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  1. So basically what everyone Seems To Be Saying is No T10 CA Is Tanky?
  2. In the case pointed out yeah and very seldom am I allowed that chance
  3. Think Des Moines is as Tanky as a New Orleans,Baltimore,Buffalo OR for that matter like a Hipper,Hindenburg,Roon,Zao Despite having citadeled her again and again and jump all over you for being unwilling to play her in open water as so many other cruisers are She plays more like a Tier 10 Pepsi getting citadeled at least as often by CA's,CL's,BB's alike
  4. I've Gone to Controls in Settings and no matter what I try it won't stop popping out of Zoom, Also I and some other people in game have been having the game crash upon going into battle, Saying Critical Error
  5. Next Free Experience Ship

    USS Long Beach Yummmmmmm
  6. Next steel ship?

    I suppose the same is possible with 5.56 by now all I know is the gun and caliber were a bad choice even now the M-14 is still in better demand and more favored than the M-16(holds up better too)
  7. Next steel ship?

    BTW a weapon that was taken manufactured and used almost unchanged except for the name from the one the Germans developed and used to this day it was so ahead of it's time the M-60 very easy to use and fire with less recoil than a .22
  8. Next steel ship?

    The 5.56 more than most from was explained 1st because while a high velocity round doesn't have the a 7.62 does and it doesn't take as much to deflect it, As the bench well they said it's the way the bullet behaves it's a very nasty and or effective war munition because it takes the path of least resistance (It tunnels thru flesh following bone so it can go in your ankle and come out the top of your head very unpredictable except it almost always leaves a mess tumbling end over end as it does once it hit's a solid object. Object the reason the DI said the M16 exploded once used in one M16 it can nver be used in another because each wears in a different way and because of that if you have to replace a part it has to be brand spanking new or face catastrophic failure. Lastly (because of the plastic/fiberglass I understand they used either or)it's a very fragile item and when they drilled us they wanted us to rap it on the ground to make sound except they warned better not rap Too Hard or we bought a weapon we wouldn't be allowed to keep at the time I believe that was $700-800 dollars
  9. Next steel ship?

    Plus if you guys are talking rifle rounds 5.6 ricochets off of almost anything my DI told us it would be deflected by leaves,twigs He also told if someone you were shooting at hid behind a bus bench and didn't aim low IE below the bench the rounds would be deflected by the plywood back 7.62 would not, Also I personally saw a guy whose M16's bolt or action was replaced by the armorer with the bolt or action of another M16 and it exploded in his face he was Lucky he wore thick glasses or he'd have lost his eyes. It being well known for this the armorer was very slipshod
  10. Next steel ship?

    I'll take your word for it my friend since I have was the filmed reactions of the fighter pilots up against those German Jet's
  11. Next steel ship?

    History and Science Channel Shows are better than 99% of the rest of whats on TV Especially With What Pass's For So Called News Programs What this country has come to
  12. Next steel ship?

    I've seen Late WWII Aircraft Fighter Documentary's that disagreed with that statement IE our fighters couldn't keep up,couldn't shoot em down our fighters bombers were shocked and dismayed when they came up against them and were thankful there were "So Few Of Them" Mind you I also remember and or acknowledge their flight time was extremely limited