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  1. Thanks Zath! I can remember that game (Aheadlesschicken’s) where I was the Shima on the left flank trying desperately to kite away and dying About half way through... I was pretty sure it was going to be a defeat, so it’s nice to see how it got turned around on the other flank!
  2. SleepyMatt

    Free 1000 dabloons and more - Twitch Prime

    I’ve not received the goodies - Twitch was already linked to my WoT account, seemed to work fine with WoWS claim, but nothing to see in game. However it now says I have claimed the package. It’s damned frustrating! edit: have unlinked/relinked - hopefully this does the trick! Edit 2: yes that worked!
  3. SleepyMatt

    Replay Problems

    Was having the same issue as MindlessPirate14, this worked, thanks!
  4. Many thanks... Quite the turnout!
  5. This! @Ducky_shot, can you add a poll to the OP, between keep the status quo or ‘revert’ to the 0.8 version of gunbloom, copied from the EU forum post on this subject so we can give them NA numbers for this (I can’t vote in the EU forum)? Currently the EU poll is overwhelmingly in favour of keeping the 0.7.12 status quo.
  6. SleepyMatt

    Fiji Tips - Low Damage & No Citadels

    Also do shoot at broadsides of occupied BBs (from smoke) with Fiji but aim at the weaker upper armour/superstructure.... it chunks off 2-3k per salvo quite happily on most BBs in her MM spread, and especially vs T5-8 that can dent their HP pool pretty fast. You need to be under 10 km (ideally <8) to citadel cruisers with her really regularly, and forget about if it’s an armoured T9 (eg US or German) cruiser. If you treat her like a giant gunboat DD that can shoot anything not angled to her but needs to never be seen, you will do well.
  7. Yeah, I thought the original change a month or two ago was a deliberate one? Clearly not. How does it make sense that if, for example, I fire from smoke but then 15 seconds later I pop out of smoke I’m instadetected?
  8. SleepyMatt

    Preparing for Navy Boot camp

    Wow, quite the transformation! Congrats!
  9. SleepyMatt

    Why do people do this?

    Saw this yesterday.. in a Zao. Trying to hit a BB >20km from him and sailing away. Surely while getting to tech-tree T10 you have gleaned some idea of torp range?! Mind = Boggled.
  10. SleepyMatt

    CV Rework Feedback

    I found trying to land any strikes through AA to be pretty much impossible on bot NC’s (4 in the game) and on only one torp hit on a player CV😬 - not very entertaining
  11. I was AFK in ranked today for the first time ever. While I do have a job that means I might get called out at any time on certain nights, that wasn’t the reason - I simply hadn’t put my headphones on so didn’t hear the match start noise, and forgot I had clicked to join queue... sigh. I don’t avoid playing multiplayer games when I’m on call, in the same way I don’t avoid cooking, or getting it on with the wife. I might choose to play randoms when on call, but as per tonight, that’s not a guarantee ranked is safe. Some people on here have to realise that life is far more important than a ranked game. Even a ranked game is *still just a game*. Seriously, telling a volunteer fireman how he should spend his downtime... take a step back and look at yourselves dudes. Oh, and when I realised my error, I joined with about 30 seconds to go. I had shot down two planes (in a Podvoisky..), and had double the xp of the DD that did load in had. Undoubtedly I contributed to the loss, but somehow not as badly as a guy who had been in the match - and we’ve all won games with AFK team-mates too.I just apologised to my teammates after the game. The ones that replied all had just moved on and hadn’t even reported - really, that’s the best thing you can do (report or not).
  12. SleepyMatt

    Kitty Purrfurst #4 Code

    Thanks, it worked out fine :)
  13. SleepyMatt

    Kitty Purrfurst #4 Code

    Cheers! Quick question, if anyone knows.. I’ve been away for a week and activated KP code 3 on the website. Is the mission still available to complete now that part 4 is out?
  14. SleepyMatt

    Heroic Achievement Imbalance

    Actually.. I think that is my mistake, honorable achievement points were what I got for them, not heroic, I had actually missed that they separate out the two.