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  1. Captain_Slattery

    Santa Crate Saturday - Best Prize

    Lots of great ships, lots of nice dragon/special flags, lots of nice coal, lots of doubloons and.... this which gives me this....
  2. Captain_Slattery

    Musashi - Got her today!

    Congrats! Perfect timing too. What with Valentine's Day coming up, get ready to fall in love!
  3. Captain_Slattery

    Captain skills after 8.0

    This was an excellent post. I would like to have given it a +1 except my finger slipped and I actually ended up giving it an angry face -1. I really do apologize for me and my fat, stupid fingers. ***slouches off to find some posts by @dechion to give +1's to.***
  4. Captain_Slattery

    Giveaway code - HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

    +1 OP. Still working.
  5. Captain_Slattery

    Well, well, well! The Alaska is real!

    Hey, Red Legs. You might want to take a look at the Kronstadt if you're enamored with the "Super Heavy" Cruisers. She is still 750,000 fxp and will be coming off the market in 0.8.0. Alaska's 1 million free xp price tag has been all but confirmed.
  6. Kongo_Pride is MLG, yes? At least as far as Warships is concerned, I mean. He has asked for an oddly specific test subject. I have to admit that I am intensely curious to find out what exactly he's trying to figure out. I certainly hope he keeps us posted on the progress and the results of this testing.
  7. If we have to wait much longer, this is what we'll have in port....
  8. I remember Cossack pre-buff outturning her guns. She was good but not great. Now she is awesome.
  9. LMBO on your choice of title there OP. also....
  10. Captain_Slattery

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Superintendant is not very good at all in co-op. You don't have enough time to use the comsumables that you have in a basic build. Pick a skill that will help you either zombie up or dish out pain. Concealment Expert is worthless. You do not have time to be all sneaky. You are at a buffet with the Klumps! You need to get to the table and start eating or you will go hungry. Besides, the bots know where you are and they are coming for you. Just about any other 4 point skill will serve you better. It's actually very freeing to not be shackled with MANDATORY picks just to survive the meta. No hiding and no island camping. It's a barroom brawl, not hide-n-seek. That is one of the great things about PvE. You have much more leeway on how you want to build and play your ships. For instance, I never have to pick the concealment module. You just don't need it. Target Acquisition is much more valuable. You don't ever have to use premium consumables, the base ones are just fine. I love to knife fight in my dds so I set every last one of them with BFT and AFT. Gun bloom, so what? I'm not sitting in smoke anyway. No concealment on the captain or the ship. Not needed. You need to maximize the effectiveness of your guns. A good torpedo skill is the one that increases the speed and reduces the range. If you are firing at distances greater than 3km, the bots are likely going to evade. Their torpedobeats are 10/10.
  11. Captain_Slattery

    Your very first Premium was?

    I'm curious to find out what the first Premium you purchased was and why you bought it. Mine was the HSF Graf Spee. My best friend and regular division mate started playing earlier than I did by about a month. He was already in the New Mexico and I didn't have a ship that could run with her. I was a bit shocked by Thea Kreutzer being the captain. I didn't know High School Fleet was even a thing at the time. I learned to like her quite a bit and now she is in the Hipper while Admiral Hipper (the Azur Lane shipgirl) sits in the reserves waiting on an opening. It took me quite a while to learn how to not suck in her. I certainly appreciated my division mate's perseverance with my extreme noobness. We ran those ships over 140 battles together. New Mexico/HSF Graf Spee was the first of many successful parings that we've had.
  12. What about this..... or this... I rest my case.
  13. Captain_Slattery

    Mah new bote!

    She shore is purty! Now you just need to find a pair of Atlantas to division up with and then you can go trolling!
  14. Captain_Slattery

    wiki: The game economy

    That's where I took a detour. I forced myself to go back and look it over anyway. I don't know how you could simplify it. Math nerds will love it! @iDuckman, excellent job. It's a tough read, but that's down to the subject matter. I wish that info were available when I started. It should be a big help to newish players and probably some not so newish ones as well. +1 sir.
  15. Kronstadt. I can't get the guns to perform for me. Overpen/bounce is her middle name.