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  1. How about a "Hyperspace" button?

    Just a guess.
  2. What are the odds..

    Most of Arizona and Hawaii don't use DST as well as American Samoa Guam Northern Mariana Islands Puerto Rico US Minor Outlying Islands US Virgin Islands As well as some people choose not to observe DST. I know quite a few farmers in my area that never change their clocks as the animals get on a schedule for certain things and they don't want to change that schedule. And lets not forget many people from other countries also play on the NA servers. All these combined could be the effect of what you were seeing. -deicideusa
  3. As far as I know the only options for replays are listed here in the wiki. -deicideusa
  4. What happened to the close games?

    If you think it's bad now wait until November 15th when WoWs releases on steam. Being a massive potato myself I tend to stick to coop just so I'm not "that guy" who causes his team to be a ship down 1-2mins. into a match. I do play a couple randoms a day just to try and get better but usually the vitriol in chat causes me to go back to coop quickly. -deicideusa
  5. To the OP, I also believe the wiki http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships has a list of all ships in the game including premium ships. -deicide
  6. The Engines

    ^^^^ So much this.
  7. The Engines

    I'm wondering how a game engine that only stopped development in January 2015 is considered "very" out of date?? I see no reason why this engine would have problems running on any new systems for the foreseeable future. Heck I still play Silent Hunter 3 on my gaming system with no problems and that was a 2005 title. Seems like some people are just crying wolf for the sake of better eye candy. Personally I like the game for it's relative simplicity (mind you I just started playing on the 11th of this month...and I suck). The other thing I think some people are missing is that the player base on this game has a lot of older players that their main focus is game play over eye candy. -deicideusa
  8. The Engines

    Comparing a game like BF1 to WoWs isn't really fair as BF1 runs on an engine designed by the same studio that makes the game. Also WG will never get the rights to use the Frostbite engine as the only games ever released using that engine are from studios owned by EA (they do not sell their game engine to other studios). Also comparing a company that releases AAA titles that sell for $60usd per unit to a free to play game with limited resources is also kinda unfair. As a person who has spent the last 12 years working for a pretty well known game development studio I can tell some people have no idea the ammount of man hours and financial capital that goes into switching game engines. I've seen it literally take years for even some of the biggest studios to pull this off and that's with large development teams. I just don't see this happening for a free to play game that already runs very well on it's current engine. What I might see as possible is a WoWs 2.0 sometime in the distant future....Only time will tell. -deicideusa
  9. Well since the biggest online retailer of games Valve Corporation (The creator and parent company of Steam) has already stated they will not be using this software. I don't think it's going to go over extremely well. And if you want to sell your game via Steam you have to follow their guidelines. Seems to me if a lot of companies decide to use this software they will be limiting the market they can reach quite drastically.