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  1. Just Finished Last Campeign Yamamoto

    Yeah me too for the most part except there were way too many tasks that were BB only except for the ones that were CV Only however while I do play BB's somewhat I tried out CV's and decided they aren't for me(I heard noises that Exp n Credits spent researching CV's will be refunded.........Perhaps Perhaps Not ain't hold my breath) I have Very Few BB's mainly cruisers and DD's
  2. Just Finished Last Campeign Yamamoto

    Already have him as I said Last Campaign No More Left Yay I've actually got him on Missouri with a thought/eye towards putting him on Massachusetts if or when I get her
  3. Just Finished Last Campeign Yamamoto

    TYVM both of you the only cruisers or BB's I have are very low level I have to say if I were to move on up the Tech Tree the cruiser I think I'd most be interested in is the Zao
  4. Not sure where I'll use him yet don't have Harugumo which according to all I've read and seen is like a very Slow Khaba and I know from direct Exp it's a lot easier to catch n hit than a Khaba is, I suppose it all depends what the Legendary Upgrade is and what it does.. Someone suggested a nerf to traverse and or damage of her guns in exchange for a stealth n speed boost that might make her desirable time will tell
  5. So now it turns out not only is the USN going to get a fourth n fifth Unique Commander and the Russians a third and fourth(IE one of Alexanders Clones will be Binational) USN And Or Russian) leaving RN French,German with only two and IJN only one Pan Asians none
  6. Have you heard something I haven't I went and looked and couldn't find anything?
  7. Ask Me Anything - Long time player

    Fodder for other players unless Driven by Unicum players
  8. Ask Me Anything - Long time player

    Yup my question was about a Commander like John Doe and George Doe and the others like them who get buffed skills but Not Special Abilitys Like Bull Halsey and Isoroku Yamamoto Do I have John and George Doe and most of the others and use them I could use more like them in the IJN line and yes I've also ground through the Yamamoto campeign however that doesn't mean I couldn't use others in the IJN line who are like John Doe and the others especially if they differ like the Jutland or the Dunkirk brothers except with destroyer abilitys
  9. Ask Me Anything - Long time player

    They Don't! Bull Halsey is Not the same as John Doe and George Doe Try again
  10. Ask Me Anything - Long time player

    Not Nice! Question Is Do You!
  11. Ask Me Anything - Long time player

    @deresistanceWhen will IJN get a unique Commander Ah La John Doe,George Doe,Jack Dunkirk,Bert Dunkirk and so on
  12. The last Anime Collaboration to come into the game was Azur Lane and that was all European and as far as I can tell They Get No Special Abilitys Before that was High School Fleet and not only is that removed they didn't special abilitys, Now on to the ARP Ships and Commanders are they those ships everyone complain about not being able to hide or use camo on? I do know you Can't get them now so your point is? And you get John Doe,Dunkirk,Znamensky,Jutland from the Arsenal if you don't already have them that leaves only the Pan Asians the Newest Tech Tree, Whereas IJN is the oldest and has no unique commander so you objection to IJN getting a unique Commander is? and or your point to bringing up ARP would be? The line that can't use camo and pretty much everyone wants to hide or get rid of?
  13. All except for IJN which has none unless you wanna talk about ARP n HSF and other past promotions and ractually those are really pointless to bring up as ARP was history by the time I began playing and I was almost too late to get in on HSF, Not that HSF gets any special abilitys anyone who gets in now can't even get HSF as that is removed no longer available
  14. BTW forgot to add I only have low lvl IJN cruisers and BB's
  15. Actually My friend I am not a IJN fanboy I have USN CA's/CL's,DD's,BB's, Kriegsmarin CA's,BB's,DD's,RN CL's,BB's Italian CL's,BB's Pan Asian DD's Cruiser IJN DD's I see no reason why they shouldn't Live Up to All Their Potential and not get nerfed because some whiners think their OP Wooster,Kitakaze,Harugumo are case's in point because BB mains whine and cry their OP, When HE spamming is in many case's the only recourse they have unless they get torps and as you well know USN cruisers don't get torps except for Atlanta,Flint(most players will never get Flint) and the amusing thing is I have seen other player in chat Rebuking other players using HE on a bow on cruiser and ever a broadside BB even tho most people know AP from most cruiser bounces off a BB