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  1. Definitely worth the division with buddies, if salt ensues then you probably deserve it.
  2. goldenpollywog

    Done with forums!

  3. goldenpollywog

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.7

    Lol it's the perfect distraction to release subs under.... All these people crying over the technicalities of this? We have a new game changing meta starting lol
  4. It's a potato quality check are you a potato?
  5. goldenpollywog

    Johan De Witt: Bombs with parachutes

    I would be ashamed if I was a Dutch sailor. Lol having to call in the Air Force for help.
  6. goldenpollywog

    The Third Brawl

  7. goldenpollywog

    World of Destroyers

    Well when all the other classes are boring to play....
  8. The state of the game? For me I don't play it much anymore....
  9. goldenpollywog

    CV delayed attacks ?why?

    I guess all the other class having to lead their target is to much to ask for cv players?
  10. goldenpollywog

    Next clan battle comp predictions

    Or is it just another sign of the games decline?
  11. goldenpollywog

    Wait - 2CV per side next CB season?

    Funny thing is WG will claim that low population was driven by being at T6. Not playing with 2 CVs 7v7
  12. Hopefully that's it, but as it stands now that's not what they said.
  13. goldenpollywog

    Wait - 2CV per side next CB season?

    I hope it's a translation thing but it has been voiced a few times with no timely retractions so....
  14. Well OP for sure but there are still a few others that have wandered in-and-out after dropping nonsense.