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  1. Git gud then. If you stop losing 20 games in a row, maybe you'll stop trying to make everyone as miserable as you.
  2. Saratoga, Washington, Johnston, Prince of Wales, Rodney, Blucher and Akagi.
  3. 300 replies and 6,000 views in 2 days. No OnE pLaYs PvE!
  4. Rustyhole

    Ship you dreaded seeing on your team in Ranked

    A smart Khaba and Henri flanking the same side... Still won though because its Arms Race
  5. Plenty of people buy ships just for operations, and WG has decided that throwing this income source away is a good idea. How many more Wichitas, Bayards and Sims would have been sold if WG had brought back CB and Dynamo quickly? How many more Jean Barts would have been sold if WG brought in a T9 operation? Just more of the same from WG: wasted opportunities... Many PvE spenders will be turned off by this decision.
  6. WG will then claim no one is playing operations anymore, and the thorn that is operations will be removed from WG's side. I have no doubt they are kicking themselves for allowing the majority of the player base an easy avenue to farm fxp without the risk of losing expensive camos and signals in a random battle. WG wants people frustrated in PvP, not farming operations.
  7. I have been slowly warming up to PvP in anticipation of WG kneecapping PvE. All you can do at this point as a customer is vote with your wallet, because words certainly are not going to do it.
  8. Rustyhole

    Six Containers 90 tokens

    The goal is to frustrate players into buying the random bundles so you do not feel "left behind" by the players who get lucky rolls and the whales.
  9. Rustyhole

    PSA: Opt-in to start KotS Collection for T7 prem

    I feel bad for the players who unbox Atlanta after what WG has done to her.
  10. Rustyhole

    So WG cut half exp from Narai? (PT)?

    Back to PvP then, I give up.
  11. Rustyhole

    How To Puerto Rico

    You mean to tell me the internet does not represent reality!? All you need to do is look at 2016 and 2020 to see how far out of touch these people who live on the internet are. Just look at the 2016 British referendum, the 2020 Labour Party and Brexit...the internet could not have been any more wrong on all three counts. Same thing with Bernie Panders, he convinced millions online that his revolution had a real shot at winning after bending the knee to the establishment in 2016.
  12. Rustyhole

    Any word on new Research Boats?

    Now that WG knows people will spend 2M fxp on a T10 DD, WG will now instead release T10s for fxp. The Research Bureau's usefulness has already run out; it was only placed in the game to drain fxp, but if WG can sell people T10s for 2M+, there is no longer a need to hide these T10s behind a Research Bureau currency. The Research Bureau will get the Legendary Upgrades and then will be ignored.
  13. Rustyhole

    Mod station update. No high fps allowed?

    144 working for me still...
  14. Rustyhole

    USS NC Anchors Away Cancelled

    You would think we live in Italy listening to these people. The fact is, many Italian business owners sold their leather and textile businesses to China, which resulted in thousands Chinese people moving there to work in Northern Italy. Which just so happens to be the hotspot in Europe...right after the Chinese New Year ended and people returned home... Something else to consider is that Italians have much higher smoking rates than Americans, and they are the oldest population in Europe, so they will not fare as well as us. When you figure in geography, being a peninsula that is slightly smaller than California yet has nearly double the population means your population is more densely packed...much easier chance to spread unlike larger countries with population centers that are more spread out like Canada, Russia and America. Turns out viruses tend to spread even easier being in Italy where the culture is known for using non verbal communication a lot and being generally more affectionate towards friends and family. Italy got jumped by this virus like an air raid, and when you figure in the EU's travel policy, people who became infected in Italy were free to travel around the continent for a month and a half until now when they finally decide to close the borders to each other Some Union that is...
  15. Rustyhole

    USS NC Anchors Away Cancelled

    What is really scary is how easily manipulated people still are in 2020, I thought the internet and social media would end the conditioning, nope now its worse. I thought that people would finally wake up to the [edited] the elites have been feeding them for decades, nope people support the elites now more than ever. We have people happily defending and echoing the establishment, the media, and Chinese talking points. Why defend the elites? They do not care about you. They step over homeless American citizens to give economic migrants who are here illegally everything. The Washington elites were given an empire with an unchecked military and an immense economy, and they have spent decades squandering it and selling us out for personal gain. Like I said the number of cases will go up and the mortality rate will fall. People will become even more hysterical only looking at cases with blinders on while continuing to ignore the recovered and falling mortality rate. People still thinking we border Italy need to calm down, Italy got jumped by this virus because they have a sizable Chinese population in Milan that just returned from China because of their new year celebrations. Europe did nothing but virtue signal about it for a month while we placed a travel restriction on China as early as February 1st, there was only 14k cases reported at that point. Europe is once again paying the price for being woke, we are not. "Too early" "Racist" "Inciting panic" These were the talking points on the restriction a month ago, not to mention that while all of this was going on, Congress was still trying to undo an election. America will fare better, so I am sorry to break it to those who are rooting for the worst.