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  1. TacoBellDog

    dont see how people can defend how op cv are

    Well, CV's have a max speed, rudder shift, hangar size and so on. Some limits are defined. But, you are correct, the player is the final limitation. When you phrase it like that, you can say the same for any ship/class. Oddly enough, you make a strong argument that CV's are balanced, by virtue of the players themselves.
  2. TacoBellDog

    How would you fix CV's?

    CV's don't need any more "fixing" thread/
  3. TacoBellDog

    CV Hate

    Okay, I admit, that picture made me lol. But I think the point still stands, nuking plane regen is still a nerf. An unnecessary one at that.
  4. TacoBellDog

    dont see how people can defend how op cv are

    Dude You wanna learn how to counter CV's? Grind through a cv line. You will quickly learn their limitations. "Know thy enemy" and all that jazz
  5. TacoBellDog

    Anyone tried any of the new skills yet?

    Proximity Fuse is so good I'm afraid they might nerf it. That's the only skill I consider a must have.
  6. TacoBellDog

    CV Hate

    I'll be more specific. Buffing secondaries on CV's in exchange for removing plane regen is a nerf. Removing plane regen at all is a nerf. I know it, you know it, so just stop.
  7. TacoBellDog

    CV Hate

    We already have this. Graf Zeppelin is considered the worst carrier of her tier, and it's not even close. She's rapidly deplaned, then becomes a meme secondary barge. Nerfing planes, and buffing secondaries is a fools bargain. If I want a secondary build, I'll play a BB.
  8. TacoBellDog

    CV Hate

    They already have a limited number of planes. I think what you mean is they shouldn't regenerate planes. Never gonna happen, sorry.
  9. TacoBellDog

    Things as a CV Captain that annoys me

    The sound of DD mains crying