of the game and trying their best. I've often wondered if these antagonistic players aren't immature juveniles acting out in a world of mostly adult players. Yes they enrage most other players but the best tactic is for us to bite out tongues and refrain from replying which takes away all the enjoyment as that is what they thrive on!