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  1. shadowsrmine

    You Developers Need to Debuff Destroyers

    Lol he want's Realism in a Video Game Full of inaccuracies like ships that Never existed.........................Sometimes not even on paper @Huntn if you they gave you what your asking for they'd have to take away lot of what you like as well, Be careful what you ask for you might not like what you get
  2. Question is since I won't have any money till the 1ST Would I have enuff time to complete the mission if purchased then? IE Does the mission expire once purchased? Or is it even gonna still be available after the 1ST? The question is the one everyone wants to know and of course only WG has the answer is how much Steel will it give
  3. shadowsrmine

    BONUS CODE: 15 Dec 2018

    No Codes there
  4. shadowsrmine

    Why you will never get Missouri

    Actually I saw more Missouri's in one game than I've seen at any one point. Counting mine there were 7 Other Missouri's and since I don't see that many Free Exp Missouri's showing up in one battle any where from a third to half had to have come from Santa Containers Merry Xmas All and Good Luck
  5. shadowsrmine

    Just Got Oct Revolutsyia

    Was actually hoping for a Kutuzov,Belfast,Kidd.Gremyashchy,Kamikaze,Oh well so goes life Aye?
  6. shadowsrmine

    Just Got Oct Revolutsyia

    Actually this is one of the ships at the bottom of the list of ships I'd like out of a container Lol Jokes on me
  7. shadowsrmine

    Just Got Oct Revolutsyia

    From a container after choosing resources
  8. And landing Torps is a Show of skill too especially in a Shima as visible as they've made her torps either that or the guy getting torped by her is a Dunderhead/Dunce/Numbskull For that matter being able to last long enuff to sink a ship Especially a ship with the Health of a BB? Dude Stop Whining and Crying and Get Gud or or be content Potato your way through the game
  9. You mean kinda sorta the way a BB can remove a CA/CL/CV's 60-90% Life? Or even full health with one Devastating Strike? Like That or even full life? Maybe a similar deal can be done with BB Devastating Strikes Hmm? Face it Some of you BB Mains are just plain spoiled and if you do anything At All In A Battle Beyond Siniping From The Spawn Point(If You Even Do That) And I Repeat Some Not All you expect whatever you do to be a major Catastrophe for the Recipient! Your just SpoiledBrats SOME Of You
  10. Both of my Massachusetts do all right against Red DD's one on one
  11. shadowsrmine

    Kutuzov really an OP ship?

    Bring her back If she was ever OP she ain't now nor is Belfast
  12. Tho too tell the truth as I've said before if I wanna Tank I don't wanna do it in a Wanna be BB IE Battle Cruiser I'll do it in a real one more power to anyone who does but it aint for me except at lower lvls like Tier VI-VII at VIII or IX NTY! That's a big reason once I got the Chapayev I stopped and didn't bother with the Donkey or Moskva
  13. And Why I'm Saying The Tier VII Shuld Be Much Less than 350 K At the Very Least a Quarter Less if not Half
  14. Only Tier VII BB I have just got her recently is the Scharnhorst and whilst she's alright I believe the Missouri if driven by a competent player(Not I only a Potato here) and the Scharnhorst driven by someone equally as competent would get swatted/paddled fairly easily by the Missouri surprised everyone doesn't see that