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  1. WuYixiang

    1/144 Remote-Controlled Aoba Build Log

    Thanks! Unfortunately, COVID-19 is limiting my ability to work on her (I usually take her to a friend's woodworking shop that we call "the shipyard") since I lack the tools in my garage.
  2. WuYixiang

    Threat Assessment Thursday - The Newcomers

    Not everyone at those tiers is seal clubbing, and new players rarely, if ever, have 6 captain points to spend on DE.
  3. WuYixiang

    Have: fake ships. Need: balanced teams

    The French BBs get pretty close, iirc.
  4. WuYixiang

    Have: fake ships. Need: balanced teams

    I disagree. I spend less money on imbalanced games than I do on balanced games. Look at Riot Games, DOTA2 and other MOBAs where you pay for variety and cosmetics. Balanced games can be perfectly viable when it comes to earning money.
  5. Took them long enough. Haha. Why was this under Improvements and not Balance Changes? I almost missed this slight buff.
  6. I'm not a fan of their videos. There are model errors throughout their ships. :/
  7. WuYixiang

    Concealment even worth it anymore?

    Yes, absolutely. On many CA and CL, not taking CE means that your AA aura is smaller than your air detection radius, which can be a killer, especially for AA cruisers.
  8. WuYixiang

    Which legendary module do you think is the best?

    I run a bit of a compromise. Propulsion 2, Steering 3, and UU makes it so she gets right back up to speed as soon as OpFor's shells or planes miss their target.
  9. WuYixiang

    Why do you play the game?

    I really don't play much any more, but mainly because 1. I'm on vacation 2. Rule the Waves 2 came out
  10. WuYixiang

    I am sooooo tired of personal missions

    Never gotten that one (mainly because Mino has no secondaries to even fire HE from). Disabling modules is just as obnoxious, though, because unless I do something dumb and get consistently into torp range, there's no way I'm gonna get 5 incaps in a game.
  11. It was mainly in response to the first sentence (and the idea that it's easy to dodge all the flak).
  12. Hahahaha. Wait, you're serious? HAHAHAHAHAHA!
  13. Definitely good to get ideas from the other side. The only reason I'm successful as a CA main is my 900+ games in DDs. Uh...... What?
  14. But if you're in smoke you already can't spot... Also, while we're being pedantic, all ships could lay smokescreens. How they did it differed from navy to navy, but all had the ability. IJN Aoba even has dedicated smoke generators on her stern.
  15. What about the "AA works sometimes and fails spectacularly other times" crowd?