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  1. Captain_Slattery

    Pommern in COOP

    Well, I bit the bullet tonight. Goodbye coal, hello beautiful! She is really tanky. Her torp angles are VERY aggressive. Reminds me of HSF Graf Spee. Her main guns work just fine for me. I played several games in her. Most were solid outings, damage north of 80k consistently. She does have the ability to deliver. This was game number 7. I have absolutely zero buyer's remorse. She's a real game lass. Built for brawling, no doubt about it.
  2. Captain_Slattery

    DD questions...a little confuzzled....

    I can't really opine on destroyers in a competition environment as I am a co-op main. When I saw your "nom de guerre" and avatar picture I couldn't resist giving this meme to you. Battle on, WarKitten! +1
  3. Captain_Slattery

    Rhein DB bombers

    So....kind of like if you were playing a "top-down" RTS strategy game then. I can actually use the bomber planes ok. My problem is the AP rocket planes. I can barely see the firing reticle when I am making the attack run. It is a pain in the butt. I hope some intrepid modder out there changes the color or the intensity so I can actually see where I am firing the darned things.
  4. Captain_Slattery

    Removing/nerfing torpedoes in Coop battles

    Play co-op this way Play randoms this way I don't have any problem getting enough from the co-op buffet, regardless of ship type or tier.
  5. Captain_Slattery

    Hapa: Looking for update on Narai

    There. I fixed it for you. Hood. Nelson. Atlanta. Lazo. Boise. All purchased by me, specifically for Narai. Excellent point.
  6. Captain_Slattery

    Impressions from a new player

    1) Partly server, partly client. If you have a good rig, load times are better but still pretty slow. 2) Penalty system is designed to stop deliberate griefers. It could use a revamp, but... 3) The UI has been recently changed/updated to mixed reviews. You have to access the Armory page to see how much coal and steel you have. Not spectacular, I know. 4) Christmas time, 50% off premium time. Welcome aboard!
  7. Captain_Slattery

    Looky what I spotted (PVE Thread)

    Pretty. A new shiny. Smoke is for escapability? Won't gun bloom preclude doing any decent work in smoke? Any word on her armor scheme? Also.....
  8. Captain_Slattery

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Huge game in the Viking Longboat! 7 kills.... Leviathan. (Co-op Achievement ) Okhotnik can really get it done. She taught me how to gunbote and knife fight. She's a blast to play too.
  9. Captain_Slattery

    Naval legends code

    Excellent episode today. Come for the code, stay for the show. +1 OP.
  10. Captain_Slattery

    How to Explain WOWS to Friends

  11. Captain_Slattery

    Today's code from Youtube

  12. Captain_Slattery


    Communication..... hmmmm. You ain't seen nothin yet. Welcome aboard, matey! +1
  13. Captain_Slattery

    Odin..should I just save the $14

    If you ever find yourself in Indianapolis...... also, $14 for a tier 8 premium is an excellent deal.
  14. True enough there. I actually prefer Mountbatten to most of the others. No axe to grind. Evenhanded opinions. Thanks for posting. +1
  15. Captain_Slattery

    super containers Useless rewards

    Supercontainers can be disappointing. You shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth though. Disappointing free stuff is still better than nothing. I would like to see the drops tailored to which crate type you selected, i.e. resource crate. For me, supercontainers are always a bit disappointing because in the back of my mind is the image of opening of the Santa crate supercontainers. When you see a supercontainer at Christmas, it's ALWAYS a ship. I typically purchase 8 to 12 sets of medium crates each season. Whaling season. That's around 40 to 60 crates with very good (comparatively) drops. I get plenty of useful flags and camos, which I use all year long. I also get plenty of ships too. I got around a dozen each of the last two years. Yeah, I got Krasny Krim and Roma. I also got Kutuzov, Missouri and Belfast. Supercontainers the rest of the year..... meh. Free but meh. Christmas supercontainer..... Regular supercontainer..... See what I mean. Useful but not nearly as exciting.