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  1. Captain_Slattery

    Jingles take on Operations and PVE. Yummy.

    I bought several ships specifically for Ops. Heck, I even paid $20 for Warspite's national camo. Then WG went and blasted co-op and ops so badly..... Well, I haven't even logged on in months. Too bad, so sad.
  2. Captain_Slattery

    PSA. WG apparently ...ed up the BXP for Newport News

    True. They nudged me right out of my port though. I haven't played in months. I still like coming here though. Ops nerfed? Co-op "bugged" and less enjoyable? Must be Tuesday.
  3. Captain_Slattery

    "Earn 2 heroic achievements"... in COOP?

    This exactly. Simulating intelligence is very time consuming and can be a big drain on computing resources when running. PvP requires little simulated intelligence. Some planes flying and CV autosteer is about it. PvE requires that the simulation react to human behavior in an intelligent manner. Not easy to do, especially considering there are several humans at the same time. The amount of nested scripting logic required to do so in a realistic manner is staggering. The simulation has to be able to identify what is happening with the human ships, the other bot ships, identify it's location in relation to all of them and the land masses and THEN has to make a decision to perform (or not perform) an action based on that information. Now add smoke, line of sight, fires, floods, weapons use, et.al. The simulation has to do this for every bot ship constantly for the entire time of the battle. This is very expensive in terms of computing power and programming expertise. It's no wonder we think the bots are stoopid . Damned near impossible task but WG has got it close enough to be entertaining. My main complaint is that with most of the work already done, WG is letting it wither on the vine.
  4. Captain_Slattery

    "Earn 2 heroic achievements"... in COOP?

    Great classical reference! 10/10! Also, really good movie.
  5. Captain_Slattery

    Habakkuk- where is Mouse's review?

    Nice! It's been too long since I was last "rolled". That is one bangin' tune! 10/10
  6. Captain_Slattery

    Grease the Gears...with sand

    Agreed, but the impact of the increase is more pronounced for the 50k guy. He just got a 20% bump in pay, that's huge. 200k guy gets a 5% bump, much less impactful.
  7. Holy crap! My coffee just went through my nose from laughing so hard! You, sir, are HILARIOUS!!!! 10/10! 10/10 I say!! Also, don't get me started on Russian metallurgy.
  8. Captain_Slattery

    Coal Ship Recos

    Playstyle, yada yada. Personal preference, yada yada. Having said that, however tongue in cheek, I chose Pommern when faced with the same choice. Her suite of options is pretty nice. Who wouldn't want an upgraded Freddie?
  9. Captain_Slattery


    You need to carry harder. Quit letting your teammates down. Step 1. If that isn't enough, proceed to step 2.
  10. The one that costs 1.5m credits is actually 5000 free coal. You can use the token that comes with the coal to buy 1.5m credits at the bottom of the page.
  11. Captain_Slattery

    Why did they change skills in the first place...

    Increase the grind to increase the "engagement". Not fun, just involvement. The more time spent to complete a task (21 point captain in this instance), the larger chance you will spend money. Standard "Free to Play" business model. In the aggregate, X amount of time logged in = X amount of dollars. The tipping point for me was when I realized that I was mostly just involved. I lurk a bit hoping to reignite that certain "spark" that will let me have fun again.
  12. Captain_Slattery

    We needed the Flamu! Reinstate it immediately!

    +1 also..... Thanks. :)
  13. Captain_Slattery

    an apology

    Sorry to hear about that "no heat or water thing", mate. Good on you for the apology. Way to "man up", son. You might consider taking the kettle off the boil for a bit and put this game on the back burner. I did and got a whole new perspective. Emotional investment is better spent with your family and friends. So Texas is your "land of brisket and baby back ribs. I thought that was it. Fair seas, mate.
  14. Captain_Slattery

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    This is the video on your youtube channel, yes? You should post a link to it as well. It was a great game and a highly enjoyable video!
  15. Captain_Slattery

    Nerf the Thunderer already, WG

    or... Reduce fire chance, damage AND duration globally.