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  1. shadowsrmine

    OK My Desktop Died Almost a Year Ago

    PS this will be my fourth laptop the 1st was a dell and it did OK for a long time my next 2 were Lenovo office laptops and I was pretty happy with them, So after doing a little research I could far worse than a Lenovo so that's what I got, Too whilst I did see some people unhappy with Lenovo I saw just as many with the others so..................Thanks for the advice and good wishs this machines gonna have to last me a Looooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnng Time!
  2. shadowsrmine

    OK My Desktop Died Almost a Year Ago

    Had these on my other lower end laptops And unlike the reviews I've been very happy with them so I got a new one for this laptop, Hopefully the laptop will holdup better than my landlords desktop
  3. shadowsrmine

    OK My Desktop Died Almost a Year Ago

    And I and my landlord got tired of my having to borrow his, So I took a leap of faith and got Lenovo Legion 5 this one to be exact, Please wish me better luck than I had with my desktop
  4. shadowsrmine

    Just to let you all know about "Kiwi1960"

    My sincere and heartfelt condolences and a twenty one gun salute to him
  5. shadowsrmine

    Ways of distribution - Marco Polo and Austin.

    Good for you
  6. shadowsrmine

    Ways of distribution - Marco Polo and Austin.

    You know if it's coal it'll be 300 K tons of coal..................................Why?ing InflationJust accept that or don't and move on
  7. shadowsrmine

    Flandre Free Look Camera is Broken

    Yup typical I dunna wanna do my job and I shouldn't have to, Go bother someone else Right Now!
  8. I'll give you this much no more look at the context
  9. Guess your kinda sorta stuck huh?
  10. Oh and that brings up something else, Turrets and AA mounts don't regenerate so why do CV's get that ability? Planes and AA mounts both? I'll tell you why because WG adjusted stats and ability's in the CV's favor IE cheated adjusting stats and ability's so the ship class could do these things
  11. Obviously it's going to shock you that I've seldom(say almost never) played a tier 7 or below since the scenarios were nerfed to dogand any events not involving player VS player below tier 8(in fact I seldom play anything below tier 9,10 anymore) were discontinued,So no I had little interest in Flandre as for not being able to get past Des Moines,Salem's,Worcester's let me just say my disbelief is off the scale since their AA is only isn't that much higher than Hindenburg,G.Kurdfurst or Alsace,Jean Bart,Missouri,Ohio not that they can sink them as fast as they can the Hindenburg,GK they do quite enuff damage sufficient that I canned Hindenburg,GK just because a CV has such an easy time with them even with an AA rating of 80 or higher depending on what modules and captains build they hadSo much for balance and or reality
  12. No I'm not as has been said by many others than I CV's are the only ship class without range constraints or limitations other than how long it takes for their planes take to get from ship to target and are almost never sunk unless or until end of game, And unless the players totally incompetent Will Win or Lose succeed in doing enuff damage to accomplish any mission needed except in Co Op, And yes I could play them knowing their not gonna be nerfed anytime soon except #1 that involve inflicting the sameon others I hate #2 They bore the out of me and if I were gonna go that route I might as well give up play something that doesn't bore me and or me off.Now if AA was actually worthwhile and not giving the CV's pretty much a free pass at any ship in the game even historically high AA such as the Des Moines,Salem or Worcester but no even those ships aren't safe if the CV player decides he/she wants them sunk. Nope the only ship class comparatively safe from a CV is another CV