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  1. I was playing in Operation Naria sitting in the small bay to the south side of the main bay in which we were to land troops, shooting at enemy ships. An Arizona sailed out and I took it under fire with my Helena and when it came alongside another enemy ship that had capsized when killed. Suddenly the Arizona lurched with its bow rising up in the air out of the water, then it too capsized and sank. But its name tag kept moving along above the surface of the water as if it was still alive. Suddenly the Arizona erupted out of the water, much like a nuclear submarine on a full emergency surface, with its hull completely leaving the water before crashing back down and bouncing several times. I gave it another full salvo and this time it capsized and sake for good! Not something I've ever seen occur before but was very startling to see occur.
  2. dbw86

    Super Tester Picks?

    Capn_Nugget made a point I've long held, that the Tester's need to be a cross-section of players of this game. Certainly, the Unicum's and Super Unicum's of this game are proficient and have a vast knowledge of this game compared to most of the other players. I suspect their perceptions of tiny things affecting the operation and play of all facets of a ship being tested is even very high as well. But I have to wonder if their recommendations and decisions in their evaluations they submit on each test ship are not naturally weighed more for their equals as players rather than the more normal mid-range players? So, like Capn_Nugget I've often wondered if WoWs include amongst their tester's a good cross-section of our playing community?
  3. dbw86


    We are beginning to build a #1 Competitive Team for the next season of Clan Battles. So now is a Great Time to join and be a part of building our first fully competitive team while keeping our #2 (even a #3) team that substitutes allowing every member to participate in Clan Battles and win Steel! So come join now!
  4. dbw86

    Super Tester Picks?

    KUDO'S to both of you gentlemen for applying.
  5. This is NOT proffered as a complaint, but instead as a plea for Wows to give this immediate attention. A great many players use this site for information regarding the strengths, weaknesses, capabilities and how to play each ship in our game. Further, they look to it for suggested build-outs of Modules and Upgrades, even the priority order in which to build them, along with the Captain Skills and suggestions for different builds, and lastly which Signals Flags to mount. I recall reading a plea from WoWs for volunteers to fill the positions of volunteers who create all these writeups on each ship as a number of them had resigned from those positions. Had I the skills and time I would volunteer but I do not have them. I always give the link to WoWs Wiki site to each newer player I come in contact with playing the game, or those who join our farm club clan with a strong recommendation that this site is the "BIBLE" of how to play this game and everything they want to know about any ship in the game. With the introduction of the Italian Cruiser Line to the game, and a number of other premium, coal, and steel ships the blank pages on each of these ships is evidence the site is badly understaffed and near-total failure. Even if it means WoWs needs to assign the upkeep of the WoWs Wiki site to in-house staff members I believe it is badly needed before this invaluable site reaches a point of total failure. Again I offer this as a constructive opinion and hoping someone at WoWs will take note and act.
  6. dbw86


    We're having fun playing Clan Battles so why not join and have fun yourself with a great bunch of guys, earning COAL & STEEL! Contact dbw86 Vice Clan Cmdr
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    There is still time to join and play in Season 7 of Clan Battles so join now!
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    No go as well but THANKS for posting.
  9. V1 GAMING CLAN is once again Recruiting actively! Are you a Player who PLAYS A LOT? Do you have preferably heavy cruisers at or above Tier 8? Do you like to play with good players in Divisions, Operations, Ranked, Grinding/Regrinding up ship lines, and especially Clan Battles? Use of voice on our DISCORD is mandatory for Clan Battles and you must be logged in to Our DISCORD and available for Comm's whenever logged into WoWs. We have no Drama Queens, Listen to Every Member's input, and are a collegial group of clanmates. Enjoy Increased CREDITS, Ship XP, FXP, Commander XP, COAL, STEEL and Reduced After Battle Expenses, and Reduced Prices whenever you purchase Tech Tree Ships, as our Naval Base is nearly fully built out. QUESTIONS? Contact dbw86 Vice Clan Cmdr by message or email to our clan at - winorsink@gmail.com If so, and YOU DO PLAY LOTS of GAMES Most Days - Then come JOIN V1 GAMING CLAN - TODAY!
  10. dbw86

    British Commonwealth Destroyer Tech Tree

    Once again our Queen of WoWs has put forth a viable, well researched, proposal that will have those of us who love this game, especially the DD drivers, drooling and wondering! Will WoWs listen and act? I congratulate you on this first part of your proposal! It is, as your work always is, a very simple and understandable explanation of a complex proposal that even this old man, with limited experience with DD's, can grasp and clearly see. THANK YOU, LWM for your ongoing dedication and labor of love which has made this game better and more enjoyable for countless of its players!
  11. WELCOME ABOARD! I hope you listen, really listen, to what is being said in the forum!
  12. dbw86

    Clan Battle Participation

    Hey Fellow Clan Leaders, Members, and contributors to this topic I want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to write and post your input. Me? I'm just another player and Clan Leadership Staff member. Hopefully, someone at WoWs is actually reading your input and might even bring it to the attention of others in WoWs leadership. We lost members after last CB Season from "Burn Out" and to add to that we cleaned out a few more who simply were not contributing other than pumping oil into our nearly completed Naval Base. We needed, and still do, Players who PLAY A LOT! I do the majority of recruiting for our two clans and have noticed it is becoming harder and harder to fine players with the win stats we all like to have in our clans and the cruisers we all look for in new members. So we are down to 22 members and just last night, even though we set out start time one hour later than WoWs start time we had to finally call off waiting for 1 more member to show up so we could put a team into CB. For the second time this season we've had to do that. Most of us really like the 8 vs 8 formats but it is breaking our back getting 8 players in on a given night with their schooling, work conflicts, family, and social commitments. Many of the clans that I'm hearing speak out are those in the process of trying to move from new clans to more established clans. From the comments I'm reading here the long-time elite clans are not having the same problems we and the just starting out clans are having. Sadly it sounds as if a few of those clans have forgotten the struggle they had to reach where they are today. And remember back when they were where we are today, the game was new and everyone was like little chipmunks scurrying around with their tails upright in the air playing as much as possible. Today we don't see that all that often and many are not [edited], complaining, and even damning the game. But I wanted to thank each of you for taking the time to express your opinions as this is a serious issue and one that hopefully WoWs is listening and reading our pleas!
  13. dbw86

    Clan Battle Participation

    In the nearly 2 years I've been in this clan, and am the Vice Cmdr of our Clan, I've seen membership from a high of 40 to a low of 6, and currently, we are at 23 after one of our members "Labedoyere" (or as we affectionally knew him "Noodles") unexpectedly passed away. In previous seasons we have from time to time operated 2 teams in Clan Battles, but last season and this it has dropped to only 1 Team. Then, last night, for only the 2nd time in my memory we were one short and unable to field a team of 8 for Clan Battle. From reading in the Forum here and on Reddit I get the feeling that a number of other clans are struggling to field the same number of teams as they have in past seasons. Of course, we won't know unless WoWs divulges this information to us. There is a problem in Munchkin Land and I don't believe the Good Fairy Queen will be assisting us. So here are some questions we need answers to: 1. Has Wows experienced fewer Teams per clan participating in CB Season 7? 2. Or fewer Clans Participating in CB Season 7? 3. Has your Clan's, compared to total membership, fielding of teams in CB Season 7 been reduced from past seasons? 4. Are you Clan's members not participating as much as in prior seasons of CB? 5. What has your Clan done to increase/spark/revitalize member's participation in CB Season 7? 6. Any Ideas to resolve any of the issues raised by the above questions?
  14. I have long had a major issue with the ability to contact the game people with a issue. Your issue MUST fit into their categories and I rarely seem to be able to fit them in and spend upwards of 30 minutes to an hour before becoming frustrated an quit even trying. I suspect I'm not the only person with this issue. Today I had clicked to enter Twilight when I was advised by workers doing a major renovation at our home they had run into a problem and had to turn off the home's electrical power ASAP! I immediately click to leave the game waiting for the game to start que and it then asked if I wanted to leave the game and I clicked yes. I then shut down both my computers with my other computer being caught when they pulled the power to the house while shutting down. Then this evening when I turned out for Clan Battle I get a Notice I'm Pink and a Team Killer for 4 games. Certainly not the 1st time, and usually I was guilty and take them without a word. BUT this was beyond my control and yet I can't even explain it via their "locked in complaint" categories? This was absolutely something I had not control over and I feel is 100% unjustified! But I'm sure my complaint will fall on deaf ears but it infuriates me a great deal as I try to go by the rules and always have my entire life. This is just flat out wrong, indefensible, and disgraceful on the part of WoWs! Respectfully submitted!
  15. I stumbled onto your Review on the Smolensk yesterday, printed it out and added into my 4" 3 ring binder with all your reviews of ships in it.    As always it was jammed packed with far more information than any of the video reviews ever seem to pack.    I love the Smolensk!   I am a below-average player that I'm sure the Unicums, Super Unicums, and better players all view in any game I'm on the enemy team as their very own personal Pinata to harvest points from.    Smolensk has given me the opportunity to harvest points from many of those better than me players for once, not always, but enough to be fun for me to play.

    But my main reason for this message is to WELCOME you back to reviewing ships and sharing your love of this game with players of every skill level!         YOU GO GIRL!