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  1. Greetings, commanders! You might have heard something already about a clan test and have guessed what its members are doing. This topic is created specifically to lift the veil of secrecy, so you can get answers to some questions. If you can't find the answer you wanted, feel free to ask your question in the comments: together with the CST clan representatives we will try to help you. When leaving a comment in this thread, please follow these simple rules: Please read the questions, which were already asked, and don't repeat them. If a repeated question will be asked, we will indicate you where to find the answer. Questions, that are not related to the clan test, will be deleted without warning. Be polite and civil. What is a Clan Special Test? Clan Special Test (referenced below as CST or clan test) is a test of prototypes, ideas and activities, for example preparation of the new season of clan battles. This process allows the idea to pass a basic test, to note it's disadvantages and collect the initial feedback from the players-volunteers - clan testers. What's the difference between CST and supertest (ST)? First and foremost - their tasks. CST deals with team activities and game modes, and ST - with testing versions in general. However, some tasks may overlap. Second: you will need a clan to participate in the CST, while in ST volunteers participates as an individual. You can't get on clan test without a team. How to join the clan test? We will create a special topic about, when the recruitment will be open. Is there an age limits? Yes, only people who are at least 18 years old can participate, because they will need to accept the Non-disclosure agreement (NDA). What will I have to do? The main goal - to gather your clan and complite the tasks that the coordinator will put in front of you. Testing is carried out on special versions of the game, which will need to be pre-downloaded. It's a large amounts of data. - Play certain versions of the game as part of your organized group (clan). To do this, you will need to download large amounts of data. - Collectively write detailed feedback; fill in special surveys. Is CST an obligatory assignment? The clan test is a voluntary activity. But note, that to be the part of the CST without activity - impossible. The clan will leave the CST. What time do the test sessions are usually organized at? CST involves all 4 game servers. Thus, you can pick up almost any convenient testing time. Test sessions are usually not held on the days of clan battles, as the most of CST participants are active players in CB. Who are the clan representatives on CST? Each clan, that participates in CST, has 2 representatives (reps) who are responsible for coordination both inside the clan and with other clans. Can a CST member be a part of ST? Supertesters, community contributors and other volunteers may be part of clans, participating in the CST. However, remember, that any volunteer activity takes time. Any benefits in participating? There are various bonuses for participating in the CST, you can find out more details after joining. How many people should be in a clan and participate in CST? CvC now are 7 vs 7 mode. It means, that you should have at least 7 very active players. Sometimes one of them will not be able to participate in testing, so you will need a replacement. That's why, the recommended minimum is 10 players for clan.