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  1. WuYixiang


    Leander's AA is weak enough that I definitely have not been able to touch planes even when "stealth firing". I understand it can be an important issue when discussing AA ships like Minotaur or Worcester, but I don't think Leander qualifies.
  2. WuYixiang


    I have not noticed anything gamebreaking at tier 6, and I have not played enough games at tiers 8-10 to comment on high tier meta. I did notice that Leander can now stealth AA, but I don't think it's much of an issue when she doesn't have DefAA.
  3. WuYixiang

    Fantastic Friday!

    @iKami: I had to dig a little on Google, but here's a (low res) diagram of HMS York (pennant number 90): The most obvious difference between York and Exeter is the funnels. They're trunked on York but vertical on Exeter. Exeter also uses a newer style of command bridge.
  4. WuYixiang

    Air Supply Containers

    They're not out yet. 0.8.1 will see the release of the new collection.
  5. WuYixiang

    The Secret to Doing Well With CVs Found!

    For now. With the rework, I'm not sure WG expects anything of you.
  6. WuYixiang

    The Secret to Doing Well With CVs Found!

    That's a false equivalency. CVs and BBs are nothing alike.
  7. I'm a CA player and have not had any issues with CVs since Don't be putting words in my mouth.
  8. WuYixiang

    Fantastic Friday!

    What's wrong with Haida? If anything, we need a NZ or Indian ship.
  9. WuYixiang

    Fantastic Friday!

    York carries 6 guns, 4 secondaries, and 6 torpedo tubes.
  10. WuYixiang

    Fantastic Friday!

    York would be similar to Exeter the same way Queen Elizabeth is similar to Warspite. The County-class, however, carried 4×2 203mm guns and 2×4 533mm torpedoes compared to Aoba's 3×2 203mm and 2×4 610mm or even Myoukou's 5×2 203mm and 4×3 610mm. The Counties were also similarly armored to York, so there would be a difference in armor scheme and citadel placement as well.
  11. WuYixiang

    Fantastic Friday!

    I'm a big CA person: Aoba and York are my two favorite cruisers (I have a soft spot for the Royal Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy in particular), so I'm very excited for Exeter. Historically, I've always found CAs to be the happy medium between the agility of a DD with the raw firepower of a BB. I also really love their histories, as they were often fielded where a capital ship would be either inconvenient or cost inefficient. I'd love to visit HMS Belfast and HMS Caroline when I go to the UK for a friend's wedding. As for what I like about cruisers in World of Warships... I really like the supportive playstyle they offer and the plethora of defensive consumables they have available to them. Between Hydroacoustic Search, Defensive Anti-Aircraft Fire, Smoke Generator, and even Fighters, I always feel prepared so long as my consumables are ready to go. I genuinely believe that cruisers are the best equipped ship class to support the team. My favorite thing about cruisers, however, is how much they reward clever positioning and situational awareness (helped even moreso by Vigilance and Radio Location commander skills). A good cruiser captain can set and even counter ambushes with the careful management of Surveillance Radar, Hydroacoustic Search, and Smoke Generator consumables. Unfortunately, it isn't all good news for cruisers, for they are also the most heavily punished ship class due to their weak armoring and pathetic torpedo protection. Even bulged CAs like Furutaka and Aoba take extreme damage from torpedoes, and BBs (and even some CAs) can easily hit the citadels for devastating strikes. Heck, I've been chunked for large sections of my health by enemy CVs dropping AP bombs on my citadel while I'm maneuvering with Defensive AA Fire blazing away. Thus, I feel that CLs and CAs bear the highest risk and reward of any ship class. Looking to the future, I would love if the Royal Navy eventually received a cruiser line split similar to the United States Navy. I'd love to see York and the County-class in action in the game, with or without the Smoke Generator consumable. If submarines become available in the distant future, I'd also love it if Aoba received a new optional hull to reflect her 1943 refit during which she received two Depth Charge Racks.
  12. WuYixiang

    automate DD gunnery

    Why stop there? Why not have all combatants controlled by AI?
  13. I run exclusively Fighters II or Surveillance Radar II on my RN CLs, but I know I'm a rare breed.
  14. WuYixiang

    Hey...Surprise...New Maps!!!

    @Crucis: You seem like a fun bloke. But seriously, you're giving random strangers on the Internet way too much sway over your emotions.
  15. Edinburgh could stealth radar pre-CE nerf. I am not sure about the current meta, though.