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  1. SleepyMatt

    CV Rework Feedback

    I found trying to land any strikes through AA to be pretty much impossible on bot NC’s (4 in the game) and on only one torp hit on a player CV😬 - not very entertaining
  2. I was AFK in ranked today for the first time ever. While I do have a job that means I might get called out at any time on certain nights, that wasn’t the reason - I simply hadn’t put my headphones on so didn’t hear the match start noise, and forgot I had clicked to join queue... sigh. I don’t avoid playing multiplayer games when I’m on call, in the same way I don’t avoid cooking, or getting it on with the wife. I might choose to play randoms when on call, but as per tonight, that’s not a guarantee ranked is safe. Some people on here have to realise that life is far more important than a ranked game. Even a ranked game is *still just a game*. Seriously, telling a volunteer fireman how he should spend his downtime... take a step back and look at yourselves dudes. Oh, and when I realised my error, I joined with about 30 seconds to go. I had shot down two planes (in a Podvoisky..), and had double the xp of the DD that did load in had. Undoubtedly I contributed to the loss, but somehow not as badly as a guy who had been in the match - and we’ve all won games with AFK team-mates too.I just apologised to my teammates after the game. The ones that replied all had just moved on and hadn’t even reported - really, that’s the best thing you can do (report or not).
  3. SleepyMatt

    Kitty Purrfurst #4 Code

    Thanks, it worked out fine :)
  4. SleepyMatt

    Kitty Purrfurst #4 Code

    Cheers! Quick question, if anyone knows.. I’ve been away for a week and activated KP code 3 on the website. Is the mission still available to complete now that part 4 is out?
  5. SleepyMatt

    Heroic Achievement Imbalance

    Actually.. I think that is my mistake, honorable achievement points were what I got for them, not heroic, I had actually missed that they separate out the two.
  6. SleepyMatt

    Heroic Achievement Imbalance

    But which I have had the heroic achievement event points awarded for, which is the point.
  7. SleepyMatt

    Heroic Achievement Imbalance

    On the other hand torp boats get Dev-strikes and first blood more often than most.
  8. Damaging AND killing ships is undoubtedly helping win the game, but I’m sure we’ve all seen people (eg the back line Conqueror) damage farming a no-kill 200k in a loss where they are targeting the full health BBs to get permafires ‘because damage wins’ and ignoring the low health DD or CA that then goes on to win the game for the red team. And then usually complain that they did their bit, their team is potatoes etc. Damage is only useful if it leads to a dead boat, in the scenario above most of that damage can be healed back. If I see a near death red, that is priority target until it’s dead. Similarly if I triple cit something and it’s limping away I ping F3 as I want those guns sunk, I don’t give a toss about it being ‘my kill’ in another 20-30 seconds. And that isn’t even mentioning the effect of intensifying threat to your team-mates by removing your HP pool from the available targets to the enemy. TLDR: playing for max damage actually CAN be sabotaging your own team, if not done with a view to actually eliminating threats.
  9. SleepyMatt


    Donald, is that you? It’ll be great, just great. Really great!
  10. SleepyMatt

    replays not being record

    You have to re-enable replay recording after every patch. It’s a pain in the backside, but it works.
  11. I actually wouldn’t mind being bottom tiered in that game, as anyone that can’t cope if they aren’t top tier, is going to be an easier target for me. Like others have said, bottom tier is about adjusting play style to be a little more careful, just survive early on, then making an impact from mid-game onwards once high tiers are distracted. It is more than possible to get great XP for those games and make a real difference.
  12. Excellent guide... I’m at Neptune currently but I think a lot of what you say transposes to her well. Bookmarked for when I hit Mino!
  13. SleepyMatt

    Best Torp Botes

    I’d argue IJN DD’s are the most forgiving for torp-based play with quite big stealth range from T5 up, but DON’T ignore your guns, even in those. Sure if you are bailing a cap with 5 people shooting then just wiggle and run, but you would be amazed how often I kill other gun-based DDs by shooting them even with the pop-guns on Fubuki and Akatsuki. One torp hit ain’t enough, so always try and lay some fire in there if it’s safe to do so.