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  1. Another Code

    A premium anniversary container
  2. Does SerB still work at Wargaming?

    Hi all! This question has been on my mind for a while and ai was wondering does SerB aka Sergey Burkatovskiy still work at WG? Also post your best SerB memes here
  3. Oh Wargaming XD Are there plans to add a commander for each nation in the arsenal? It doesn't even have to be one of the special ones can we just get a 10 point commander in the arsenal for each nation?
  4. New Consumable

    lol. It costs 1 salt from the arsenal to use though :/ https://ibb.co/iNggaz
  5. Grinding Through Ranger

    Head on strafe them when coming at each other. Your 7 planes will always beat his 4. If he clicks on you exit strafe to the nearest American cruiser. Also remember, you can tell when a squadron is about to strafe because it will have a "bump" or slow down briefly and then speed up again. Watch for that and get out of the strafe zone at a 90 degree angle
  6. Jack Dunkirk for RN DDS

    he doesn't get a buff to bft
  7. Jack Dunkirk for RN DDS

    What would a Jack Dunkirk look like on the RN DDS. Is it even a good idea to put him on the dd line? Thanks.
  8. this is a really good idea. there should be more of these. would it be possible to join the kriegsmarine if I have a german destroyer or the nurnberg?
  9. Ognevoi Playstyle Guide: The Tier 8 Ognevoi is the 8th destroyer in the Soviet Destroyer line and the first destroyer in the alternative line that ends with Grozovoi. The Ognevoi class (Project 30) were built for the navies of the Soviet Union and Bulgaria. She was made to fix the flaws of the Gnevny class of Destroyers. They boasted a reinforced hull and better Torpedo Armament. The guns on Ognevoi were pulled off of VMF Tashkent when he was sunk and then put on Ognevoi. Only two ships of this class were built due to the German invasion of the Soviet Union. Overview: Ognevoi boasts 2x5 Torpedo mounts with a 10km range which makes it ideal for stealth torpedo attacks. The torpedoes go a lowly 56 knots so when launching torpedoes at a target you have to account for any maneuvers the target may make. They have a low detection range which makes it easy to get hits on distracted targets. They do a substantial 15 100 damage which, while not the best for its tier is still pretty good at tier 8. The reload is also the second quickest of its tier falling only behind the Z-23. Ognevoi when fully maxed out for concealment can get down to 6.1 kilometres of concealment which is pretty good for a Soviet destroyer considering the Soviet mainline boasts significantly higher detection ranges. Ognevoi boasts 2x2 130mm guns. The two turrets are a mixed bag because if you one of your turrets is knocked out or if you are going bow in you are effectively halving your firepower. The guns are lackluster due to the low rate of fire for a destroyer with a 5 second reload and lousy dispersion. These traits make hunting other Destroyers difficult and is not recommended as a playstyle. However, the turret traverse is fast, so you aren't waiting for your turrets to traverse during a knife fight. Ognevoi is the first Soviet destroyer to get access to the DFAA consumable. The AA is respectable for a destroyer but is not worth speccing into as Benson is a much better Destroyer for AA at tier 8. Recommended Upgrades: Main armament Mod 1 - for increased turret survivability as you only have two turrets Aiming Systems Mod 1 - for increased torpedo tubes traverse speed and better dispersion Propulsion Systems Mod 1 - interchangeable with Steering Systems Mod 1 Steering Gears Mod 2 - For increased rudder shift Concealment Systems Mod 1 - for being able to get closer to your enemies to launch torpedo strikes and also for the dispersion of shells fired at your ship for when you need to run away Captain Skills Tier 1 - Priority Target, Preventive maintenance Tier 2 - Last stand, Adrenaline Rush Tier 3 - Torpedo Armament Expertise, Basic Firing Training, Demolition Expert Tier 4 - Concealment Expert Playstyle: Ognevoi is a Hybrid destroyer that leans a bit more towards her Torpedos. When playing Ognevoi, you want to avoid direct engagements with other Destroyers and instead use your concealment to launch stealth torpedo attacks against enemies. When launching torpedo attacks you want to keep in mind the maneuvers the target might make after you launch your torpedos as your torpedos are very slow. You want to smoke up and use your good fire chance to light fires on battleships and cruisers when given an opportunity. The high fire chance coupled with the quick reload of the torpedos make this ship a damage over time monster. To use this to its full extent, you want to stack flooding and fires by choosing a target and setting them on fire until they use their damage control party and then getting in close to launch your torpedos to get a flooding. Once you have a couple of fires and flooding, you can gun the target ship down. Speed tanking is not recommended because of the relatively low speed for a Soviet destroyer and the below average rudder shift time. However, it can be done by taking the appropriate upgrades (i.e. steering gears mod 2 and 3). ____________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for reading. I hope you liked my submission because I really would like this role Regards, Hassan_T
  10. Thank you for letting us know :) How would you like us to refer to the ships? as a he? (VMF Ships are considered males)
  11. Midway jets :(

    The midway did have tier 10 jets that were removed as of 0.7.1
  12. Midway jets :(

    There were 3 jets removed from this ship last of which was 3 months ago. So what if im a T7 in the line. I want to know that the Tier 10 i started playing this game for is still competitive for her tier.
  13. Midway jets :(

    The ones you are thinking of are the A10 skyraiders iirc. After that they removed the bearcats and the starfires were removed a couple of patches ago
  14. Midway jets :(

    They buffed AA at least 5 times before they removed it. They could have toned down the speed they didnt have to remove them conpletely
  15. Midway jets :(

    This is the first line I ever grinded and the only reason i started playing WoWS in the first place. So first they remove the tier X dive bombers, and nerf them to [edited] tier 8 levels. And then they got rid of the f8f bearcats and now theyve gotten rid of the f7f Starfires too. This practically isnt even a tier 10 carrier anymore like wth. Why? Why this overnerf. Im still at the ranger and I like it. I rarely fight hiryus or kagas but when I do they dont give me much trouble except for saipan which is much harder to deal with. Is this line even worth grinding anymore?