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  1. Captain_Slattery

    A New Chapter - How do I play against real people?

    I also misspelled it. You should mention that too.
  2. Captain_Slattery

    A New Chapter - How do I play against real people?

    I'm pretty sure it says in Revalations that the Four Horsemen are all former Marines. Everyone knows that Chesty Puller rides the Red Horse. Of course, Marines don't read so I could be making it all up.
  3. Captain_Slattery

    A New Chapter - How do I play against real people?

    Hey, OP. I just noticed your avatar. Former Marine? If so, Semper Fi!
  4. Captain_Slattery

    A New Chapter - How do I play against real people?

    Don't give up just yet. You've come to the right place for help. There are many really good PvP mains here that will be along shortly to offer some sage advice. I'm not one of them. I would like to help you, but I'm a PvE main and there isn't any advice I can give you that wouldn't be better thought out by a Random expert. Best wishes and welcome to the forums. :)
  5. Absolutely cap in co-op. It gives similar xp to a kill. Always cap. Always. Don't leave meat on the bone. Black Swan is my goto bote at T1.
  6. Captain_Slattery

    School must be out.

    Fellow Marine! I thought the same thing about salty. 1988-92 MAG 11, 3rd MAW Desert Storm Semper Fi, brother! Not just Marines, but Air Wingers! 1982-1986 : 2nd MAW, MAG-29, H&MS-29. Grenada in 83 and Beirut in 83-84. USS Guam, LPH-9. HMM-261, "Bulls". Semper Fi!
  7. Captain_Slattery

    How soon everyone forgets.

    Now drop the mic and walk off! Best argument ever!
  8. Captain_Slattery

    Check your EMAIL! (Bonus Codes)

    Very nice! Thanks!
  9. Captain_Slattery

    Did Operations difficulty increase?

    This exactly. Newport has always been a tough row to hoe. I avoid it like the plague unless it's with a team of veterans.
  10. Captain_Slattery

    Welcome development

    Yes please!
  11. Captain_Slattery

    New code

    Still good. +1
  12. Captain_Slattery

    GK and Khaba

    I have GK. I am about 280 k shy of Khaba. I can free xp easily when necessary.
  13. Captain_Slattery


    Oh so true. I'm looking forward to being able to take out my GK after she converts to special. Salem always banks. Always. She is an excellent earner. Superheal with autoloading 8 inchers.... What a wonderful dance partner!
  14. 9%? That's higher than I would have expected. I have seen less than 1% on some gatcha boxes for the console version. Those percentages have been public for a while now. I also expected WG to wait until the last possible second to start making the odds public. Not completely scummy then....
  15. Captain_Slattery

    Did WG just restore the bots aim?

    I'll be in for a rude awakening when the bots get fixed. I'm getting lazy and am showing way too much skirt. I broadsided plenty of battleships tonight in my cruisers. Perfectly safe..... for now.