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  1. It is a great video, thank you for posting, It is impressive how as gamers we can be so easily stimulated / manipulated to bring out our wallets to try and reduce the grinding time, get the latest overpowered fantasy ship or just play lottery with containers. I agree with the last part of the video, game ratings should reflect when games marketed to kids have micro-transaction based models that could potentially condition our own children like rats to keep them spending for the latest upgrade or fashion item.
  2. ByrosOnline

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    A newer patch with more paper ships and no hint of realism to fix the gameplay...meh.
  3. This is wargaming's matchmaker algorithm fixing the match, trying to persuade you to buy new premium ships so you can win again. How about buying some overpowered russian fantasy ships to ease your pain.
  4. ByrosOnline

    Real Manual Fire Control for Secondary Guns

    CV gameplay has changed, whether you like or not development time cannot be spent 100% only on one issue, things have to move forward. Providing the option of having real manual secondary gun control can really enhance gameplay and spice things up, if it needs to be adjusted then it can be evaluated during trials.
  5. ByrosOnline

    Real Manual Fire Control for Secondary Guns

    Perhaps the minimap could show a yellow area to show the range and angle of the secondaries whenever they are selected.
  6. ByrosOnline

    Real Manual Fire Control for Secondary Guns

    Its not a buff, by having the option to use real manual control of the secondaries, a player can only shoot in one direction and he has to aim and fire, whereas the automatic option fires all secondaries whenever a target is in range. This can also work if a cruiser has a rather long reloading time for it's main battery. In the end it should be optional, if players like automatic control they can keep it, but for others that enjoy pulling the triggers this can improve the gameplay experience.
  7. Since Wargaming is experimenting with all gameplay aspects of WoW, here's another thing for them to consider: Give players the option to have real manual fire control for secondary guns, that means actually pressing a button to select secondaries, choosing AP or HE, manually aiming at any given target, and pressing the mouse button to fire, just like we do with main battery guns. Make it optional for those who prefer the current automatic setup, while providing a gameplay improvement for those who want to have some micro-management fun by aiming & firing, instead of watching the automation. The so called manual control for secondaries captain skill, only let's you choose a single target while the guns still aim & fire automatically while reducing dispersion, so that's a different thing.
  8. ByrosOnline

    Yamato Stealth Nerf is Not Cool

    Wargaming watering down the Yamato, an iconic and real battleship so they can introduce the paperware fake russian battleships to make them overpowered & rule the game.
  9. ByrosOnline

    The Hatred for CV's needs to stop.

    Carriers = airborne gonorrhea.
  10. ByrosOnline

    Worst higher tier ship in the game?

    The Izumo at Tier 9, it is so big, elephantine, and ineffective that it gets burned and torped from outer space. The strategy with the Izumo, is to pick the red team's best battleship, and ram it for mutual destruction. Your team will thank you for it...and the ordeal on the grinding quest to reach Yamato will at least serve a purpose.
  11. If Wargaming wants to keep Izumo as a paywall ship at tier 9, then perhaps there is a way to accomodate all interests... What if once you unlock & purchase Yamato at T10, you are allowed to go back & refine Tier 9 technology to unlock 2 additional prototype hulls for the Tier 9 Super Izumo, these hulls should be drastically better in performance and aesthetics than Hull C, to actually have a tremendously fun & competitive ship to play with. Since you still have to go through the original paywall, and WG gets their money, they could really open up to superior design choices, this could work as a final prize or "token of good will" so to speak, for those resilient beings who actually went through the ordeal. The best variants shown in this thread could be really fun to play with: