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  1. Captain_Slattery

    What is it with PPL chasing BOT CVs in COOP @ the Start ?

    We were taught this lesson in recruit training. Civilians have to learn it on their own and some NEVER learn. Semper Fi.
  2. Capping gives some pretty good xp. About 75% of a kill. In a mode with so little xp available, I wouldn't be so quick to pass on it.
  3. What made me nauseous was what he is going to cost me.
  4. Captain_Slattery

    I got me a Jingles and.....

    He never disappoints! That's right! We were so bad that we lost a co-op game where we were top tier AND we got sunk by a ship TWO tiers lower! That is my JINGLES CHALLENGE. First time out and I broke the laws of physics. I was able to both blow and suck at the same time! Feel free to laugh.
  5. Captain_Slattery

    CAPTAIN Theodore Chandler

    Theodore Chandler? What did he ever do except for some stuffs in World War 2? I want THIS Chandler... Tom Chandler, badass extraordinaire! Tom Chandler is almost as badassed as this guy!
  6. Captain_Slattery

    What is a Jingles?

    I have been subscribed to his YouTube channel for 2 years now and STILL ask that question! The only way to get one is to be a smokin' hot gamer girl from Portugal.
  7. Welcome. These points will bring you up to speed. 1. Destroyers are OP. 2. Destroyers need buffs. 3. CV's are OP. The old RTS was better. 4. CV's need buffs. The new rework is better. 5. Russian ships are B-S and also OP. 6. Russian ships are underpowered and need buffs. 7. Well.....you get the drift.
  8. Captain_Slattery

    Bye Bye

    That is an excellent point. Hey @Femennenly , is that right? Should the name dropping troll get banned? I believe a banning would be a net positive for the community.
  9. Captain_Slattery

    Bye Bye

  10. Captain_Slattery

    Help a NOOB with comedy.

    So I noticed a thread about helping newer players, Back to High School or something to that effect. It only runs for one week though. I then had an idea (it has been known to happen on occasion) about helping PvE NOOBS in a similar fashion. Here goes.... You post a question or describe a situation and then provide your opinion in the same post. The key here is that either your question or your answer should be a meme or delivered in a humorous way. Let me start... Question. Answer. Credits in co-op are surprisingly hard to come by. This financial resource is used to purchase tech tree ships (among other things). I would recommend that you only work on one or two tech tree lines at a time. This will help minimize the outlay of your precious credits. Do not overreach. Save, don't spend. Do not be like me. I worked every line available and for TWO YEARS I never had any spare credits. I was always desperate for more money. Every time I got a little stash of cash, another pixelbote would start screaming to be purchased. If you do, you will be broke all the time until you reach tier 8 on all your lines. That's when the experience required for the next tier is large enough that you will be able to save up some credits because you aren't buying ships seemingly all the time. Do not use premium consumables in your co-op battles. They are not necessary for you to be an effective fighter. They do cost credits if you don't have any premium consumables in your inventory. So yeah, like that. Funny AND informative.
  11. Captain_Slattery

    Decided on Thunderer (not Smolensk)

    If you like Helena and are looking for an excellent light cruiser trainer, check out Boise. I love me some Boise. She is one helluva zombie bote! I am currently sitting on 200k coal, staring down the barrel of a decision on Thunderer versus Smolensk. I prefer battleships as well. I've been using my regular division mate as a sounding board on this "1st world problem" of mine. My internal voting is currently 9 to 2 in favor of the Thunderer. I have every UK premium battleship (I like them all). Warspite is my "go to" girl so it just makes sense. Salem is an excellent choice as well. I highly recommend you placing her squarely in your sights after you get Thunderer. Eight inch American Piercing that reloads every 5 seconds? What's not to like? Also....much heals. She ALWAYS earns her keep in co-op. She has extra money baked in, I think. JB and Georgia ARE great fun. I took my JB out in a random battle and racked up over 190k damage the first and only time out. Main Battery Reload boost on her is just a meme waiting to happen. She is a solid, steady performer in co-op. Georgia's guns have NEVER let me down. She's fast (and how) and her guns are AWESOME. Also....LOL secondaries! Please post your reaction after taking your Thunder out for a spin.
  12. Captain_Slattery

    Gee thats a bit much. no?

    When does the OP turn into an orange?