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  1. Beats them when sinking cruisers and destroyers only in other words she can sink more of them.. Against another battleship when the batlleship is within range of the Giulio and driven by someone who can play the Giulio is sunk end of story good bye
  2. Like after some of you're comments you can afford to call someone elses comments silly? As for beating most of the ships at tier Vi or V only if you're talking going up against a cruiser or destroyer in it. As more than one person has said a tier V much less VI battleship that gets it within range sinks it easily as it's armor isn't good enough to defend against a real battleship< I have sunk them with my New York fairly easily if I got within range and have seen Kongos and Konigs deal with it well too, And even bring up Texas or October I have also seen tier IV battleships put it on the bottom the only problem getting within range as because of her lack of armor it has better speed
  3. I believe you and I both know my clan mate blocked you when you showed not only did you not see his POV see quote below you refused to acknowledge that he even had a POV, The perennial cry of someone That's You because you in Your Ship can't beat Someone else in theirs, Theirs must be OP so nerf theirs lol, The only legit response to this is to quote some of the better players talking down to someone not as good and not getting the same results "Get Gud Man"
  4. Wait I forgot they already get compensated and without a handicap it's called ranked and clan battles so
  5. You say you want balance? Except balancing by nerfing one ship and buffing another won't bring balance. The only way you're going to get balance is if you were to handicap the good players as my clanmate suggested earlier I believe in a similar fashion as the USGA, Yes and then you'd have to compensate them for that. But you don't want to do that you just want to up any ship a good player does well in and who makes that judgement call and how?
  6. You should be so lucky............Making statements and arguments like this one? Please keep them coming I can use the laughs
  7. baccerman

    Ocean - For those that hate it...

    My sympathy.s and yes I too
  8. baccerman

    Battle of Midway Movie

  9. And instead of getting a SC as a reward for the final task in the campaign HJit Hard Hit Fast Hit Often you Get ONE Go Navy Container Now I wouldn't mind so much if it were a Freedom Container because with that I'd at least get closer to getting a Permanent Camo for my Cleveland. I have no Des Moines,Worcester nor do I foresee getting either anytime in the near future or even in the distant future
  10. Didn't see that either