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  1. Praos

    Shop is updated New whale mision

    why did they do this next to xmas... i'm broke from gift and i just bought a ton of xmas crates so i'm really spent. if they were smart they would have saved this for updates 8.0 in January or February so peoples wallets could replenish from the holidays. that would have been the smart thing to do to in order to maxamize profits WG i get paid the day after xmas and will be getting the mage bundle but my wallet will be hurting
  2. i am proposing a new educational channel/series for WG ok, so i would like to see EXTENSIVE historical videos from war gaming to be drip feed over time about EVERY historical ship in game. each ship would have its own 30 or 60 min episode. each video would have specs, history, real personal stories(if available), maybe mention other ships of the class, ect the point would be a purely historical channel from war gaming about the ships they model and represent... but on a much more extensive and in depth level and about EVERY SHIP in game tell me what you think, wgat you would add and if you agree let it be heard by War Gaming!
  3. Praos

    Coal question? Salem or wait?

    as an update BTW... i'm waiting still. however knowing Salem doesn't have true premium t10 worthy gains or a legendary mod i;m thinking its not worth is and plan on getting the french t10 BB is its a coal ship as for the Alaska I've decided they have changed it enough to justify getting her from krone so i will def be getting the Alaska
  4. Praos

    Coal question? Salem or wait?

    the fact is, at he time i got the camo... A. i did not know about the up coming ships yet and B. by time i had enough coal for Salem they had announced the other ships so no i'm not and indecisive flake cool your jets bud, my decision making is not one of the questions here
  5. Praos

    Coal question? Salem or wait?

    the other problem is i got the freedom camo for Salem in the go navy event and IDK they would let me trade is for Des Moines instead? thats a waste of a t10 perma camo if not
  6. Praos

    Coal question? Salem or wait?

    very good points have been made thank you all, for the record i do have the might MO as far as credit income goes and i love that ship its def one of my top fav ships. im just worried that coal will be hard to come by and having as much as i do its a hard choice. the coal income has slowed in the last few weeks and idk if it will pick up enough. coal is so new and not many if no one knows what the future will prove to be the best choice regarding coal purchases. i hope WG will be more transparent in what ships will be available for coal in the future to make tough decisions like this easier, i know they wanna make money but coal has nothing to do with deep pockets. please keep replying to this thread these opinions are very helpful i think ill wait to the last sec. to make a decision before i get Salem and hopefully they announce its removal be for its to late for me to chose
  7. Praos

    Coal question? Salem or wait?

    good point about the legendary mod, i wonder if Salem will get one that would make a HUGE difference
  8. OK, so i just got enough coal for the Salem with the coupon, should i get it or wait? i don't have Des Moines and don't really plan in grinding it anytime soon as i'm committed to to many other lines. so i've been considering just getting Salem instead and skipping the line all together. i also see that there are a lot of premiums around the corn the i would want more than Salem like Jean Bart ,the unknown T10 French BB, and Alaska and what ever else they may be cooking up. however we don't know how any of these will be sold i really want a Salem or Des Moines so this would be an easy out, Salem is said to be able to be a bit more aggressive play style over Des Monies which aligns with my play style better so given the choice i'd pick Salem anyway to avoid a debate over player skill: i also understand there is the whole "learn the line, through the Grind" thing, however i feel confident in my skills enough to say it would only take me a short time to get used to it. espesaly because balti and buffalo don't really play like Des Moines anyway. id like to mention i do have Worcester and mino so i'm used to island and radar and glass ships also i'm at Pensacola now and would probably free XP most of the remaining ships to get to des moines as i have little interest in playing New Orleans, Baltimore or buffalo(most likley free xp half way ish) so the bottom line question here is... is the Salem a good enough substitute for the Des Moines to justify the price on Coal and skipping the line?
  9. Praos

    Any prem French BBs worth it?

    dunq good gas no JB heck ya (in current state)
  10. hello, first i wanna say it depend on your play-style of course. i have all these ships, and i recommend WAITING, especially with Alaska around the corner next to krone MUSASHI: if you don't have Yamato and don't plan on grinding IJN BBs shes probably one of the strongest t9 bbs, that being said Yamato is better in every way and has a legendary module and i simply cant justify having both(unless you have all the other premiums you want) so i recommend getting Yammy and putting Musashi to the back burner KRONSTAT: Alaska is around the corner and these two ships as of right now are VERY similar, so i DO NOT RECOMMEND getting both they are just to similar to justify the FXP to have both, i have krone and i don't get along with her very well and wish i knew Alaska was so close to release. that being said some people love the krone and it is a great ship for sure so if you have no plans on getting Alaska by all means get it. FOR COAL: i got Aigle for free via marathon and Okt. Rev. in a Xmas crate. i used the Aigle for the french missions and did not like the guns terrible firing arcs like USN but worse. HOWEVER, if you like USN guns you may like this Aigle. i would recommend the October Revolution though, it a fun ship and you can train a Russian BB commander for when the line comes out i have enough for Salem (180,00 coal) with the coupon and i don't have Des Moine nor plan on grinding it any time soon. something tells me to wait to see what the next coal ship will be before getting it FOR FREE XP: Nelson is amazing in my opinion and its one of my fav. ships i love the turret layout and super heal is the bees knees that being said id still wait and save up for a T9 premium like krone or alaska for one reason... MONEY!!! nothing will ever be like Mighty MO but the other T9s do well with income too. and don't forget Jean Bart is around the corner and the T10 french premium BB CONCLUSION (IMO): no Yamato = get Musashi either currency no Alaska or Jean Bart = get Krone then come back and get nelson later(unless something juicier come along for FXP by then lol) the other ships are to Meh to justify spending hard earned coal and FXPs hope this was helpful good luck!!!
  11. Praos

    Rewards for killing Pirate

    also thanks for the opportunity to be apart of the event it was loads of fun and i hope to be able to participate in future events
  12. Praos

    Rewards for killing Pirate

    hello, i was pirate 157 and i would like to mention that i too have not received my flag yet, i'm not sure if they have sent them out to anyone? if they have, what does the flag look like does anyone know? has there been an official statement yet who would i message to ask?
  13. Praos

    Hunt on the High Seas - The Pirate Bounty

    i have no life (outside of piracy) i play many games if recruited :)
  14. i played my GK about 10 or so games and had 3 top XP earner wins in a row and still nothing. i logged out and then back in and got it after the first game. it did that to me the other day to so maybe play 3 or 4 games log out and back in see if it gives it to you quicker. ill test it again today i just tested this again today i logged out after playing 3 games and back in and got it after the first game... tomro ill try logging out and then back after each game to see how quick it does it