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  1. And this was exactly the issue I was raising they had the cruisers tiered wrong, As it turns out they're gonna correct that
  2. Oh and BTW you are 'now' on my blocked and to be ignored list
  3. Yes 'YOU' are
  4. Then I guess it's the 'other' side of age not youthful ignorance but it's twin that your suffering................................
  5. Long past boy at 64 young man or woman long past and from your attitude older than you are, So quoting right back at you "So don't A$$ume"
  6. Actually I like the rate of fire on a St. Louis and Omaha no they don't have range of a Cleveland or Pensacola however if they get close enuff to a Battleship in anything lower than a tier 7 that BB's going down and yeah most of the time the St Louis or Omaha is too
  7. Unlike D3 >_<
  8. There were marine trolls as well, Now we know your not into fantasy and or D&D
  9. Obvious he/she's watching the show and eating popcorn not the 1st time I've come across this reference it is the 1st time I've seen a visual depiction tho :-) nice one RipNu2
  10. This is food for thought..............And possibly anxiety and or dismay especially if you already have these tier's
  11. USN Cruiser split please tell me more?
  12. While the Des Moines the I'm after in the end is a heavy Cruiser it shoots like a light the Baltimore does not
  13. Tortoise like the So. Carolina moves very slow shoots just as slow, No. Carolina moves faster, Of course shoots as slow so much for using her very much after I get her
  14. Same thing with the Wyoming and the New York
  15. And yet notice if the Pensacola is not the better ship it's still the higher tier......................................It's better armed and armored IE more like the New Orleans and yet it's still 12 years older Than the Cleveland