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  1. It is nice to see another female in this game!
  2. Thanks everyone!
  3. Right now I have the St. Louis and the Kolberg. Based on earlier advice on starting out, I think I'll stick to these lines for a while,
  4. Okay, I'm up to having commanders for my ships. What skills are usually best to start with? I've seen some advice in the forums but it is a bit old. Has anything changed much as the game develops? I'm working up the German and American cruiser lines. It seem to me that endurances skills are a good start. After all, what good is my ship if it sinks? Are any better to start with than others? Are there any to simply avoid because they do not end up being very useful. Thanks in advance guys!
  5. Thank you kind sir!
  6. How do I get one? I don't know anyone who plays. Is there another way?
  7. Something all girls need to know. LOL
  8. Your English is fine with me hun.
  9. Sweet! Every game will have its rules lawyers and toxic nitwits. It is just nice not be assaulted by them at the start! lol
  10. Thank you. Good to see a community that isn't toxic.
  11. I had not considered that. Thanks for the advice!
  12. Basic question: Is any one nation better for starting out? I was going to do battleships first as they appear to be the best at getting the basics down. Any thoughts?