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  1. Does Salty Chat Offend You?

    Tell the salty child in no uncertain terms what he can do with himself works for me. I'd threaten to spank them, but they probably like that.
  2. 1st tier 5

    Thanks guys! A lot of good info as always. (kisses)
  3. 1st tier 5

    I do love the Nassau. A very fun ship!
  4. 1st tier 5

  5. 1st tier 5

    Okay, after some interruptions to play time (not that one) I'm back on track for my 1st tier 5 cruiser. I'm close to both the Konigsburg or the Omaha. Any suggestions? I'm no fan of the Phoenix and that makes me weary of the Omaha. On the other hand, Karlsruhe was pretty fun. Only the short gun range was something to complain about. I'm just wondering what the experienced ship handlers think.
  6. Thanks for the info dear. I'm no where near those level but much of the should help me get there faster.
  7. Maybe a dumb question...

    Wow! This explains thing even better! The examples you give make it much easier to understand. You consider having this one pinned. It certainly makes it clearer than the wiki does. Thank you dear!
  8. Maybe a dumb question...

    Thanks a bunch hun! I've been wondering about that.
  9. Hello all!

    She seems to have been a friend to many on this board.
  10. Less baby seal clubbing with patch?

    hehe, I am not accusing anyone dear. From what I have seen so far, there seems to be few people in this game that go seal clubbing. I do speak of other games I've tried. In some it seem all to common. BTW, thanks for the offer of help to those who ask. You never know who may knock on your door.
  11. To All the Female Gamers

    Luckily I have not had a problem. I am sure there are some stupid little boys who think they are being cute. But, being stupid, they can't see that they are actually quite pathetic.
  12. Less baby seal clubbing with patch?

    Sorry, but that makes little sense. I'm learning regardless. If I go into a game where I am simply stepped on again and again starting out I'm not going to stick with it. Yes, I am competitive, I also want to have fun. Being repeatedly "seal clubbed" by people who think they are teaching will only drive me away. So far, I have been very happy with the community here. It is very welcoming and helpful as well as competitive. Don't ruin it by being a greed XP hunting,, stat padder. Just two cents from a new gal (who has been around the block a few times in real life.)
  13. Hello all!

    Oh this gal can rule a captain, er , the sea...
  14. Hello all!

    I'm Sasha. I've been playing for a few weeks now and so far I'm having fun. I've worked my up to a few tier 4 cruisers and 1 tier battleship. I must say that I have loved the community here! When I started out with a few questions several player jumped right in with some great advise, yes, I do listen! You've been very welcoming. My only sadness is the first one to friend me seems to be in a bed state now but I'm sure most of you all know that. I hope she will be better and return. Best to you all. (hugs)
  15. Hello

    Way too sad. She was the first player to befriend me here.