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  1. I tell you truthfully, I had a lot of fun being part of your antics over the years in the forums. Your sarcasm got lost in messaging with you at first with me. But having the chance to truly talk to you on discord let me understand this with you. With this understanding your messages made me laugh so many times. Getting to know you over the years has been a blessing on my life. Truly a good person which is great to find. Good times watching the meltdowns over the years and the communities reaction. Funnest part was picking on WG with the Lexington press account renames 🤣 Anyways, cheers! I'll always have the memories even if this disappears and we'll see you around on your personal discord.
  2. goldenpollywog

    End of the Forum

    This place has been absolutely worthless for years. It's such an echo chamber and only thing useful is updates on changes. New players don't even come in here. That's obvious and only people that really frequent It are the same people that have been here for years. Nothing new but same old faces. It's probably good for them so they can actually maybe get a life instead of wasting it here lol.
  3. goldenpollywog

    Forum Shutdown – July 28, 2023

    This place has been a echo chamber for years and tell you truthfully nothing exciting or useful has been put in here for at least two years. Except for maybe game changes. Pretty boring infact. Won't miss it. And now WG can get rid of all the redundant mods and maybe save money stretching this game out for another year or two.
  4. goldenpollywog

    [ALL] ModStation

    Yay finally
  5. Oh this might be perfect for Italian destroyers grind...
  6. goldenpollywog

    How to use Matchmaking Monitor to your advantage

    You still see them on the EU forum....
  7. goldenpollywog

    PSA: WoWs Player Trends with Graphs

    Exactly, well put. Doesn't mean I don't want to see the true numbers though. I truly love this game. I want it to succeed. I just wish they would give the players what they want play.
  8. goldenpollywog

    PSA: WoWs Player Trends with Graphs

    I know what your point is and yes they didnt need to fix something that wasn't broken but they did anyways. So they do need to fix things to get it back now. Even for all the naysayers I find enjoyment in this game on surface combat. That hasn't been their focus for a bunch of years.
  9. goldenpollywog

    PSA: WoWs Player Trends with Graphs

    Well hope and change are eternal. I get both sides of this. But really when it comes down to it, it's the players that matter. I used to play and pay. I hardly play and definitely not paying anymore. And I think that's where a lot of us are at. How can WG change this, they need to do something because what they're doing isn't working.
  10. goldenpollywog

    PSA: WoWs Player Trends with Graphs

    But it does show that their player base is still around. They just need to give them what they want to play so that they play more.
  11. goldenpollywog

    PSA: WoWs Player Trends with Graphs

    The game is fun, or was funner. Truth is I don't hardly post here anymore because it became heavily modded and such an echo chamber. But today this is worth talking about so....
  12. goldenpollywog

    PSA: WoWs Player Trends with Graphs

    I get it. This is a careful one for them for sure. But with all their promises of being open and goodwill and such from the last few years, I think they need to go for it and tell us. The data that we were given this morning shows that the base is solid and wants to play. At least. Now it's time for them to listen to that base and give them what they want for the game. Not what the higher ups want to do.
  13. goldenpollywog

    PSA: WoWs Player Trends with Graphs

    Yeah we need some better numbers for sure to continue. And for some reason EU has different data than NA. Here's a link to their forums to maybe glean some info out of. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/169799-a-new-look-at-the-player-numbers/
  14. goldenpollywog

    PSA: WoWs Player Trends with Graphs

    Having the data of how many people play one battle in 30 days shows that there's a lot of people that have hope that the game may improve so they check in. What we need is total amount of battles played. I mean sure I log in at least once in 30 days but I'm not playing hundreds of battles like I used to.
  15. goldenpollywog

    PSA: WoWs Player Trends with Graphs

    I haven't looked at the video but wasn't His big point about random battles played? I get the devs data but I'm not looking for one battle in 30 days data.