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  1. shadowsrmine

    New USN Battleships and Speed Boost

    And thats different from the way CV's work how?Sit in the back where it's safe and attack from there?And no ship except perhaps Halland can stave them off........................................Now if there were some counterplay to the CV's at least with Slava there are Some Ships She Can't Citidel! Halland is perhaps the only ship in World of Warships a CV can't attack and sink with impunity.I saw a CV driver whining a year or so ago that it was unfair that he couldn't attack any ship in the game
  2. shadowsrmine

    AL sov. Rossiya vs Pommern

    Yup I was just speaking of my thinking when I made my choice,I looked at her and the problems she faces and explained my thinking thereof and why I took a pass on both,However that being said there is a German ship that I'm going for at the moment which is Siegfried
  3. shadowsrmine

    AL sov. Rossiya vs Pommern

    As I said another reason Not to get PommernAnd I turned down all three and went for the Marceau instead
  4. shadowsrmine

    AL sov. Rossiya vs Pommern

    Another consideration is that despite claims to the contraryGerman ships don't fare well under the attentions of a CV post CV rework,Nope no nations do well under that circumstance,However Pre Rework the Hindenburgh AA 84,G.Kurfurst AA 88 yes I had and still have both and despite being high AA before the rework a CV went after them only if they were good and didn't mind losing planes after rework are gone after and sunk easily despite all you efforts
  5. shadowsrmine

    AL sov. Rossiya vs Pommern

    The only German ship I'm presently giving any consideration,And BTW that's gonna be a very long project as I'm using earned Free Exp only is the Siegfried
  6. shadowsrmine

    AL sov. Rossiya vs Pommern

    Question is Why would anyone pay for Odin,Pommern Or Premium Sovetsky Soyuz?OTH.....................................At least the Premium Soyuz whilst being a very meh copy of the tech tree version at least it isn't as easily focused and taken down as the Odin,Pommern Still a Very Firm NTY to all three!
  7. shadowsrmine

    AL sov. Rossiya vs Pommern

    Again NTY had the chance to get her or Marceau, When 1st came out looked at the reviews and what happened when people found her in game she didn't fare well Uh Uh NTY! OTH I Love the Marceau
  8. shadowsrmine

    AL sov. Rossiya vs Pommern

    Bad easily disabled guns,torps,Armor insufficient to keep you alive when focused Uh Uh! If you want a good German BB get the Tirpitz instead
  9. shadowsrmine

    AL sov. Rossiya vs Pommern

    Pommern is a tier 9 Odin enuff said and my answer was a Very Firm NTY to all three!
  10. shadowsrmine

    😲Wowsers British cruiser Belfast '43, Tier VIII

    Next thing they'll bring back is the Kutuzov......................................................................................Except no they already have as the Smolensk
  11. shadowsrmine

    Well, this is pretty shady dealing.

    I'd rather get AL Sov. Rossiya as Pommern is too much like Odin, A couple of days I had to make choice between Pommern and Marceau for coal, I looked and decided with Pommern's issues that made for a decided No! After going with Marceau I've been very happy with the choice I made https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:AL_Sov._Rossiya, https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Pommern, https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Odin,
  12. shadowsrmine

    It's Funny How Everyone Was So Worried

    BB's are a ship class CA's are a ship class CL's are a ship class and in the same way CV's Are A Ship Class! And an OP One!
  13. shadowsrmine

    It's Funny How Everyone Was So Worried

    Then obviously they weren't nerfed enuff if any other class had the range they do and they only had to worry about the trifling nerfed AA you'd screaming Nerf!Nerf!Nerf! Not only that you get to do it from the spawn point or further back!
  14. About the Slava or other ships deemed to be too OP and yet so little attention was paid to the most OP class in the game with unlimited range and whilst you can avoid some of it's attacks just not all,I even saw,A driver of one of these ships whining about he didn't see why he couldn't hit any attack and hit any other ship in the game(except his ship class of course)I speak of course of the Carrier class,Except it seems there are one or two ships they can't attack with impunity the main one being the Halland and drivers of the carriers are off that one ship can take out so many of their planesWG it's time to fix this ship class and here's how. >>-->>>Again either limit their damage or make them move up or make AA worth having again<<<--<<