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  1. 2450 PR+: wth my games end in like 12 minutes theres no time to do damage when everyone runs off the screen and the map areEeEeE FTFY
  2. Nightlock_

    Red clan potato divisions

    LOL, thats a good mindset
  3. Nightlock_

    Red clan potato divisions

    Haha! makes sense.
  4. Nightlock_

    Red clan potato divisions

  5. Nightlock_

    Red clan potato divisions

    If only he knew.. if only he knew @Shadow_Storm419
  6. Nightlock_

    Red clan potato divisions

    I especially hate the triple divs of Ochakovs. I just can't believe that a SMOLENSK HULL is at t8. Talk about broken.
  7. Nightlock_

    Any CCs you can actually trust these days?

    Here are some good ones Destroyer_KuroshioKai: [CUTER] destroyer main who uploads instructional videos on YouTube very often. Great place to learn dd in randoms and competitive Gaishu_isshoku: Commander of [KYARU] and multiple time Clan battle winner on NA. He dreams on twitch under the name "Gaishu" m373x: Very good Des Moines player and a member of [KYARU]. [O7] Players: Bfk_fer1yfe, Doyl3, DolphinPrincess, MalteseKnight, Your_SAT_Score
  8. Alright, will keep in mind. Thank you :)
  9. Thank you. I will look in to a better mic. My PC is extremely old hence why the recording software and game graphics are not that great.
  10. Here is the second guide produced by GGWP Leadership. This time on Destroyer knife-fighting in randoms and in competitive. I go over the mechanical and tactical aspects of a knifefight in depth as well as strategies, tips, and tricks that you can use to your advantage to be a better Destroyer player. 2nd installment in a series of guides for GGWP clan. If you have feedback or would like to see a certain topic feel free to let me know on our clan discord server https://discord.gg/rQ6uU6X
  11. The following is a guide that the leadership of GGWP made for the clan in an effort to help them improve. I am posting this here because I think that it might be useful to other players looking to improve as well. I hope this will be useful to somebody. If you want to see more of these or want to request a specific topic for this sort of videos. Feel free to hop on our clan discord and let me know https://discord.gg/rQ6uU6X
  12. Nightlock_

    Best Torp Botes

    It's been almost 2 years since I made this thread (My ign wasnt even Sea_law at the time) so I'm amazed people can still find this thread that I made when I was a complete noob and bad player. I'm happy to report that I went up the USN and IJN DD lines and both of them ended up being my best ships. I enjoy them both very much. Thank you all for your input
  13. When your only dd goes rushing for the mid buff in a CV game... you know its going to be a rough game.
  14. Share some of your most facepalm worthy experiences/moments in ranked here. Salt or funny moments also appreciated. I'd like to keep this thread going untill the end of the ranked season. Good luck in ranked!