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  1. Captain_Slattery

    0.9.2 Directive No. 4 — Hero of Europe

    Yes. I was done with the directives the very first time I played the Visby. Also "vomit" emoji. I accidentally finished the 3rd set a few days ago.
  2. Captain_Slattery

    How To Spot Torps?

    Hey. Three easy steps.... That's how I do it.
  3. Captain_Slattery

    And the good sportsman of the week award goes to...

    Welcome to the forums, Swabbie! Mad props to the Quartermaster Corps. Good on you for helping out the Ensign. +1
  4. Captain_Slattery

    Just delete all operations if the nerf is going ahead.

    Hold on. Are we the baby or are we the bath water? Is the boiling frog in the bath water? Is that the baby? WG is the tub.... no, wait a minute. We're the tub? I don't know about all that, but what I do know is that it sucks to be us right now.
  5. Captain_Slattery

    World of Warships Ship Opinions: New Mexico

    I didn't mind the lack of speed. I really liked how she was tough as old leather and hit like a Mack truck. I enjoyed her grind and the OP's review.
  6. WG has been very generous on previous line splits. Cleveland moved and left an empty slot. WG filled that slot with refreshing Pepsicola. Mmm, delicious! If Pepsi left a slot (i.e. you already owned the tier 7 version) then WG filled that slot with the former tier 8 ship. And so on. They also gave 190k of elite skipper xp so people could reset their Cleveland commander. That was on top of the extra permacamos and ships. Very generous, like Yorkshire Tea, mmmmm. Do not buy the permacamo for your Moskva. It doesn't matter if WG gives a permacamo for your naked Moskva when she changes to a special ship. If they do, great. If they don't, you can always buy it then. Worst case is "break even". The better (crossed fingers) scenario is she will get a free permacamo when she changes if she doesn't already have one. We may even get the Moskva replacement ship when Moskva goes special. Wouldn't that be nice? Yes, indeed. In that case, she may have regular permacamo if Moskva did, just like Pepsicola. That would solve the camo conundrum. It is, however, equally likely that we will have to regrind Donskoi for the new hotness. In case I wasn't absolutely clear.... This is all conjecture by me. This is my opinion based, in part, on WG's previous generosity when dealing with line splits. To receive the full impact of my post, might I recommend you read the parts that are highlighted while channeling the Spiffing Brit. If you don't know who the Spiffing Brit is then run over to Youtube and prepare to be amazed. 👍
  7. Meanwhile, my Steam library beckons. ps - My Wows is not a steam account.
  8. *reads post* *moment of introspection* Hey! That's me!
  9. Captain_Slattery

    Graff Spee

    Oh, no buddy. Spee is an absolute cruiser killer! It just takes some time to learn how to play to her strengths. Her AP has MONSTER alpha damage. She has German hydro and some of the best torpedo angles in the game. She has 283 mm guns and a 20 second reload coupled with near cruiser dispersion. She is a wrecking machine! Admittedly she doesn't make a very good first impression, but she will rock your world if you let her. You do have to show a bit to get the rear turret in play, but experience helps there. Not a fun first date, but definitely one to take home to meet your momma!
  10. Captain_Slattery

    Scenarios, Economy Nerf Inbound, Voice Your Thoughts!!

    Absolutely correct, sir! I fly approximately ALL the flags when I run operations. I am a bit of a "Christmas Whale". I don't really spend too much during the year, but I get all kinds of crazy spendy for the Santa crates. That means I have a metric shitton of special flags and New Year/Frosty camos. When I op, I use them. Every time. I have had some very nice results on 5 star wins when my ships are all decked out. My results are primarily because I use the special flags and camos. I even purchased that special camo for my Warspite to pump up her financial rewards. I have had million dollar payouts with her on more than one occasion. The xp/free xp/captain's xp are also quite good. The reason I get good results is because I play pretty well AND I spend resources (special flags/camos) to enhance the results. I usually take home 1000 to 1500 base xp. I'm not exactly raking it in. Base results are really nothing to write home about and are about to get significantly worse. My biggest concern is that the example provided was a 4-man team playing an operation designed for 7 players and the xp payout was REALLY low for that. It's only going to be worse when the team roster is full. I don't know HOW bad it's going to get for a "Ham-n-Egger" like me. I'm no gaming genius spoofing the system over here. I'm just a tired old Boomer trying to have some fun. If WG "encourages" me to go play randoms with my Missouri decked out for earnings, I guess I will. I won't like it but I can earn 900k credits on a loss. I will eventually get tired of being "persuaded" to play the way WG wants me to instead of the way I want to. In the meantime I will take my extensive random experience (over 100 games!) in to high tier contests. No problem. I can "back line camp" and "border hump" with the best of them. I will eventually spend my Christmas cash elsewhere. A sad day.
  11. Captain_Slattery

    What is the best supercruiser?

    Yep. Pound for pound the best. Alpha monster, cruiser killer. She wrecks at tier 6. She was my first premium.
  12. Captain_Slattery

    Actually there are a Few Ships on the Horizion

    Siegfried? Siegfried? Siegfried! Siegfried!
  13. Captain_Slattery

    What is the best supercruiser?

    There is a section of the forum for polls. You make me type. You don't offer bacon. Fail! Also, Alaska.