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  1. Hassan_T

    The 12 Days of Warships (carol)

    This made my day
  2. I'm a fairly new Worcester player and this ship was my first T10. I want to run this ship in CB (since Carriers aren't allowed), and was wondering how to use it. I mostly play it as an open water ship in randoms where I go sit behind a cap and farm the destroyers as they try to cap and then kite away while the enemies try to push. I run full concealment build with IFHE and SI + PT. Do you guys have any tactics suggestions and/or commander or module suggestions?
  3. Hassan_T

    New Midway Player

    Yup I have had it since Ranger cuz it helps in fighting Saipans and Haks when your in Midway
  4. Hassan_T

    New Midway Player

    When I said sped through I meant I had a decent time with them and was able to get past them without much difficulty. I am also a tester for the new CVs and I am not fond of them and will probably trade them in once the rework hits. Coop doesnt really help much since the bots cant strafe and the fighter rng is skewed towards you
  5. Hassan_T

    New Midway Player

    How many battles would you say I should have? I have 64 battles in Lexington and 41 in Essex currently
  6. Hey all. I have recently acquired the Midway after speeding through the Essex and Lexington which have served me well and I did quite well in. Its a whole different ball game at T10 and I just find myself getting clubbed over and over and over even though this never happened in the Essex. What gives? I am okay with the bombing but I lack alot in fighter control and strafing. How can I fix this? Thanks, Hassan
  7. So I was playing ranked sprint and at the start of every match I played 5 seconds after the countdown ended I disconnect. Then again i would log back on and sometimes it would work sometimes it wouldn't. After a good 5 minutes into the game again disconnected. Anyone else having this problem?
  8. Hassan_T


    Those were my thoughts exactly while watching that video
  9. Hassan_T

    Another Code

    A premium anniversary container
  10. Hi all! This question has been on my mind for a while and ai was wondering does SerB aka Sergey Burkatovskiy still work at WG? Also post your best SerB memes here
  11. Hassan_T

    0.7.9 - Public Test Feedback

    Oh Wargaming XD Are there plans to add a commander for each nation in the arsenal? It doesn't even have to be one of the special ones can we just get a 10 point commander in the arsenal for each nation?
  12. Hassan_T

    New Consumable

    lol. It costs 1 salt from the arsenal to use though :/ https://ibb.co/iNggaz
  13. Hassan_T

    Grinding Through Ranger

    Head on strafe them when coming at each other. Your 7 planes will always beat his 4. If he clicks on you exit strafe to the nearest American cruiser. Also remember, you can tell when a squadron is about to strafe because it will have a "bump" or slow down briefly and then speed up again. Watch for that and get out of the strafe zone at a 90 degree angle
  14. Hassan_T

    Jack Dunkirk for RN DDS

    he doesn't get a buff to bft
  15. Hassan_T

    Jack Dunkirk for RN DDS

    What would a Jack Dunkirk look like on the RN DDS. Is it even a good idea to put him on the dd line? Thanks.