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  1. U.S. Cruiser line split.

    Thought the Pepsicola was moving down to T6 and Buffalo was taking Baltimore's place and so on
  2. U.S. Cruiser line split.

    last time anyone posted they gave this as an example and who knows how accurate this is
  3. U.S. Cruiser line split.

    Actually to my understanding you get the Dallas thru the Omaha
  4. Yeah I guess I should be like you and sit at the back and snipe with my BB's where most of the time nothing else can hit me except other BB's
  5. By damage off I meant off the torps in addition to buffing the smoke and the other posters suggestion to buffing the guns
  6. Dude in my exp 40-50 % of BB drivers just camp the spawn point and 20-30% of the rest just sit WAY WAY Back and snipe. Just moving up in my Baltimore doing my best to be careful while trying to grind the DM Ive been deleted by BB's that never moved once during the battle just sat there the whole game sniping and this DD is TOO OP? Perhaps the BB's should be nerfed a bit as well!
  7. Wasn't there then however what if they reduced range to 15 kilometers and buffed the smoke and as one or two other poster's suggested buffed the guns too?
  8. Actually I haven't seen too many of any of the BB's moving once they decide they've got a good spot........Unless we've started rolling up they're team then they start moving to another spot farther back to one side
  9. It might encourage more movement even the best BB players are stationary far too much PS Perhaps your right take a bit of damage off too
  10. And BB's have gun's that gun's that can hit targets from 16-20 kilometers........................I know because I've been hit that far out in fact their RoF is just a bit slower than my Baltimore's not much mind you just a bit, Just checked Baltimore's RoF is 4 shot's per minute typical BB RoF is 2 shot's per minute and her gun's are much much smaller come to think of it so is the New Orleans speed of movement isn't much better on either as well
  11. And how would changing range to 16 kilometers and buffing smoke hurt so much more than the DD's that already get 16 kilometer's there are one or two you know??
  12. Except that's exactly how a lot of BB pl;layers play it now anyway stand back out of range and blast.........................................................................That's when they even do that 'Note I didn't say ALL I SAID A LOT'
  13. So if they took the torpedo range down to 16 kilometers and better smoke how would it be so OP?