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  1. SleepyMatt

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    I’m thankful for the upcoming server move option, as I started playing on NA with a pal that no longer plays and am keen to get involved in clan wars at a reasonable hour, so the chance to move back to EU without losing 2 years of progress is fantastic! I’d be very happy to receive an Asashio!
  2. SleepyMatt

    Free 1000 dabloons and more - Twitch Prime

    I’ve not received the goodies - Twitch was already linked to my WoT account, seemed to work fine with WoWS claim, but nothing to see in game. However it now says I have claimed the package. It’s damned frustrating! edit: have unlinked/relinked - hopefully this does the trick! Edit 2: yes that worked!
  3. SleepyMatt

    Head back to High School - 11th - 18th

    Learning when *not* to shoot is just as important as when to shoot. Going dark to cap, or make a broadside turn To kite away or enable a sneak attack can win your team the game, keep you alive and frustrate the enemy. Moeka C I guess?
  4. CaptMuddxx - there’s no need to post tens of entries, especially when half of them are BB games anyway!!
  5. I'd love a Somers, or if reward ships are excluded, I'd take a Massachusetts, if I were lucky enough to win.
  6. Hehe, that was quite fun, love the fast torp reload, if not the peashooters...
  7. SleepyMatt

    Picture your Pets - 23rd - 29th

    This is Minnie, who doesn’t know who could possibly have raided the bin! 😁
  8. My favourite WoWS memory is actually of a loss. Playing my Minotaur I accumulated 7 kills and 190k damage but I just couldn't quite catch the last remaining enemy Zao as he sprinted for safety, and so his team won on points. Despite the loss it was an awesome game as my mostly dead teammates cheered on the charge! If I am lucky enough to win, I would love an Asashio B (would be happy with normal Asashio if that's not possible). Happy Birthday WoWS!
  9. SleepyMatt

    Revenge of Summer - Sept 9 - 16th

    Sigh.. the weekend is strong.
  10. SleepyMatt

    The Great 8 Ribbons - 12th - 19th

    I'd like number 3 - hockey (binational) Ovechkin please.
  11. SleepyMatt

    A Blast from the Past - 5th - 12th

    Been playing for a couple of years, and the thing I remember most clearly was the feeling of earning my first kraken - the first time you start to feel non-potato (some might argue I’m still semi-spud!). I’d love to have a go at the old bath-tub event, which looked hysterical. If I am the beneficiary of RNGesus this time, I’d like to get a Massachusetts- can’t beat a bit of secondary funsies!
  12. SleepyMatt

    Replay Problems

    Was having the same issue as MindlessPirate14, this worked, thanks!
  13. SleepyMatt

    Compliment a Captain - 20th - 27th

    @Ghosty29 thanks for introducing me to the game! 🙂