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  1. Yuge waste of time. WG outdid themselves once again.
  2. Rustyhole


    They should rename it before the State regresses into a territory.
  3. > Stealth nerfs to cvs and issues with them...immediate announcement meanwhile.... > Massive, widespread stuttering issues and fps drops for players making the game almost unplayable...crickets from WG. Carrier people are a protected class, it is what it is. Just like in the real world.
  4. Rustyhole

    New American Battleship Line

    They look nice though. If they bump the speed to 24-25kts I think balance would be achieved.
  5. 'nother coop pleb here, PvP is easy. Bots are much scarier than humans.
  6. Rustyhole

    Team play

    WG should teach new players to play as a team, or start rewarding team play more.
  7. Rustyhole

    U.S. Battleships: Early Access

    Florida man sad....at least I can save my money though! WG coming through as always.
  8. Rustyhole

    Bot vs human gun accuracy

    PvP is a breeze compared to bots.
  9. Just make it 250 bxp and everyone will be happy.
  10. Rustyhole

    Florida doesn’t cost 20000 tokens...

    This is what happens when marketing takes over.
  11. Who in their right mind asks for content to be removed? Two Brothers is the best map in coop, by far.
  12. Rustyhole

    Why Co-op is trash

    The type of people who feel the need to insult others based on their preferences in a video game don't have much going for them in the real world
  13. I thought that too until I tried it myself and realized people are easier to play against than the bots, oh and the rewards are better too.
  14. The fight for PvE ended long ago. Join the rest of us in glorious PvP gulag. You will find mining PvP salt is quite fun.