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  1. Rustyhole

    Which Tech Tree ships are your keepers?

    Nurnberg, Gneisenau, Lyon, North Carolina, and all the T8 allied cruisers (Rip Cherry Blossom 2018-2019).
  2. Rustyhole

    The currency Friesland should be purchased with

    Every time I see a windmill in the Netherlands...
  3. Rustyhole

    When is WG going to fix its Broken Senerios?

    I am not holding my breath for this year, maybe 2020.
  4. Golden rules for COOP: Let the bots secure a cap or two. Mash ESC when you see 3 dds in queue.
  5. I did not even consider that, good point. They could always have the free camos ineligible to sell, and possibly give them an option to trade them in for the normal perma camo if one wishes.
  6. Wargaming should allow us to either sell our perma camos for half their gold value, or at least trade in the unique perma camos for the "normal" perma camos. I think I now have 3 different perma camos on my Charles Martel, so two of those will collect dust for eternity. I know I am never going to use my perma camos for Lexington and Shokaku, but I could not sell them when we had the chance because I did not own these CVs during 8.0-8.1. Why would Wargaming do this? Well the player base would certainly appreciate the option, which should be a good enough reason. Also if you allow people to trade in their camos for gold, they are going to spend that gold again, and probably buy even more gold to supplement what they received from selling camos. Maybe someone is looking at a ship in the Armory, but still would not have enough gold from selling a couple camos, so they would buy more gold! Thoughts?
  7. Rustyhole

    June Missions - a role for Tier Four ships.

    They can't even fix the operations already in the game! Still waiting for Cherry, Frontier, Hermes, Dynamo and Raptor to return. 5 months later.
  8. Rustyhole

    State of the playerbase?

  9. Rustyhole

    PSA: Free commander respec!

    Yep, WG messed up yesterday. But instead of letting everyone have free respecs for the day because of their mistake, WG ripped it away instantly in fear of lost profitzzz. No free respecs today if you did not play Clans. On the occasion of the Season’s end, all participants of Clan Battles can reset their Commanders’ skill points for free. Discounts and bonuses: −100% doubloons for resetting Commanders’ skills.
  10. Rustyhole

    June Combat Missions: The Greatest Battles

    They have to keep people engaged in the beta test somehow! But yeah, very little effort was put into this.
  11. Rustyhole

    Kuma fire chance in Aegis

    Ever since the IJN cruiser guns were buffed awhile back, Aegis and Newport became very deadly for BBs. Equip the relevant captain skills, flags and modules, and bring a premium heal for the constant fires; you still need to tank damage for the screen ships, only now you will receive a lot more of it. I am usually down to 25-30k health once the third spawn is cleared, so just be prepared for it and you will be okay. If you are in a cruiser or dd, you should be avoiding damage at all costs or else 5 ships will pounce on you the moment you hit 75% health.
  12. Rustyhole

    Proposal for DD/Torp issue in PvE

    Please do not ask Wargaming to tweak COOP, it is one of two modes that are still enjoyable. They will only break it.
  13. Rustyhole

    PSA: Free commander respec!

    Same for me, I cannot respec anything. What a tease.
  14. Rustyhole

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    Farming Narai with DDs is my kink: A game where everything went right The rare Newport carry Bonus Baltimore carnage...RIP Cherry Blossom 2018-2019
  15. Rustyhole

    Will we ever see any T8,9 or 10 operations.

    Wargaming is not working on any Operations this year, which is a real shame. Hell, they can't even be bothered to get half of the old operations back into the rotation. We have been playing the same four operations, three of which are T6, for five months. I would not plan on seeing them back until 2020. R.I.P. Cherry, Hermes, Frontier, Dynamo, and Raptor