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    Idea to (potentially) fix an aspect of CV's

    I figured as much, since the mechanic is already in the game. Just thought I might as well voice it since you never know. Oh, and thank you. He does have a lot of experience, or at least claims too. That said, he is probably just jaded by the game, since he seems so unwilling to listen until he gets his way or finds some one as good as him with an alternate perspective. That's not going to happen though since anyone who put that time in is going to be equally as jaded or more likely dismiss them as not on his level. No, not exactly like radar. More like if radar showed them on the mini-map but just like in typhoon weather, you can't see the model of the ship.
  2. Ever since I started watching a youtuber called Potato Quality, I have been thinking about what could be done to make CV's more balanced. I've been stumped for a while but I recently had an idea to fix one aspect of CV's, their spotting potential. One of the most important things a CV can do is spot ships early game and later game, perma-spotting destroyers. What I am proposing is to not remove the ability to spot, but remove its ability to provide visual spotting. In a typhoon weather event, it reduces the ability to see ships visually to 8 km, but you can still see them on the mini-map. I'm proposing you make plane spotting from the cv the same way. All plane spotting will do is reveal them on the mini-map until another ship spots them. CV's would retain their sight. Plane spotting could also make what ships being spotted unknown to other players, maybe? I not sure if anyone has had this idea before and I hope I am not reposting an old idea. I am new to forums but I assume this is where an idea like this goes. Thoughts?