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  1. You're right, in fact the Java-class was designed by Friedrich Krupp Germaniawerft.
  2. Nowadays not many are left alive who had to suffer under the result of the mistakes made during the interbellum. People think we will never have war again. There are those who think the Netherlands should've surrendered at the first day, to prevent loss of life. But what would've happened with the British and French armies in the south? Would "Dunkirk" be possible? For sure the Luftwaffe would still have their hundreds of planes (which were shot down over the Netherlands), including more than 1000 Fallschirmjäger (who were captured and shipped to England before the Netherlands surrendered), one of the factors that led to the cancellation of the invasion of England.
  3. Don't forget the mighty Goalkeeper. Sure, an American meme gun (brrrrrrt intensifies), but the weapon system as a whole was also developed by Holland Signaal.
  4. They haven't bought them back. They are leasing or renting 15 of the German army. Being in the Dutch army myself, I've heard that full Dutch crews even aren't that common. And don't count on all 15 of them operational at the same time. That becomes a bigger problem the smaller number you have of course. Maybe I'm just a pessimist, but if you realize we once had 1000 mbt's, we had 60 of them when they went out of service... And there were aroud 100 still in the Netherlands, waiting to be sold, when the government realized they cut too much. It didn't stop them of continuing getting rid of them.
  5. The Dutch shipbuilding industry was (and is, I'm curious about the successor of the M-frigates) building and developing new stuff on a regular base. They had the industrial capacity before Fokker went bankrupt (most of the Dutch F-104's and F-16's were at least assembled here) and most YPR's were manufactured here as well, but developing new stuff without experience is a different story. As for the German tanks: yeah, I wish they still saw the need for tanks. I don't know if special knowledge is needed to construct and develop stuff like that? It's an issue now that the subs need to be replaced, and (again politics) our last sub builder went bankrupt. And now we're dependent on foreign builders, none of them having knowledge of ocean-going diesels.
  6. After a brief moment of activity and a handful of games I'm not active anymore on NA, but I still felt the need to react. I really love these proposals, and I hate the fact that a lot of ships are already added that went in commission in their second career, long after real tier 10 ships like the Des Moines and Yamato went into service. With navies like the Dutch ignored. It's not that they sat still. And now with Pan-America added, I begin to lose confidence. I always saw HNLMS Kortenaer as the better known, and maybe she is. But I now see the reasons why you went with Witte de With instead. I wanted to share this with some EU guys, but it seems they're not able to open this without an NA forum account. :/