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  1. please stop asking wg to mess with operations. do you really want them broken for 2 years again?
  2. Rustyhole

    Is This For Real !!!

    I think its a cool idea but wayyy too pricey
  3. Its not farfetched for people to expect "I can get this for free if I dedicated a lot of time to it, if not I can spend money instead" like we've seen with dockyards and other events. Nowadays its pay, or don't bother participating.
  4. Rustyhole

    Nottingham price

    As long as people keeping spending nothing will change.
  5. Rustyhole

    Does Narai still exist?

    Narai has become one of my least favorites recently. Too many memes in that op.
  6. Rustyhole

    Ranked out too fast

    Good job but...
  7. Wait did they disable the worldwide player counter? Now the worldwide player counter displays the server player count instead. That is certainly one way to control information.
  8. Rustyhole

    PSA: WoWs Player Trends with Graphs

    This attempt at damage control is akin to the Feds telling us *there is no recession* by manipulating data to fit the narrative when the entire country can see it real time with their own eyes.
  9. Rustyhole

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

  10. Rustyhole


    All good thx for content
  11. Rustyhole

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

  12. Rustyhole

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    Think I got the hang of Ignacio
  13. Rustyhole

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    Sure here you go. 20230328_183525_PRSC508-Kutuzov-1952_s06_Atoll.wowsreplay I did some pepega movements that I normally don't do but it worked out.