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  1. Royal_Seahawk

    Why is the WoWs community getting more toxic?

    Still crying about the DD. Well cry babies don't help the community thats for sure.
  2. The funny thing is I was watching that thread and no one trolled you. Everyone was pointing out that you were crying about the Z52 but didn't want to listen, then you started calling them names and accusing them of crying. So pathetic. You deserved what you got.
  3. Royal_Seahawk

    This is the entire CV rework right here..

    Awe, is someone a little butt hurt over someone else's opinion? Are you what 10 years old or something. Seriously, that's what children do is mention someone not even in this thread and try to shame them. Not very intelligent of you. Kind of makes me wonder if in fact you're the ignorant one.
  4. Wow, insulting testers for things you can't prove and are strictly opinionated, thats really mature. This forum has gone to crap.
  5. Royal_Seahawk

    Just about done playing DD...

    Well we can see that thanks to certain players who want to troll the forums like the guy who calls people Gems when he has nothing more intelligent to say, this post will end up locked soon. What is it with people like the good old Satisfaction child up there? DO they ever have anything constructive to say other than feeding trolls and acting like the very person they claim to be calling out? I doubt it. Now back to our regularly scheduled discussion before the children disrupted it (@Capt_of_Satisfaction). While I do agree with the OP to a certain extent, playing high teir DDs isn't really impossible against CVs. Yes it's annoying as heck but you just have to tighten your bootstraps and adjust to it. There's a lot of people who hate change, or when the change comes it didn't happen the way they personally wanted it to, those are the ones who will have the hardest time. I'm sure eventually the voices of complaints will be loud enough for WG to do something about it. Personally, I'm kind of on the same band wagon as those who feel at this point it would be better to just remove CVs entirely.
  6. Royal_Seahawk

    Flawed idea to expand playerbase

    Not at all, I live in reality, and that reality is sometimes you get disappointed. I highly doubt you've never lied about something in your life. You're living with rose tinted glasses and truly have issues if this is getting you so riled up. And the funniest thing about it is the fact that you're claiming WG lied in which they did not. The fact that you're unable or unwilling to have a civil discussion about it but instead just keep screaming that you've been lied to tells everyone that you're either unstable or a child who hasn't had to face reality as of yet.
  7. Royal_Seahawk

    Flawed idea to expand playerbase

    I agree, there is definitely something wrong going on upstairs with him
  8. Royal_Seahawk

    Flawed idea to expand playerbase

    Happens every day, welcome to life. Are you someone who hasn't even entered adulthood yet? I mean seriously, you're going to be this hurt because of a game developer? You have some serious issues. There is counseling for you available.
  9. Royal_Seahawk

    Flawed idea to expand playerbase

    Oh my god...hey guess what, your parents lied to you to. There is no Santa!!!!!! This guy truly needs his diaper changed. GO PLAY SOMETHING ELSE IF YOU'RE SO BUTT HURT.
  10. Royal_Seahawk

    Flawed idea to expand playerbase

    Wrong about what? The fact that Subs won't be in the main game? LOL, Well glad to see you know more than the people who work on the project do. LOL, pathetic
  11. Royal_Seahawk

    Flawed idea to expand playerbase

    LOL, I have played since Alpha on the EU Server. This is my NA account so before you make accusations you might not want to assume. I've also done CC work as well as ST work so yeah, I know a lot more about this game and what goes on in than you ever could.
  12. Royal_Seahawk

    Flawed idea to expand playerbase

    Wow dude, do you cry about everything? So they're going to be in an even, don't play that part of the event. Hell, don't play the game at all for anyone cares. LOL, this is truly a pathetic show of stupidity.
  13. Royal_Seahawk

    Flawed idea to expand playerbase

    Actually no. IN the most recent live stream question and answer yesterday, it was stated that there are no plans to ever implement subs into the game, it is only for this event.