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  1. shadowsrmine

    Gunther and the German line

    This!And in addition if they're going to ask for so much coal he should at least be a 15 point commander from the get go
  2. shadowsrmine

    Modstation add-ons issues?

    Yes you do
  3. Yeah I got 3000 doubloons spent them on three bundles and got Hawkins so whilst I'm not too unhappy with it I ain't buying anymore bundles except with whatever tokens I get,That said these seem to be comparable to the Italian line IE Hawkins=Raimondo Montecuccoli and the only ones really worth having would be the Amalfi=Albemarle on and not so sure about whether they will be all that great
  4. shadowsrmine

    ST, New ships

    Yashima and other new ships review
  5. shadowsrmine

    Notser Makes a Good Point Here

    Whats even worse is when only two or three players on Your Team will bother to move up and engage,Just sitting in the back and watching.....................................Perhaps hoping for a win with minimal effort and yes I've seen that happen both ways both pro and con
  6. Yeah they'll probably make the new Britt Commander Unobtainable the way they made the German unless you part with a load of some other currency
  7. shadowsrmine

    Release the Slava already please

    Wait......................I'll pull on you what 'Some' of you have pulled on me "Saying your OK with the G.C.Harugumo,Massachusetts since I have one"(and since you have and play a Smellensk your OK with her being OP)Well I've got a Smellensk and I'm Not OK with her being OP and practically immune to BB AP fire unless at close Point Blank range
  8. All too few players are willing to make an effort to win
  9. shadowsrmine

    Release the Slava already please

    And at least some of you YoYo's who are so convinced the Slava,Harugumo,Massachusetts are so OP are the same ones that are convinced the Smellensk is just fine and is not OP! I'd be fine with her too if it weren't for the fact whilst a BB can and will obliterate a Minotaur 43,300 whilst unless at extreme close range all the same BB will get when shooting at a Smellensk is overpens unless it switches to HE (just like with a destroyer)and if you have to take the time to switch you are going to take a lot of damage.PS Yes the Smellensk 32,400 is much larger than the Khaba 22,500 Harugumo 25,600 both of which take AP damage just fine
  10. shadowsrmine

    Why cant there be a option to turn off chat?

    I Need Intelligence Data
  11. shadowsrmine

    Release the Slava already please

    Funny thing is Yamato has a Firing Range of 26 Km and 2 shots per minute and better armor,Conqueror a Firing Range of 24 Km and 2 shots per minute and better armor,Thunderer has a Firing Range of 24 Km 2.3 shots per minute and better armor,Slava has a Firing Range of 24 Km and 1.9 shots per minute and weaker armor.............................................! How is this thing so OP?
  12. shadowsrmine

    Unique Upgrades-No to RB

    I've got 16 tier 10 ships,I already have the G.Kurfurst,Des Moines,Worcester,Minotaur,Gearing Legendary Upgrades
  13. shadowsrmine

    Unique Upgrades-No to RB

    Not interested in one for Camping! I have better chance of buying one of those than buying a House not a good chance but a chance
  14. shadowsrmine

    Unique Upgrades-No to RB

    You mean the way we waited for the Results of the Puerto Rico boondoggle?That worked out well,And nope not trying to get her wouldn't even if were it were a class I wanted to play,That's the price of a start on the Airstream I've wanted for years