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  1. Dude you Really Really Need to Buy a Clue From Someone or Somewhere Because the Cleveland is only as good as it was at T6 and unless she has a 19 point captain to make up for her shortcoming she's and on fire and sinking fast she's No Longer All That
  2. And I assure they weren't free a lot of time and extra effort as well as quite a few signals were used in order to get to those final missions only to find on opening those super containers some lame modules I don't even use
  3. My complaint is NOT about whether I got a free ship or not really that would be too much to expect however for example both in the Yamamoto campaign and the Hit Hard Hit Fast Hit Often campaign I've gotten 2 super containers for the The Final mission 1st rank tasks Yamamoto campaign and the and 1st and 2nd rank Final Missions in the Hit Hard Hit Fast Hit Often campaign and it would have been nice to get even signals or camos for the super container reward for something like rather than the ordinary module consumables I did get
  4. You either didn't read what I said or you wanted to ignore it Less Armor Less Weight,Lower Caliber Guns means Less Weight Less Weight Less Mass, Lesser Mass Means more Agile Easier to Manuever..............................................
  5. Or to use the words of the incomparable Ricky Ricardo Lucy you have some Splainin too do.......................
  6. And it needn't be a lot faster either 2 to 4 knot's is all but faster and more agile they should since they're lighter and easier to take out PS Almost forgot the CA's higher caliber guns means more weight there too not just for the guns but they're mountings as well
  7. OK wait a minute the Cleveland is a CL in more than lower caliber guns it has lighter armor as well than the CA Baltimore less armor means less weight......................So riddle me this Batman why is it that the CA is just as fast OR slow as the CL Cleveland? Or for that matter the Helena,Seattle,Worcester all of the CL's are as fast or slow as their CA counterpart less armor means less weight and less weight means more speed or it should. This is why cruiser's are faster than battleships,Destroyers are faster than cruisers. So how is it this slipped past unnoticed? Not only that the turning radius should be better too
  8. Bois- Nueve de Julio...?

    In that case missing a T8 And T9 since the Missouri left
  9. When will the worcester arrive?

    believe it when I see it till then................................. Oh and going by what the testers have been saying whether they'll live up to the hype and actually be worth playing?
  10. When will the worcester arrive?

    Dec,24,2029 or TM@Soon whichever comes 1st
  11. Why you like your username?

    I chose my name n avatar years ago in memory of a little black kitty I had for over 18 years she was a good cat named her shadow for twofold reasons 1st her color 2nd she was timid............. IE afraid of her own shadow
  12. Isoroku Yamamoto????????
  13. Yeah me too...........Tho I'm not so they were ever That OP n if they really were, Well as everything's been power creeped not sure they still would be