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  1. I want to know but I am not looking for a play style.
  2. What line would be good?

    What ship would fit a play style that would go alone and doesn't require as much direct communication. and plus I manage to focus on one target until it is defeated. and I play at mid range.
  3. I like Accurate armament. Good Survivability. Good Maneuverability. Concealement does not matter to me. Note I am a mid range player. Note I go alone to.
  4. I like Armament range and Armour (even at the expense of speed).
  5. For example if I dont want to look after torpedos or smaller ships when I am trying to hit an enemy.
  6. I want to know because the Japanese battleship smokestacks (Esp. Yamato) have this funnel like shape?
  7. I think if Austro Hungary was in the 1940's their battleships would look a little like the Japanese, German, or British battleships.
  8. I notice something Iowa and King George V have 2 smoke stacks while Bismarck and Yamato only have one.
  9. I want to know whats best for what playstyle?
  10. I want to know because the Bismarcks primary armament looks pretty weak compared to the Iowa and Yamato but the ship is comparable to those two how can that be?