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  1. shadowsrmine

    My Preliminary Opinion on Somers

    I Tend to agree
  2. shadowsrmine

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Went back and added more as to where WG's shown some interesting ideas if they just follow up on them @Bualar
  3. shadowsrmine

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    See above @bualar Colbert,Smolensk are just not quite as good repeats of Atlanta,Worcester Ohio Might Be Different But it ain't out Yet Somers isn't out yet but so far is neither as good as Gearing or Benham, Slava sounded like it might be a squishier Kremlin without the dispersion issues, So what's being said is yeah things need trade offs. As a Russian BB that had to stay at range but had a better chance of hitting, Kind of sort of like a less tanky Yamato,Kremlin How about that for suggestions? And Benham has better torpedos than Gearing but worse guns you did well with it in that it's not gunship Gearing is
  4. shadowsrmine

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Never heard of Wasted Resources?
  5. shadowsrmine

    Opt-in MIssions for very useful camo's (Co-op dable)

    I also found this posted and found interesting https://medium.com/@devblogwows/gamescom-a4016c610b55 German ships Odin,Mainz and German,Italian commanders as well as notice of a new Halloween event and a camo for Yamato in that event?
  6. shadowsrmine

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    I don't believe your on the right page,Different Colbert? I have an Atlanta,Cleveland,Worcester and a 19 point captain on the Worcester,Cleveland and whilst I've got a Richelieu courtesy of the french BB event and I didn't care for the line enuff to go any further other than the Jean Bart, As for the USN BB,DD neither of those are out yet I went as far as No,Carolina and stopped as the only reason she appealed to me at the time I live in No,Carolina and my landlord has been on her. Somers? She and Ohio aren't out yet and whilst I do play DD's,BBs neither of those at least so aren't Different So Far to appeal perhaps when they do come out If They Do, Georgia I may or may not get her the things that appeal most about her and the Massachusetts was I didn't have to train up a captain for the from the start for Massachusetts. When I got Bull Halsey I dropped him in and played her and found after playing her I liked her so much I got when it came out Massachusetts B. So where does the difference come in? Colbert isn't that much different than Atlanta,Worcester For that matter Smolensk doesn't appear to be either and what's strange about her is she appears to be laid out on the wiki as a tech tree ship IE No Doubloon next to her and so disappears one of the good things about ships from the armory premium play (again not having to train a ship specifically up on and for her) So once again where does the different game play come in? OBW I'm the one who gave you the laugh emoji just now 🤷‍♂️ PS one of the biggest reasons I like the Massachusetts so much I'm very nearsighted and don't do long range sniping well
  7. shadowsrmine

    I have one very good suggestion for wargaming.

    False! You are Hysterical,Notice their ranges False! Ditto Another Hysteric, Like the Massachusetts who everyone claims to be OP Massachusetts has to get within 11 klm to Reliably and or consistantly Hit anything with her main guns,And can't anything at all with her secondarys outside 11 klm, Same with the German and Russian BB's So much for their being OP Alabama,North Carolina OTH can and do Out Range and out shoot them
  8. shadowsrmine

    Update 0.8.7: French Destroyers – Part 2

    If they make it where CV's Do More Damage They Also Have To Make It Where CV'S Take More Damage Fair Is Fair! CV's are the One Almost Unsinkable Class in the game! Fire damage was nerfed and mitigated on CV's so was Flooding damage. So if you want CV'S to do more they have to take more All in the name of Balance
  9. shadowsrmine

    Hey all....Do me a favor and read this.

    I'm a subscriber myself hang in there dude And good Luck with the CC Goal
  10. shadowsrmine

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    So far the only reward ship's mentioned are Colbert and Ohio? I have little interest in them,Come back when you have something better than what @NoZoupForYou refers to as a One Trick Pony and not a real effective trick either
  11. shadowsrmine

    When will Kutuzov be sold again?

    Yup the sad thing is all these So Called Pro's saying this ship or that one is OP, I've dealt with both the Belfast,Kutuzov and sank them on a number of occasions and I'm(as more than one person has been Oh So Kind To Inform Me) not that great a player especially lately, After having to break off playing for two weeks whilst I dealt with something in real life and I've sunk both of them on more than one occasion and it really wasn't all that hard
  12. shadowsrmine

    Anyone else follow missing persons cases?

    There have been many attack on adults by coyotes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coyote_attack One woman in 2009 whilst jogging in a New York state park was attacked and mauled by two coyotes,They were driven off and later hunted down but she died of her injuries in an ambulance on her way to the hospital yes they've been getting very bold
  13. shadowsrmine

    Star Shells?

  14. shadowsrmine

    Star Shells?

  15. shadowsrmine

    Time To Who Award Those Who Condescend and Or Put Down Others

    She's bored by the people Trying to One Up Themselves at Someones Expense Notice I didn't do that? Unlike you? Oh and if your Bored Dog the solution is simple just go Away Far Far Away!