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  1. Rustyhole

    Thoughts on the Zara

    7k+ SAP salvos vs low tier DDs is so hot; Trento and Zara are my best friends now.
  2. 70 seconds from game start to port. Normal SSD, and I am on WIFI.
  3. I have definitely noticed closer coop games, but I think it is because people just yolo by nature anymore for quick damage and kills before the match ends. Last night myself in Enterprise and a poor kiting Cleveland had to 2v5 bots...
  4. Rustyhole

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Can I pay Wargaming for bot only games?
  5. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Stop supporting these RNG surprise mechanics and maybe WG will cave and post the odds. If you want the ships, just buy them outright.
  6. Rustyhole

    Black Friday Crate Bundle Results (Awesome Deal!)

    (Awesome deal!)
  7. Rustyhole

    Santa Containers Contents Details

    Come on Wargaming don't fail me now!
  8. Rustyhole

    Black Friday Crate Bundle Results (Awesome Deal!)

    Claiming a $100 bundle of RNG surprise mechanics is an "awesome deal" is wrong. People will buy these bundles and receive zero ships. Your title would serve the community better without the shilling.
  9. Rustyhole

    The Operation Just Changed

    Is Narai not nerfed enough for you? Why post that for WG to see!?
  10. So what T8 CV should I FXP for ranked?
  11. Rustyhole

    I would be thankful for: more Scenarios

    If you really want ops back, keep showering the forums with posts; wg will cave.
  12. Rustyhole

    Once Again bitten by Mercy

    This mercy rule complaint is asinine. It's part of the game, no exceptions for Coop. Even when I get 700 base experience games, Coop gives pathetic amounts of experience; who cares how much damage or kills you are missing out on?! The one and only benefit coop has over random battles is the 5 minute, instant action like atmosphere. Stop trying to turn Coop into 20 minute bot matches, we already have Operations for that.
  13. Rustyhole

    STOP RUINING COOPS FOR US again 9x9 joke

    Then the 5 minute or less coop games would be a thing of the past, which a lot of people would miss. 12v12 coop would be asinine because you could just play a random battle in the same amount of time for much more xp. Stop trying to turn coop into random lite.
  14. Rustyhole

    Should I save my FXP or buy the Nelson...

    Terrible for coop, but a great Narai farmer that will earn you that 375,000 FXP back in less than 50 games.
  15. Rustyhole

    STOP RUINING COOPS FOR US again 9x9 joke

    People whining about coop on the forums the past few weeks. Coop was fine but people whined until WG was forced to divert resources to make a useless change so they can say they tried. Enjoy!